[Build] Grog Guzzler

This is a mobbing/raiding/kill-everything DPS build I made for Salvador after spending much time staring at such threads like [DDD] and Top Gear for X. As one might deduce from the name, you’ll find moxxi off-hand weapons to be a staple of the build which will probably result in a loss of some originality points but regardless here it is.



Locked and Loaded 5/5
Increased fire rate is always welcome for Sal, simple as. Quick Draw isn’t anything to sneeze at either but only for the weapon swap speed.

I’m your Huckleberry 5/5
A must for anyone looking to use pistols in this build, if not then putting the points into Quick Draw/Locked and Loaded is the best alternative.

Moneyshot 5/5
An absolute nightmare for mobs/raid bosses when paired with Inconceivable, no reason to pass this one up.

Down not Out 1/1 - Lay Waste 5/5
Lay Waste is already a great kill skill but it shines even brighter when paired with a Legendary Gunzerker COM. Down not Out is another great choice that allows gunzerking when in DBNO, another must for all Salvadors that are advancing down the Gun Lust tree.

Keep it Piping Hot 5/5
I’ve noticed that sometimes this skill effects me even if I’m gunzerking at times but I can’t say for certain. Regardless the buffs to gun/grenade/melee damage are nice for those rare times when you’re only using one gun instead of two.

No Kill like Overkill 1/1
Turns mediocre guns into awesome guns while awesome guns get even better, and that’s not even taking slag off hand guns into consideration.

Inconceivable/Filled to the Brim 5/5
Both of these are excellent choices for advancing down the skill tree, Inconceivable is the more popular of the two as it and Money Shot turn Sal into a walking apocalypse. Filled to the Brim’s bonuses are lackluster in comparison and can be skipped without much repercussion but with the amount of bullets you’ll be throwing, extra ammo and a larger magazine can’t hurt.

All in the Reflexes/Last Longer 1/5
Both are decent skills but if you’re using a Legendary Gunzerker Com then you only need to put one point in each, All in the Reflexes isn’t quite good enough to go whole hog with while Last Longer is overshadowed by Yippie Ki Yay. If you’re not using the COM then which one to choose is up to what’s more valuable to you - improved reload speed or longer gunzerking duration.

5 Shots or 6 5/5
A rather underrated kill skill, this adds the Butcher’s effect to any gun after killing a baddie. I like it most for it’s ability to help conserve ammo than anything.

Yippie Ki Yay 5/5 - Double your Fun 1/1
No sense in not maxing out either of these skills. Have gunzerk last longer by doing what gunzerking is supposed to while throwing 2 grenades for the price of 1? Yes please!

Get Some 5/5
The fact that this skill’s effect only occurs every 3 seconds is nigh irrelevant when paired with what this skill offers for compensation. Use this with Yippie Ki Yay and you’ll be dual wielding indefinitely.

Keep Firing 1/1
A capstone that I use more for sheer fun than efficiency. The fire rate and reload speeds are nice and can up your DPS by quite a bit but we have plenty of other skills doing that for us at this point without requiring us to blow through tons of ammo. It’s usefulness is mostly determined by taste, I find.

Incite 5/5
We’re going to be hit/shot a lot so why not be fast at running and reloading because of it? Worth investing 5 points into even if you don’t want to go down the Brawn tree.

Asbestos 5/5
Between Juggernaut and Hard to Kill, Asbestos is the best choice for going down to the next level of the Brawn tree. Get it if you are but if not I’d skip it.

Fistful of Hurt 1/1
Another underrated skill, this can serve you in nigh-countless ways. You can use the knockback to repel rabid enemies or armored/badass psychos, force a particularly troublesome marauder to stand still long enough for you to finish him, or simply channel 300’s Leonidas and punt some random stooge into a bottomless pit - Fun!


Weapon slots 1-2: Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, Grog Nozzle.
This combo is your main damage dealer, high DPS weapon in the right and Moxxi slag in the left. The Harold can be replaced by a Pimpernel or an Interfacer for those who know how to use them or would like a weapon that requires more skill to use, but the Harold’s a good choice that’s more available than the Pimpernel and much easier to get than an Interfacer. Grog Nozzle is the best offhand weapon but if you can’t get one a Slag Rubi or indeed any slag Moxxi gun will work fine as well, a higher leveled offhand weapon is desirable but not necessarily needed as what’s really important is the slag and the healing.

Weapon slots 3-4: Anything goes!, Grog Nozzle.
With the first combination acting as the backbone, the second can be used for just about anything that your heart desires thus I reccommend that you dust off an old favorite of yours and let it benefit from the massive damage boost that you’ll get from the slag and No Kill like Overkill. I also reccommend that you avoid pistols if a DPUH is in the first combo for the sake of saving ammo.

Shields: Sham for bullet-heavy areas, Evo/Blockade/Antagonist for general use or not bullet-heavy areas. Rough Rider and Flame of the Firehawk are also good choices.
COMs: Legendary Gunzerker.
Grenade: With our guns being the main damage dealers, the grenade mod should be saved for something with a little more utility outside of damage. I recommend the Quasar for healing via shield stripping and the singularity can either pull troublesome enemies away from you or draw a group close together for slagging/explosive weapons, if you can’t get a Quasar then a Vladof AoE grenade can work for healing just as well.
Relic: The Sheriff’s Badge is the ideal choice but this build can do just fine without it, Blood of the Seraphs/Skin of the Ancients are good choices if you’re looking for a more defense oriented Relic but by and large this is also up to your personal preference.

Any and all criticism/suggestions are welcome! :smiley:


It affects you whenever Get Some activates for those 3 seconds.

5 shots or 6 is almost useless the way you are playing: You use a gun that consumes 6 bullets per shot, it would only mitigate the use of 2…if it procs, which is only after a kill…25% of the time. Which means that on average, 5 points in 5so6 will give you …maybe…sometimes…ONE extra shot between reloads. Not worth it at all in this case. You would get better and more consistent DPS by putting those points in All in the reflex, And that’s not even counting Money shot.

Also, Fistful of hurt is 1/1, not 5/5 :wink:

There isn’t a whole lot to be said otherwise: this is almost the textbook Salvador build that @Sljm distilled down to perfection a long time ago, even down to the gear. It’s a tried and true formula, you can’t really go wrong with it.

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In my defense, I did make this thread at three in the morning and I felt like a zombie the entire time, I’m just surprised there aren’t more silly mistakes like that.

As for 5 shots or 6 I get how unhelpful it is with the Harold but it’s more to boost the secondary combo than anything since I usually use something like an Ogre or Shredifier, I’ll still try leaving it and see what happens though, thanks for the tip!