[Build] Group'n'Plode [72-Op8] (My First Post)

Sooo this is my first ever post here. So if i break any rules or such just let me know. I tried to look for rule thread for few minutes but i couldn’t find one so if someone could hook me up with the link. That would be awesome :smiley:
My friend (who brought me to the game) asked me see game play of my build so i shot a video for him. But i also been using the forums since almost day 1 to learn about the game so i thought i might as well contribute even if its something really small xD

Little Explanation / Back Story / Summary
I’ve been playing Bl2 for about 8 months now. Mainly using Sniper and Shotgun zero. But as we know it Zero is glass Canon, You need to plan out your fight and almost fight like you’re doing a surgery. So for almost 2/3 of a year i spent taking out 1 enemy at a time and hiding and aiming for Crit and i think i got burned out with zero. Don’t get me wrong zero is still my main baby but Its can be pretty tiring constantly watching the mini map like a hawk, having your mouse super low sensitivity so you can land those perfect Crits shot after shot, deciding if you want more ammo or keep your CA Stack, Waiting behind cover waiting for your deception and running for your little life and waiting for transfusion trail to come through. There are days where i just wanna hop on and kill some stuff somewhat relaxed.
So i went on a search for another character/ Build. So naturally i tried Salvador and everything felt really boring (no offence to Sal players, Just not my play style, Yall too damn OP).
Gaige’s anarchy pisses me off and I’m a compulsive re-loader and I’m not changing a habit of 6 years for 1 character xD. Axton was fun but just didn’t click with me yet (Really damn good tho, Might dig in next after i’m done with Krieg). Maya was really fun but for some reason she felt very similar to Zero and i was looking for something different (But i think ill start playing her soon). So lastly i tired Hellborn Krieg with FOTFH but still felt kinda boring for my taste but i saw some potential, So after few days of tweaking and trying out BUNCH of weapons, I cooked up this Build.

This build focus on Crowd control and DPS, Using (spamming) your quasar and using Both salt the wound and Bloodbath for insane dps. I tried dropping Bloodsplosion and 3 points of Salt the wound and using rank 4 Elemental Empathy and it almost made it possible to survive without switching to grog to heal, which i found rather one dimensional and boring.
Felt almost like Salvador 2.0 just go in and shoot you dont have to pay attention to anything. So instead of going Tank + DPS I tried to build around CC + Dps with little bit of tank and it made it a rather enjoyable game play.
So i ended up with this build, Yes you can go in guns blazing but you also need to time out your shots / weapon swap and need proper grenade placements to survive properly and to do insane dps. So its not so brain numbingly boring as just go in and click on enemies

Here is video Demo of the Build :
Ps: I have the Community Patch, Com Overhaul Patch and Spintastic patch on this video
But i dont think that changes much. The only none “real” item is the class mod. But it only gives you 4 more grenades and little more reload and swap speed compared to blue Blister. But Krieg already has so much Swap speed and reload and Bloodbath makes grenade drop like hotcake. Its just a tiny QOL upgrade imo. The Community patch only adds 10% grenade damage from the skill im using and little bit of health restore when my kill skills are deactivated and lastly the Spintastic added 0.5 Fire rate on the grog.
Its been so long since I haven’t used these patches that i forgot Legendary Blister isnt a real item xD (I basically started my first game with them on)
But if there any problem, ill shoot another video later :slight_smile:
Pss: I forgot to Route my Spotify to my headphone only, So hope yall like some DJENT and PROG METAL


Equipment (Parts and Prefix are not mandatory, Well except prefix for the swordsplosion)

  1. Grog Nozzle (Maliwan grip) [Healing/slag]
  2. Rabid Hail (Vladof Grip, Dahl Stock) [“ill be what ever you want me to be”]
  3. Rustler Twister (Jakob Grip, Hyperion Stock) [Close range weapon]
  4. Casual SWORDSPLOSION! (Torgue Grip. Hyperion Stock) [EXPLOSION?]
    ClassMod: Blood Blister (+6 Blood Bath 2nd Skill Doesn’t matter)
    Shield: Rough Rider (Maliwan Battery and body, Hyperion Cap)
    Grenades: Longbow Quasar
    Relic: Blood of the Ancient (+shotgun Ammo, +Smg/AR/Pistol ammo)

Alternative Gear/Explanation

  1. Any Slag Moxi weapons for healing and slag
  2. Kitten, Ogre, Tediore Plasma Caster, BabyMaker, DPUH, Anything you want really
  3. Any Close range Shotgun (So you dont damage your self with the SWORDSPLOSION)
  4. WHY YOU NO LIKE SWORD AND EXPLOSION but i guess Ravager and such could work also.
    Class mod: Legendary Reaper/Any reaper, You need Kill Skill Duration and +Bloodbath
    Shield: Flame of the Fire Hawk (but when you get into FFYL, you’re gonna have to run and charge you’re shield and there is so many Shield recharge delay skill that might as well embrace that no shielded life)
    Grenades: Any singularity would work but you would have to find another stacking tool
    Relic: Anything is a open here, I just like the Larger health and ammo, Allows me to spam my shotgun and also not die if I’m too close to my Quasar. But also Grenade ammo relic would be very nice too but not needed imo

As requested:

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