[Build] Flexible explosive

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #1

After many hours of play testing I have settled on this build. It works on 3-player op8. @musicman2 Can vouch for this.
So without further ado here it is.

Here’s the build in Axton if you want to see it


Now you maybe thinking pie this build has points all over the place. I have a very good reason for this, it’s for flexibility with class mods. You can easily use many different class mods with this build. I will only go into detail about the main build but, if you want a more focused build this should work:


For the above build you can spend the 4 points in able between Able and Grenadier use what fits you.

Skill Breakdown


Sentry 5/5 - Let’s your turret stay out longer, which let’s battle front be activate longer.
Ready 5/5 - Instant dps increase, very good for chucking tediore guns.
Willing 5/5- improves any shield in the game, great for bee abuse or making tanky shield even better
Onslaught 5/5- Improves movement speed and gun damage upon kills. This has saved me from a lot of deaths.
Scorched Earth 1/1- gives your turret rocket pods, which scale to every level so they work even on op8.
Able 3/5- Grants health regen upon causing damage, turret damage activates this so your always getting healed.
Grenadier 1/5- Gives an extra grenade at all times, but mainly for coms that boost it.
Double up 1/1- Adds a slag gun to your turret, simply amazing let’s you use other guns/grenades as long as your turret is up.


Impact 4/5 - More gun damage
Expertise 1/5 - Weapon swap and aim speed, added movement speed while aiming. Mainly here for legendary solider com.
Metal storm 5/5- Grants bonus fire rate and recoil reduction upon kills, makes guns like the ogre even better.
Steady 3/5- Adds Grenade and rocket damage, along with more recoil reduction.
Longbow Turret 1/1 - Doubles turrets health and increase the range.
Battlefront 5/5 - Grants bonus gun,melee, and grenade damage while your turret is out. With this build the turret is out most of the time.
Do or die 1/1- Adds bonus grenade and rocket launcher damage, also if you enter ffyl throwing a fastball or bonus package is a reliable way to get a second wind.


Healthy 1/5- Adds a bit of health but, mainly here for the com boost.
Perperation 4/5- Adds shield capacity and gives health regen when your shield is full. Full shields+Able is decent regen.
Pressure 5/5- The lower Your health the faster you reload and the lower your shield recharge delay is. Prefect for any build.
Forbearance 4/5- Adds health and reduces the length of DoTs.
Phalanx Shield 1/1- Adds a shield around your turret. Doesn’t last very long but, it helps against raid boss novas.
Reaorceful 5/5- Lowers your cooldown rate.Battlefront only works when your turret is out so, the lower your cool down the better.
Mag-Lock 1/1- Let’s your turret stick to walls and ceilings.


Unkempt Harold :boom:

Costs 3 Ammo for 1 pellet with 100% Splash Damage that spawns 6 additional pellets with 70% Splash Damage each. Costs twice as much Ammo for twice as many pellets if you get the Double Penetrating prefix, which is the most sought-after and the highest DPS. Thanks to his Grenade Damage buffs, Axton can make this weapon even more powerful. He can also speed up it’s sluggish Reload and Fire Rate.

  • Best Parts:
    Torgue Grip
    Double Penetrating Prefix
  • Obtaining:
    Torgue Vending Machines in Torgue’s DLC
    Drops from Savage Lee in Three Horns - Divide


In addition to benefiting from Axton’s Grenade Damage buffs, its slow Fire Rate and Reload are mitigated by Axton’s other skills. It has potential to be one of the most damaging Shotguns in the game.

  • Best Parts:
    Torgue Grip
    Casual Prefix
  • Obtaining:
    Mission Reward from “The Sword and the Stoner”

Ogre :boom:

Being Explosive, it’s pretty flexible and powerful. It also has a special ability that can speed up the Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and cause the projectiles to ricochet. It also has 100% Splash Damage which works well with Axton’s Grenade Damage boosts.

  • Best Parts:
    Torgue Grip
    Slippery Prefix
  • Obtaining:
    Drops from King of Orcs in Murderlin’s Temple

Creamer :boom:

While not the most damaging of Rocket Launchers, this cute little number is a Moxxi Weapon, meaning it heals you by a percentage of the Damage you deal. It’s a pretty decent FFYL tool, as well, because you can heal back the Damage you dealt to get your Second Wind. Shoots 1 Rocket that splits in two after a few meters for one Ammo.

  • Best Parts:
    Torgue Grip
    Torgue or Bandit Exhaust
    Tediore or Vladof Sight
    derp or Deep a Prefix
  • Obtaining:
    Mission Reward from “Creature Slaughter: Round 5”

Magic Missile

If you want a Slag Grenade to use for Mobbing, this is the one to use. It’s got an above-average (almost guaranteed) Slag Chance, it’s homing, and it regenerates your Grenade Ammo over time. The Damage isn’t terrible, either.

