[Build Guide] Frozen Deathless Moze

I don’t do a lot of build guides, but I did want to share my current build for Moze. Please note that IB is pretty much useless at the moment, but Moze still handles herself in his absence.

To start, here’s my skill tree:


Game play video:

Let’s talk gear!

COM - Mindsweeper: with as much points into TCP as possible. I try to stay out of FitSD to avoid instantly going into FFYL. You could use a Bloodletter here, too, but I find the Mindsweeper to offer the most benefits to my overall damage.

Artifact - Snowdrift Deathless: any stats that benefit Moze and this build such as Cryo boosts, area damage boosts, magazine boosts… If you can get all three, that’s a god roll right there!

Shield - Old God: try to find a Cryo one since this shield boosts the elemental damage it offers resistance to. There are many options here, but this is what I roll with.

Grenades - All we are looking for here is the +25% damage on grenade thrown for 6 seconds. So throw in whatever you like as long as that anoint is there.

Weapons - You can use a variety of gear here. But a Cryo x2 Kaoson is pretty much unbeatable, especially if you get it with the 150/50 rad anointment. I also use a Clairvoyance Masher and the Unseen Threat, both with the unhealthy rad anointment.

Anointments - Just get all your weapons with the 150/50 rad anointment. No others are needed. The 300/90 is nice, too, but for maximum dps over a longer period of time, the unhealthy rad is the best.

Guardian Rank - enabled to take advantage of Harmegeddon, To Angry To Die, and Hollow Point

Modifiers - Here’s a screenshot of the ones I use:

The most important one is the Holy Crit modifier. The additional 25% for crits makes for even larger damage numbers. The only issue is, you have to learn where all crit spots are on every enemy you face.

As far as play style goes, you want to maintain some distance since you are still vulnerable to DoT and melee in M10. But I’ve used this build to solo TTD with the Cartel event enabled. Moze has the highest damage output pre-action skill in the game, in my opinion. Her mob killing relies on splash damage, but when done right, rivals Amara’s TTB killing. You also get 2 capstones, which is nice. Additionally, because she outputs so much dps, ffyl is trivial unless you get caught in it without any enemies left to get you out. That’s why I suggest keeping good distance between you and your enemy(ies).


Very cool. I’m going to give this a run after I build up Amara.

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Thanks! Let me know how it goes and post a video if you can… It’s always fun to see others tearing up Mayhem…

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This is very similar to my UraniuMoze. I was actually wondering how my build would work with swapping out the Snowshoe with a cryo Old God so may look to get one and try it out. My cryo Kaoson is already doing so much work I’m interested to see what a full time 25% cryo boost would do from the Old God.

You can swap out to a fire, shock, corrosive, or rad Old God, too. Throw in an artifact with the matching stat bonus and you’ve got a potent combination for just about any elemental build you want.


Yeah that’s what I use on my Amara. Old God + Pearl + Phasezerker + TTB is pretty insane.


Try the Snowdrift Deathless artifact with Amara and the 150/50 rad Kaoson… Absolute insanity…

Just a pointer for my build… if you’re looking to tackle the TTD… you’re going to need to switch the Mindsweeper COM with a Bloodletter COM in order to survive the onslaught… Especially with the Cartel event enabled.

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Have alot of things to say about this. I dont get why your using the minesweeper if you’re gunna avoid blue tree completly abd miss out on more slash damage and some nade regen. Also dont get why you have the final skill in red tree since it’s useless when using a deathless and the 30%gun damage which would have diminishing returns from all the gun damage skills if I recall. Also dont see why u need the final green skill or even mag size if you use minesweeper since there is no reload penalty.
Also since ur using snowdrift deathless and not ice breaker deathless i dont even see the point in really being cryo besides using the clairvoyance which wouldnt freeze anyone anyway since u just insta explode them anyway. Just seems like alot of weird choices is all and wondering why you chose those things when there are most likely other things you could do to most likely make it better. Atom bomb deathless if you really wanted the deathless style or stick to the pearl depending on situation and use front loader mixed with red tree skills. I’m just confused in the choices here is all seems like your losing out on damage for when you fight like actual hard enemies or something idk


Why? Because it’s fun and exciting to play with Moze like this. In all my experimenting with her, this build has the best killing power, overall.

