[Build] Flexible explosive

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1 in preparation and keep phalanx would be my suggestion, but if you really want to get rid of both 1 in preparation and 1 in able

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Got another question, could I switch out the swordsplosion for something like the interfacer? I don’t want to seem like I know what’s better for your build but personally I’d want something for close range and a shotgun that could potentially put me in ffyl isn’t something i want, no offense of course, I’m sure it works great for you.

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You can always use the interfacer and it’s always gonna be good if you know how to use the sweet spot, but it won’t play into the builds explosive synergy.

If you want to stick to the loadout i posted, both the harold and ogre are safe to use close up.

Anything i post is merely just what i have used and know works, nothing is ever 100% set in stone. Use what works best for you

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Okay thank you.


If I’m going into an area where I think the SWRDSPLSN is going to be dangerous, I replace it with a Ravager. It’s a fine replacement.

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Oh yeah what @Jefe said. Ravager is a great option

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Heh funny you both mention that, i just got a ravager from the chest in sanctuary, I’m still in the early parts of tvhm (level 42) so the gun won’t last me that long, but what’s the best prefix for it? And what parts should I look out for?

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Torgue grip, Hyperion stock, casual/reload/critical hit prefixes are all perfectly acceptable for close range usage.

If you can’t afford to be picky almost any ravager will do pretty good work

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:+1: I’ll use a Hulk too, but nothing with less than 3 barrels.

I can’t speak to the Ogre, but I do believe that the Harold is the best explosive shotgun with the largest ammo pool in the game. :wink:

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Yeah using the harold for almost everything is a hard habit to break


The only important part on a Ravager is a Torgue grip. Everything else is gravy.

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But break it we can. And some of us have done. I keep them around for when I get a little impatient or frustrated, but I try not to start out with it in a slot. I like the Pocket Rocket until I get swarmed. The projectiles are quicker than the average gyrojet with a larger splash and it’s pretty accurate (at least they feel that way to me). The SWORDSPLOSION!!! usually gets used on clusters from a moderate distance and if things get a little claustrophobic I switch to something a little less suicidal.

Yes. Very much yes. And even a poorly parted Ravager makes things dead with a good success rate.