[Build] Flak Jack - Optimized Flakker Rocket swap

Basis of the build:

  • The Flakker damage overwrite: the base damage for the Flakker’s pellets takes the on-card damage of the current active weapon.
  • Jack’s Sponsored By with Scav manufacturer: swapping from a Scav weapon instantly reloads the next weapon, bypassing the Flakker’s slow reload speed.
  • Jack’s High-Frequency Trading (9/5) allows for crazy fast weapon swapping.
  • Jack’s Leadership and weak-ish Digi-Jacks allow for more kill skill activations, further increases flakking damage.

Goal: maximizing DPS of the swap in continuous, un-pause-able combat.

Pros & Cons: available early, insanely high damage output, but requires relatively precise positioning for shots, tricky/ineffective against small or melee range targets.

Skills & Gear:

Level 25: http://www.thepresequel.com/Jack/00000000000000000000000000550015005001
Level 50: http://www.thepresequel.com/Jack/50105100000001410500110000550015005001

Level 70 DPS http://www.thepresequel.com/Jack/50105100040505550000115101550015005001
Level 70 Survival http://www.thepresequel.com/Jack/50105100000005550504115101550015005001


Casual Flakker :boom: (x5, any level)
fwap a Nukem :boom: (or a good Torgue Launcher)
Zim (or any common Scav pistol)
Fridgia :snowflake: (or a good Cryo gun)

Class Mods:

Eridian Vanquisher (+High-Frequency Trading)
Unbelievable Hero (+Believe +Integrity +Gun Damage)
Early game: Economist (+Weapon Swap Speed, +Gun Damage)


Shield of Ages
Deadly Bloom (if spec’ed into You Have My Shield)

Grenade Mods:

Longbow Cryo Singularity :snowflake:
Longbow Cryo :snowflake:

Oz Kits:

Tranquility :snowflake:
Systems Purge :snowflake: (when using Fridgia in atmosphere)

Combat routine:

Step 1) Swap to Scav weapon -> swap to Flakker (increases mag size & instantly reload)
Step 2) Fire the Flakker -> swap to RL -> all flaks went off
Step 3) Swap to Flakker -> repeat step 2
Step 4) If the Flakkers empty or almost empty -> repeat step 1


Keep the grenade count low to activate Just Compensation, increasing mag sizes.
Move around to respawn/kill your Digi-Jacks, triggering kill skills.
Noteable fights:
RK5: stay on ground level forcing RK5 to lower itself into flakking range.
EOS: jump toward it as it spawns to maximize pellets hit, can OSOK w/ prep.


Gear acquisition: Low
Combat execution: Medium
Early availability: Lvl 8-9 (Flakker drop, 5/5 High-Frequency Trading)