[Build] Eye Warning Moze

Eye Warning Moze

Your brain is a creative computer

Everyone probably had this same problem in DLC3 – you’re cruising along and all of the sudden, a boss or an elite mobs drops this bright pink Maliwan sniper rifle called the Complex Root. Pretty cool, right? You equip it and pull the trigger – it shoots out a bolt that turns into a nest of exploding bonus projectiles. Then all of the sudden, one or more those projectiles causes an enormous explosion that sends you into FFYL.

Super annoying, right? I thought so too and set the gun aside for the time being. After some experimentation, I realized that these massive explosions are something to be embraced – with the right shield and anoints, you can harness this effect to make a tremendously powerful mobbing build.

My one word of warning for this build is that it can cause a significant amount of visual clutter and bright flashes, especially when you are engaging close-in enemies. If you are sensitive to that sort of thing, this build is not for you.

Skill Tree



Fairly standard red/blue that maxes out Desperate Measures and goes all the way down to the Short Fuse capstone. The important thing to note is that you want to avoid all of Moze’s skills that add bonus incendiary damage (Cloud of Lead, Skag Den, Experimental Munitions) as this will bonus damage will be applied against you as well. The Complex Root does not perform well against bosses with armor bars, but you can compensate for this with IB, which is why I’ve pumped points into Deadlines, Stainless Steel Bear, and Auto Bear.

Class Mod


This is probably your best option as it will buff both the Complex Root’s initial shot (which isn’t splash) and its bonus projectiles (which are). Skill allocations and stat rolls don’t really matter too much, though weapon charge speed, splash damage radius, and bonus splash or sniper damage are going to be most useful.



You will be continuously inflicting an elemental damage over time effect on yourself, so might as well take advantage of it. The best stat roll to have for this is bonus area-of-effect damage as it also increases your splash radius by a proportional amount.


A key part of this build is neutralizing the Complex Root’s damage by using a shield with the corresponding damage immunity – either the Red Suit (when using radiation) or Transformer (when using shock).



You can use whatever anoint you want on your shield EXCEPT ASE bonus elemental damage. For some reason, ASE bonus elemental damage can go through your shield’s immunity.



The only gun you need. Make sure you roll one with at least radiation or shock, but ideally both. The best anoint for the radiation version is uRad (150% bonus radiation damage when under 50% health). For the shock version, you have multiple options, including N2M 100% bonus shock damage, consecutive hits, 160% splash, 200% splash and 300v2.



This should be self explanatory. Go with the 25% damage OGT anoint because, as with shields, the ASE bonus elemental damage anoints will bypass your shield’s damage immunity.

Examples of the build in action:

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post

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@twoPIZZA, here is a new build for your list.

Name and Link: Eye Warning Moze
Type of Build: Infantry
Level of Build: 60 - Mayhem 10
Specific Gear Needed: Complex Root (DLC3)
Class Mod Used: Bloodletter
Special Notes: Causes a significant amount of visual clutter, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Architect: roboteconomist

Looks almost like my build lol

Whoops – yeah, didn’t even see that.

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Side note about AoE bonus on artifact, it will increase AoE radius as long as it is in the second or third slot. If it is in the first it will only increase damage.

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Third slot doesn’t increase Radius, can’t test second slot RN don’t have anything on me

I am pretty sure first slot doesn’t, maybe 2nd slot only?

It is probably first slot only then because the parts that go in second and third slots are from the same pool.

What set of modifiers do you recommend or the ones you run that you feel best work with this build and what augments for IB or it really doesn’t matter,great build by the way and i’ll at least try something different on Moze

Thanks – doing something new was the main inspiration for this build.

Definitely avoid the medium modifiers that give enemies elemental immunity; other than that, I typically go with the hard and very hard modifiers that spawn drones or lasers, though “Not in the Face” (reduced crit damage) also works.

For IB augments, I go with sabot rails or one sabot/one capacity armature, but that’s just personal preference. Hammerdown nukes also work, if you want to go with a radiation theme.


Am I still adding this?

I never knew there was a difference, so I just tested it with three old artifacts - Area damage on top, middle, and bottom.

Middle and bottom increase radius, top does not.

This might be why samm and I were seeing different results with some nova thing a while back.

tricky i tested with a bottom roll aoe one and it didn’t increase my radius
it was a traded atrifact tho maybe whoever created it switched up the rolls and used primary aoe on the secondary slot

@roboteconomist i don’t mind yours seems to be a little more built for diversity, can use a mindsweeper with pull the holy pin and seems to be more iron bear focused for armored bosses wheras i use root for everything
also a tip, you can use cloud of lead and experimental munitions with it as those get calculated on hit and not added to the splash :slight_smile:

That is very generous, but you posted first and I don’t think my build varies enough from yours, so @twoPIZZA doesn’t need to add it to the build list.

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However you like, i wouldn’t be mad or anything you still put time and effort into it