Have you played with this build? I mean, I can upload more videos, but the best way is to try it out. Since IB is basically useless right now, this has made her enjoyable to play. At least for me. I listed the cryo gear since it has the best overall effectiveness on all enemies. You could easily swap out some things to make it a rad, fire, shock, or corrosive version.

This build comes with a lot of risk. But it adds to the fun of playing. I’ve completed the Takedown with this build so it is viable with a quick change to a Bloodletter. But that’s just for the survival you need in the Takedown. Otherwise I’m rolling with the Mindsweeper for the extra damage.

I’ll address all your questions later today. I’m ahaha looking for more damage.

Are the Blacksite legendaries scaling after the HotFix?

I wanted the benefit of Mindsweeper without the additional visual clutter. I don’t really mind having to open some ammo boxes if my grenades get low. I do already do that on my Amara and Fl4k builds, so grenade regen is not an issue for me.

This is a good point. I had that additional point and just put it there. However, it does give the build more diversity by adding in a front loader shield and the Pearl Artifact. So if I wanted to use that specific feature, it’s there.

A lot of it is personal preference. You could skip the red tree completely and go all in on blue. Here’s two runs on the Cartel both with each build:

My Frozen Deathless Build:

My Frozen Mindsweeper Build:

Each one can stand on their own, but I have less visual clutter with my Frozen Deathless build than with the Mindsweeper. Since I’m a crit hitter, I prefer clear line of site with all crit spots. I feel that I can kill quicker with my version than with a Demo Woman style one.

What it shows is the versatility that Moze has, even without IB. So once he comes back to being useful, she’s going to be even more powerful. I really do appreciate your input and questions/concerns. It makes me think of different choices. I could have put points into Grizzled and one in Means of Destruction, but I think I get more survival out of going all in to Shields of Retribution.

This is true except when paired with the Frozen Snowshoe shield (and I think the Red Card but haven’t tried it). In my UraniuMoze build I posted I’m using Frozen Snowshoe + Snowdrift Deathless and TD buff is up pretty much full time. It is a good point that there might be diminishing returns on the + gun damage but not sure to what degree.

Honestly, it’s negligible. I’ve been playing with this build for a few days. When I switched to a green and blue skill tree for her, the damage output was similar thanks to the splash damage for Moze. But I still prefer my build. I could slip in a Snowdrift Otto Idol that I have. That would allow me to make use of the red tree capstone. I’ll have to try it out and see if that’s a good compromise.

What’s negligible? The diminishing returns or the gun damage?

Both… As far as the capstone is concerned in Shields of Retribution. I don’t see anything noticeable. But I’ll need to focus more on it the next time I play with her

Here’s a Takedown run on M10 with the Cartel’s event enabled. I will post a True takedown run with the even disabled. For the Wotan fight I switched to a Bloodletter just for the added survival needed. I don’t necessarily think I needed too, but I will definitely need it for True Takedown.

build looks good! however a bit of a change i would make personally is only put 2 points into thin red line instead of 3. this will allow you to swap out to different relics (like a pearl, victory rush, ottos idol, etc…) without losing health gate and allowing the build to be a bit more flexible and not locked into a deathless playstyle. with forced feedback + using a mindsweeper com, you’re forcing yourself to crit more and you’re very likely to keep your shield topped off almost always so you’ll barely notice the shield capacity decrease from 3 TRL to 2 TRL.
For a single point, Some For The Road is a fantastic pick up and you can use it spam heavy weapons like sticky mode quickies for massive boss damage as well, giving you a bit more options for a boss focused gameplay loop as well.

all in all, the build looks really fun!

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The reason I’m spec’d all the way in TRL is that I want to take advantage of the 150/50 rad anointment with the flexibility to swap out shields and coms and not loosing the effects of that anointment.

I am forced to shoot more Crits but that’s exactly the play style I use. And it’s why I also use the Holy Crit modifier. It has a severe penalty for body shots, but that just adds to the fun of playing in M10.

It’s definitely a personal choice.

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fair enough haha

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this is my problem with moze, i ran a standard holy crit for all characters but for moze can’t seem to get an okay very hard modifier.

sometimes i deal good damage with it holy crit but most of the time it wasn’t dealing that much and more of a negative modifier.

buddy system and dazed and infused is okay but it takes away so much momentum on my runs.

not the face is bad for me. rouge lite is a no no for my moze.

and death, lingers for a minute, hard to disposed off. hoping gearbox added magic missile to the game so we can kill death easily.

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