Build: Eternal War (72+)

Lately I have been messing around with Krieg trying out all of the builds on this site. Each one is outstanding in it’s own regard but the problem I have with most of the gun based builds is that he does not enough ammo. So I started looking into his skill tree to see what gun I could take advantage of and I found one, in particular, that might work. I noticed was all the skill he had that pertained to fire rate and accuracy. (Embrace the Pain, Elemental Elation) I then knew what gun I could use and try to get the most out of these skills.


Slot 1: Vengeful Infinity(fire)
Slot 2: Vengeful Infinity(corrosive)
Slot 3: Vengeful Infinity(shock)
Slot 4: Norfleet(Slag) or Topneaa(Slag)

These guns are present only if you cannot stand the Infinities. Just be warned that you will tear through your ammo even with a ammo relic.
Subs 1 : Anarchist, Stingers, Lady Fists, Stalkers, Hornet or DPUH

Shield: Flame of the Firehawk
Sub: Antagonist.

Class Mod: Legendary Torch
Sub: Legendary Psycho

Grenade: Magic Missile
Sub: Slag Transfusion, Slag O-Negative, Quasar, Storm Front, Fire Bee, Pandemic

Relic: Sheriff’s Badge

Each Infinity will do 277K damage with a 10.4 fire rate. Pain is Power will give 25% weapon damage at 5/5 and that number will increase to 50% gun and melee damage while on fire. With the sheriff’s badge you will also get 23.6% pistol damage. Not sure which is calculated first so I will go off the base damage and work my way from there…

(Base-277K)+(Base/PiP=69K)+(Base/SB=65K)= 411K

The main strategy for this build is throwing grenades, right trigger hold, and run around like a maniac. Once the grenades are out you will be set on fire. Now the damage will be at 480K. If any of your grenades kill you can potentially bump that damage for a short time by 250% with max bloodlust stacks. The damage is pretty good but the fire rate is ridiculous.

Base Fire Rate: 10.4

The Sheriff’s Badge gives 56% fire rate increase so…

(Base - 10.4) + (Base x SB - 5.824) = 16.224

The Legendary Torch Class mod gives 5pt to Elemental Elation maxing it out at 5.5 per stack with 20 stacks max. So with max EE you will have 110% increase in fire rate.

With max EE…

(Base - 10.4) + (Base x SB - 5.824) + (Base x EE - 11.44) = 27.664

Final we have Embrace the Pain. While shields are down you receive an increase in fire rate and shield recharge delay. With the Legendary Torch you have 5 extra points. It makes the total number at 70% fire rate and 10 second delay.

With your shield down…

(Base - 10.4) + (Base x SB - 5.824) + (Base x EE - 11.44) + (Base x EtP - 7.28) = 34.944

With all of the fire rate buffs, it easily makes it over the 30 fire rate threshold on console. I have made it through all the main story and all DLCs with the exception of a few bosses. It is a really fun build for mobbing. Let me know what you think and if you see anything that could be better let me know.

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if you need a gun, your using him wrong.

JK :stuck_out_tongue: my krieg uses a fastball and DPUH.

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My xbox will break. Worth it.

Your Xbox will limit how fast you can fire, but it would be a fun build to mess around with. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I thought the limit was 17 then nothing till you topped 30. I might be mistaken but nonetheless the build is fun.

I believe consoles are limited to 30fps. Anything that shoots faster than that would be limited to 30 rounds/sec I think. I play on a PC, so I’ve never experienced that break point.

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