  • Obtaining:
    Drops from Badass Wizards


One of the best defensive Shields Axton has access too. Grants 38% damage reduction, no matter how much charge it has. Note the listed parts are for the best combination of recharge rate,delay, and capacity. The lowest recharge delay you can get is 1.79 seconds.

  • Best Parts:
    Bandit Body
    Bandit Battery
    Bandit Capacitor
  • Obtaining:
    Drops from Ancient Dragons of Destruction in The Winged Storm

Explosive Relics

Increases the Damage of explosive weapons, and since this build uses all torgue gun this is the best relic you could uses. Boost explosive damage by up to 39%.

  • Obtaining:
    World Drop

Legendary Soldier

+47% Cooldown Rate / +37% Gun Damage / +25% Fire Rate
Sentry / Ready / Impact / Expertise / Healthy / Preparation

Boosts Cooldown Rate, Gun Damage and Fire Rate. Also comes with a +5 boost to six skills, most of which are pretty good. Definitely one of the best all-around COMs for Axton.

  • Obtaining:
    World Drop

Legendary Engineer

+50% Cooldown Rate
Sentry / Able / Impact / Battlefront / Resourceful

Comes with a HUGE Boost to Cooldown Rate while also providing a +5 boost to five great skills. A great choice for heavily turret-based builds.

  • Obtaining:
    Drops from Tubbies
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What is your favourite build

Looks good. I’ll give this a shot.

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(Spark Seeker) #4

I would spec one point into Grit for the Ranger COM boost.

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #6

Would you go slippery,nasty or accuracy prefix on the ogre

(Cast Iron Chef) #7

I like Slippery for the bullet speed.

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(Johnrr6) #9

Slippery…FR and Bullet Speed…Dahl stock on the Ogre if possible

Also…Also: What shields do you want to use with this as you are ignoring Quick Charge which is appropriate with a Bee…probably not a good idea with something like a Blockade or Antagonist.

Forebearance can be great in certain arenas/boss fights…but usually the Commando can survive most DoT attacks pretty easily without it. Especially with a shield like the Blockade.

(Spark Seeker) #10

Sorry Pie, Im kinda late on the reply but Im with the others. Slippery is the best for Axton!

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #11

OK I have the slippery one myself. With a torgue grip and stock. For the shield I usually run a blockade.I may try and move a few points but the build was working good on 3-player op8

(Johnrr6) #12

Try this with a Blockade…see if you notice a difference:


Only reason for a point in Ranger is if you have a Legendary Ranger Com or those wonderful Blue Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil Ranger coms.

This would let you switch from pretty much any of these coms but my favorite is the Legendary Soldier
Legendary Soldier
Legendary Ranger
Legendary Engineer
Blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger
Blue Chaotic Evil Ranger

If you still like Forebearance…try this:


I just don’t spec Mag Lock except for VERY specific fights as I want my turrets on the ground drawing aggro…blocking…channeling…and even a little protection from Phalanx.

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #13

Thanks for the advice
Personally I feel ranger is a waste unless it’s 10/5 and even then it’s only so-so. Quick charge is a good skill I might try this
Same build just switching Forebearance with quick charge

(Johnrr6) #14

Try a Chaotic Neutral Ranger
Explosive Damage Relic
Slippery Ogre

Let the fun begin!

For even more fun…and a GREAT standoff, longer engagement range build…

Add a Bee

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #15

I’ll have to go farm some new TT dlc coms. I guess I’ll look for a impact and grit boosting one,

(Johnrr6) #16

Yep…that will work VERY nicely if you don’t like Ranger

And will give you at the very least…a 6/5 Grit which is excellent

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #17

I’ll have to move a point into grit but that’s no problem. I’m thinking of getting a +6 grit and +5 impact. Farming for good coms doesn’t take long so I can be picky about what I use.

(Johnrr6) #18

The problem with giving up the Legendary Soldier is you are not only losing 5 free skill points…but also the boosts to Gun Damage, FR and Cooldown

All in all…it’s just too good of a com to pass up in most circumstances.

But I GUARANTEE you will like a Chaotic Neutral Com…FUN!!

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #19

I find it hard to give up the extra Reload speed from ready and extra turret time from sentry also the swap speed from expertise sometimes bothers me depending on what guns I’m running any time I swap out the leg. Soldier. I can live with losing the other buffs but those hurt me a lot.

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #20

Finished the guide.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #21

'Bout time, Pimp!

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #22

I started playing bl2 again. I’ll try to finish the rest of my guides by Friday

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Thread derailment posts here please!
(Fringe7545) #23

I don’t think the phalanx shield or mag lock are that useful, could I put those two into something like preparation and grenadier or able?

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