[Build] For the Greater Good

(Matrixneo42) #1

Here’s my theoretical 60 point build based on the evaluation of skills by blutfatal.

I’ll call it “For the Greater Good”.

The free enterprise tree is an interesting mix of things I don’t necessarily want to use all the time + the capstone which I definitely find interesting with just one jakobs equipped + some other things I actually do like.

I chose Taxation of Trade Routes because I want that effect to work but I’ll put the points elsewhere if it doesn’t. I suppose it conflicts slightly with Marginal Benefits.

I prefer High Frequency Trading to Incentives because I didn’t like how I played when I swapped weapons every 10 seconds.

Money is Power isn’t so great for me because I play in 2 hour bursts or so. I prefer it to anarchy because I feel like reloading prematurely is way too easy to accidentally do on a console controller. But I’ll use money is power here for a little extra benefit as it happens.

Compound interest is something I might switch points into if I don’t end up liking some of the others in the tree.

Merger seems useful.

Absolute Advantage and Sponsored By are why I’m even in the tree. Kill Skills will be on frequently with my point in Leadership. Sponsored By I’ll take advantage of with a jakobs gun for a damage boost. At the expense of having to think more about how I swap between weapons.

In the middle tree I max out synergy and believe as they are kill skills. The rest of the points in the tree focus primarily on getting lots of digi-jacks to spawn and die. And I use the far left tree only in order to extend the length of my action skill.

With even more skill points I’d throw more points into Optimism in order to have my digi-jacks die faster, and Winning and Delegation (to again have them die faster). If it turns out that I don’t like the weapon swap effects from the Free Enterprise tree then I’ll try this build:

or this build:

Focusing on grenade damage as a side benefit to exploit.

Continuing the discussion from Jack’s Resource Thread:

What is a good end game skill tree? Resolved! (unless you see fit that a skill is useless)