Build for iron bear moze -NIPPL_SALADS

well first of all thanks for the comment.
-i didn’t know about the fire in the skag den, that’s a good news cause i can use points on other skills
-i will try the short fuse skill
-for the 7th point, actually i have mag capacity from the relic so i will try without matched set and add some points on road and click,click
-for the 12th point, actually i lose a bit of topped odd activity, if my cooldown without splash or kills is 26 normally, if i keep shooting at my feet i lose something like 5 seconds

Skill Tree

I just accidentally ran Round 1 of Slaught Shaft with a Green Monster com thinking I had my Raging Bear com on lol. I guess it worked out because my damage outside of IB was pretty good as well my grenade damage. These new IB buffs are crazy good.

I’m about to run it again to see if there’s a big difference without that boosted Blast Master damage.

Out of curiosity I wanna see if Mind Sweeper will really outperform Blast Master on MY CURRENT build (not your build or anyone’s build). I threw in Green Monster too.


  • 3 runs per each com
  • Mayhem 4 with 20% rad bonus only
  • Splash Moze: Capstones on blue and green tree only
  • Ogre x2 glitched at 15 ammo via vending machine
  • Never reloaded for the entire session
  • All coms are lvl57 with splash damage and weapon damage. 3rd stat is negligible
  • I am throwing all the nades and doing my best ability to do critical hits

Green Monster

  • 43 secs
  • 50 secs
  • 47 secs

Mind Sweeper

  • 91 secs
  • 80 secs
  • 86 secs

Blast Master

  • 49 secs
  • 55 secs
  • 58 secs

If there are two takeaways here, Blast Master ain’t trash for my build. I’ll probably do a couple of solo TTD with Green Monster and see how it works on my build. It looks promising.

One more thing I wanna add:

EISTA’s drop rate sucks. I get mostly purple items. I got maybe 1 or 2 legendaries and that’s all flak’s coms.

just tried green monster, and it’s way better in terms of damage, but i dont get well how it works

Brb :slight_smile:

I describe it here

What Mayhem level and what modifiers did you test them on?

I have to argue this point. In my testing I’ve found that the combination of Sabot Rounds on one arm and Capacative Armature in the other arm is by far the fastest mob clears. My main testing for this was timing True Takedowns from beginning till after Kraken kill and that combo beat out everything else by a full minute or more every time. I did like 30 runs doing different combos of basically everything. The chaining effect of the CA and it’s massive damage is just too good and in all but the worst scenarios one Sabot arm is capable of keeping you healed while also doing a ton of damage. I also tested them a bit in the Slaughter Shaft where my findings were the same.


I just watched some of your Challenge TTD with IB only. Very impressive.

I forgot the railguns got buffed as well but that’s just one more reason to include Desperate Measures in an Iron Bear focused build since it’s the red tree anyways.

I (respectfully) doubt the Railguns can keep up with the sheer power of the Hammerdown Protocol, though in terms of cleaning areas even considering resistent enemies such as the Kraken.

Perhaps we should upload a clip about cleaning the same area and see what setup performs better just for fun? (obviously on Mayhem4 with neutral modifiers)

Too many variables to compare each others runs. That’s why I timed my own runs repeatedly switching out weapons in the same area with the same modifiers and no changes to my build. I gave each weapon setup multiple runs to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. To be perfectly honest HDP was one of the slowest, only beat out in slowness by Exploding Bullets.

The thing is the Capacative Armature has sort of a brainstormer effect, it already hits hard, but it chains back and forth and can clear areas very fast(it chains through multiple enemies as well). Add to that Sabot does massive damage per shot and has a large radius and it’s just an imba combo.

Where Hammerdown does shine is it’s a lot easier to use. The railguns aren’t exactly easy to aim and missed shots is fairly detrimental.

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Can vouch for this combo 100%. I’ve been running this exact combo on Auto Bear in my primary build for months because of how useful it was for Bear to inflict shock and corrosive damage while Moze handled cryo and radiation.

Now that they deal more damage, I’m clearing areas much faster with Cap Arm + Sabot than with dual explosive Miniguns or Vanquishers, and the buff to the fuel tank in conjunction with class mods like Raging Bear and Bear Trooper, dramatically lessen the effect of the fuel drain which was really the biggest drawback with running railguns before the recent hotfixes.

Always on Mayhem 4. I mentioned it on the original post.

  • 20% radiation bonus. Basically no benefit to me since I dont have rad bonus ase
  • Enemy has increased area of effect

Yup. There is no reason for this build to go down the green tree to the end.

Explosive puntuation is not that great. And honestly why invest so many points into iron bear cooldown.

Blast master is alright. Mind Sweeper is alright. Raging bear is alright.

Raging bear is still the best for if you want o spend a long time in iron bear. But since the changes to iron bear, the cooldown is really low already.

Anyway. This buid is sub optimal. Check the bust-a-bear thread. And the thread on optimising for iron bear.

Otherwise, it should still work alright. Can even Wotan with some extra effort. But a lot of wasted skill points.

I’ve just tested Eida on Mayhem 4 with neutral modifiers using my Mind Sweeper build. Got him down in 35 seconds even though I missed a lot of my shots. Recorded it also in case you want to see it.

It kind of confuses me how my Mind Sweeper build seems to outperform Green Monster builds.

Try a recurring hex with a Mindsweeper.

You got to consider the context. What context did you run your mind sweeper?

Remember I’m running Splash Moze and using a splash weapon. My first point is to show BM ain’t trash for my build. MS is somewhat underperforming for me, but I won’t call it trash. My second point is the results you are seeing are more probably due to your build designed for MS and your playstyle.

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Well if everything crits, then obviously GM will be outperformed. My theory is you’re doing crits (which by itself does more damage than normal). If you are not doing crits, I don’t see how MS can benefit. And if you are critting, those 25% grenades do have a chance to do more damage.

Nice that railguns got a lot of love.

Still sad that when I first started this game, I wanted to be in Moze doing on arm with Cryo minigun and one arm with Overheated Rounds- kinda like a fire and ice thing. But the non-explosive mini guns suck at this point compared to everything else and they don’t heal. They might be decent vs bosses where you can crit a lot, but still no healing. :frowning:

I tested with Krakatoa. This time Mind Sweeper was closer with the other coms. Aiming for crits is a challenge meaning MS’s bonus might not even proc.


  • Splash Moze with blue and green trees only.
  • Mayhem 4 with cryo bonus and enemy weapons are more accurate
  • Krakatoa with CH
  • Excluded time during reloads and Iron Bear
  • Two runs each because I’m lazy.
  • All coms are level 57 with weapon and splash damage

Mind Sweeper

  • 46 S (1 reload)
  • 51 S (3 reloads)

Green Monster

  • 43S (2 reloads)
  • 46S (3 reloads)

Blast Master

  • 41S (no reload but only AS)
  • 45S (no reload but only AS)

Mind Sweeper was a little bit chaotic to use because I was really trying hard for the crits. Green Monster is smoother to use and you can quickly see that armoe bar going down fast. Blast Master surprised me that it came near with the other coms. My expectation is it would fare the worst (like 2x slower) because I am using a non-splash weapon.