[Build] Grim & Reap

Recently I’ve asked myself whether Melee Krieg is either viable or relevant in Borderlands 2’s metagame as it exists in 2015. I’ve always had an issue with Silence the Voices, and with the fact that its use results in self - inflicted damage 12% of the time. So today I’ve tested my version of Melee Krieg, and am satisfied that when it’s used properly, it is still a force to be reckoned with against mobs. Against raid bosses, not so much.

The Build

I think everyone with even an elementary understanding of how Melee Krieg works will understand and appreciate where the skill points need to go. Thus, rather than explaining the same in detail, I will explain the two incongruities of the build : Fuel the Fire and Pain is Power. Neither of these skills is ordinarily used.


  • Fuel the Fire [5/5]
    The Slagga is the go - to slag weapon for Krieg. I usually like to kill an enemy just before transitioning out of Buzz Axe Rampage, so as to take advantage of the weapon - related kill skills (of which Fuel the Fire is one). While Fuel the Fire is active, slagging enemies with the Slagga is virtually guaranteed. Of course, slag makes the damage dealt by Bloodsplosion that much greater. That’s why I’ve specced into this skill.

  • Pain is Power [10/5]
    Raw damage increase. I tend not to strive for critical hits with Krieg anyway. Now, you aren’t always going to be in Release the Beast mode, and as such it’s ideal to have some measure of offensive prowess with your weapons. The bonus doubles while Krieg is on fire, which is an uncommon albeit welcome occurrence. (It’s welcome because the situation sometimes arises where Krieg’s health isn’t low enough to activate Release the Beast, but it isn’t high enough to not be downed by a physical attack, bullet, rocket or grenade. Being on fire whittles Krieg’s health down slowly and can bring it into Release the Beast range.

My Endgame Setup

The weapons and gear are specific to this build and will likely not change. If you would like, or require, an explanation for each, feel free to ask for the same. I would be more than happy to explain myself on request.

Proof of Build Viability

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to @xmngr for indirectly convincing me to give Melee Krieg a chance.

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cool jova, hope to see the videos soon my friend :smiley:

Looks good I’ve never tried putting PiP in my melee/gun build but I may do it one day. Also may I suggest taking redeem the soul just in case.

See I thought with Silence The Voices, that perhaps Numb the Nerves might help offset some damage when you hit yourself, as it stand, with Pain is Power AND Silence the Voices, that’s really going to hurt when you pound yourself in the face. But if it’s working for you, all well and good.

Also, as Bloodstacks are important for any Bloodsplosion Build, is there any mileage in dropping 1 point from Nervous Blood and putting it instead into Boiling Blood so the stacks take even longer to decay?

I myself have been considering dropping Redeem the Soul for an Extra point in Salt the Wound, just because when you do go FFYL in UHVM, is you don’t manage to get a kill quick, mobs back off and take way to much to kill anyway, the extra time doesn’t seem to be worth it (However is well worth it in NVHM and TVHM with Light The Fuse)

Not trying to say its the’s best build but the build I run is in this section posted by me

What’s the point with that?
just asking

Honestly I think I miss read there post as in I thought they were asking for a build my bad.

  1. Well, the way I play Melee Krieg is that I don’t rely on Buzz Axe Rampage as often as other Krieg players might. Sometimes those players may slag an enemy and use BAR, rinse and repeat. I’m not fond of that playstyle. The self - inflicted damage has never been an issue for me.

  2. There probably would be mileage in so doing, yes.

  3. I can’t vouch for RtS as I have never used it.

RtS is great and I think it belongs in every Krieg’s spec. The only minor issue with it is when you play multiplayer: you’ll “trade” places with your downed friend and will need to get a FFYL. But, and this is a big but, you have 50% extra time in which to do so.