[Build] Frozen Heart is kinda broken (cool) in a melee and explosive build

Revelation? It can work with most action skills, not just slam.

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Sorry havent spent a ton of time on my Amara after finishing TVHM, she was the last of the 4. Sure, that one lol.

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Tested it myself. It does not proc it :frowning:

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Yeah, I tested the Black Hole, Nova Berner and a purple one. Unfortunately, they don’t work the same way. But Scream of Terror might work. It seems to function quite similar. Not sure if it can come with the nova anointment, though, I only found a Terror one and without anointments.

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It’s a glitch. The nova should be your action skill element. The frozen heart is not supposed to nova cryo via anointed. Only on shield break

Edit: The reason amara can’t do cryo naturally is because shed be a beyond broken character tbh. This glitch build shows why

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It is most likely a glitch but a fun one. It’s in no way overpowered. I can get similar or even better results by using a Brawler Ward and a cryo Hex.


aurelia just given me a frozen heart with melee anointment the other day.


With the new terror anointments, you can now just get a grenade with +50% cryo damage when under the effects of terror, and a Brawler Ward with 25% chance to proc terror per melee, and freeze things by punching or shooting them. So yeah I dont get why people are calling this broken.

Because it’s a guaranteed freeze that you proc by standing next to things. No health threshold and no real gameplay other than the initial action skill use. As an on depletion effect it’s not broken at all, as a constant effect it’s a bit ridiculous.

Theres still other ways to do more consistent damage, and in a lot of cases much higher damage, it’s not really broken.

It’s…not about damage. It’s about every enemy around you besides anointed standing still. Permanently. Not shooting you, easy crit shots, increased melee, etc. I encourage people to use it while they can (who knows maybe it’ll just get left in) but that doesn’t mean it’s not broken just because “it doesn’t do a lot of damage”.


Well the build is cool and all that, but now, with the most recent drop chance nerf for terror anointed gear it’s nearly impossible to get that shield… why even have 3 tiers of difficulty above TVHM if I can’t even drop a regular anointed, let alone the one I need. I’ve been trying for 4 days, several hours each… might as well not play, if the results are the same!

The shield anointment is a standard one, not specific to the event. The recent hotfix (reduced terror anointment drop rates) doesn’t affect it.

Ice Queen build

It is? Not saying you’re wrong, but I just never saw that effect before the event. Not once, ever. Did they add it later?

I got mine one or two weeks before the event.

also it probably won’t be nerf because of the sheer fact that you need a specific annointement on a shield to do it… so no worries

Offline TVHM MHM3 farm should accelerate the annointment farm, correct?