Build/gear changes after recent patch

After recent nerfs to guns and 300v2 I’m kind of struggling to create a decent all-round build to farm with a good pace.
Tried Mindsweeper/Blastmaster build with Lob/Backburner/Kaoson with ASE100% and it’s not even close to previous damage. Traunt took like 10 Backburner hits to die.
I’m surprised since patch notes state Mayhem 10 was nerfed. Don’t know if losing 300v2 changed so much but a simple annointed enemy takes a lot of beating now. Eden6 run was eye-opening how different M10 feels now.

I was thinking of Bloodletter build to use 150 rad annoint with OPQ, but it just doesn’t sound fun.

For me pretty much only OPQ/Sandhawk are the only weapons with a decent damage now.
Any tips which build/guns/annointments can keep up post-nerfs?

I’ve got 3 different builds in the works, all of them though require more time farming for weapons with better anointments and then more testing. I’m pretty close to finalising one of them which is a sniper build, just need decent anointments for my Sand Hawks and see if that’s enough for the new takedown.

As much as I like the OPQ, it’s not futureproof and will be left in the dust as everything else advances with the next level cap(s) so I for one wouldn’t even consider using that in a build. I never actually devoted a build or much time or effort to the Kaoson, nor have I tested it since the update, but I hear Gearbox have really gone to town on it.

Despite its nerfs, the Sand Hawk still destroys. The faster projectile speed in some cases is actually a DPS increase compared to the x9 variant and results in fewer missed shots. If you have a 300v2 Yellowcake, you can still one-shot Katagawa Jr. and speed-farm him for Sand Hawks.

I need to spend more time on Xylourgos and hunt for a decent M10 Anarchy, but I imagine a build focused on that would be your best bet in the shotgun department. If nothing else, there’s video proof that Moze can solo the new takedown with the Lucky 7, if you’re willing to go all-in on it.

Last night I was playing around with builds. I’ll do more tonight as well. But, I had success with Bloodletter and 50/150 anointed guns. Played this on M10. OPQ as many know is very powerful. Redistributor worked well. Tiggs Boom, Backburner, Hyperfocus, Handsome Jackhammer to name a few others. I don’t even have a god roll Bloodletter and I was still able to play with some decent flow. The only times I felt slowed down was against the Badass Heavy’s, they just required a bit of accuracy on their crit spots.

Skill selection seemed to make little difference, oddly. I tried full Blue and Full Green. Partial Red, full Blue and partial green. Full Red, partial Green, partial Blue. Can’t say I found 1 to be better than the other. Seems like gear and anointment has more effect than skill selection in M10.

I’ll be playing around more tonight. Problem is with the 50/150 anointment you’re nervous about keeping your shield up which means running a Front Loader or deathless. Which then further encourages me to run Bloodletter to heal shields. I’d rather use a different class mod with the 50/150 anointment but I’m not sure how to keep shields up without constantly jumping in and out of IB.

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So with the nerfs to the way 300>90 anoint calculates damage, I’ve been running some games on takedown with my two mozes. The one I have is a deathless partial r/g/b spec that focuses on the 150<50 anoints, and the other is a BM moze with the traditional CH or 300>90 anoints. I will have to say that running a deathless moze with the shield healing and 150<50 anoints is a lot less stressful, and the average damage feels a lot higher because the 150% bonus rad is always applied no matter what bar the enemy is on.

With the current way 300>90 anoints work, each bar calculates damage independantly, where before all the damage looked at was enemy red health and did 300% damage on anything in between. So that’s 10% of armor, 10% of shield and 10% of HP getting the 300% mod. It’s real noticeable.

I’ve been switching between a Mind/less build and a Death/keteer (or Rocketless?) Build.
Mostly uRad anoints. Both M10 viable until I met the guardian takedown.

Anything other than bottomless scourge spam is looking sketchy right now tbh.

What are you doing to keep shields up? What shield are you using?

A frozen heart with shield fill/deplete on ASS. I want an IB nova one but Aurelia is being tight with them. The crowd control is useful. I switch to a Cryo old god if I want more raw power.

Thanks. I’ll have to go through my 200+ shields :rofl:.

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