[Build guide] Recharger last stand moze, solo M4 takedown viable

This is my first build guide and it’s a bit involved so I‘ll try to make it as clear as possible.

This build is a variant on the popular meta blastmaster/fire hose builds, originally stemming from annoyance at having to stop shooting to avoid reloading with a small-mag kybs. I wanted to figure out a way to put less points into blue and go more into green to never have to reload.

As always the problem was that moze is so dependent on vampyr, so I needed to figure out a way to get survivability without it. What I eventually settled on is an interaction that I haven’t really seen used in any builds on YouTube or etc so I decided I’d post it here and see if anyone has done anything similar or has suggestions for improvements.

Skill tree:


The interaction we abuse is 2/3 thin red line with a last stand, recharger, and topped off. Our max health is 60%, so essentially every time our shield is broken we drop to 50%. This procs both last stand and recharger, giving us 5s of immunity and another full shield bar. During this 5s, topped off is active, so IB always comes off cooldown or only has a few seconds left. After our 5s of immunity, if our second shield bar is broken we just hop into iron bear for immunity frames and full can of whoopass gets our shield back very quickly to keep topped off going.

The result is 100% uptime on blastmaster without ever letting go of the trigger, 100% uptime on ASE anoints, and <10sec IB cooldown. The only thing we really give up from the fire hose build is short fuse. The other skills from deeper into the blue tree IMO are not very impactful. We have 1 bonus point into vampyr from our blastmaster and that’s all we need, because vampyr only ever needs to heal 10% of our hp that we lost before health gate/last stand kicked in. We gain dps from scorching rpms, click click, and the fact that we never actually have to stop shooting.

Other than that, it basically plays like the fire hose build. Redistribution, MoD, forge, pull the holy pin, and some for the road give us infinite ammo and grenades and we just spam away with kybs and cloning maddening trackers.

Depending on the mag size of the gun you are using and whether you have bonus mag size on your relics etc, forge and click click may not be necessary. if your mag is staying near full with just MoD/redistribution/some for the road, you can put those points elsewhere. I’m using a 24-mag kybs so click click does actually give a decent boost as my mag does drain over time, and then refills during some for the road. I also use matched set over iron bank as I’m using 4 Maliwan weapons (kybs and recursions in different elements), but you can easily use iron bank instead.

So yeah, try it for yourself and see if you like it. I can solo M4 slaughtershaft essentially standing in the open facetanking everything and holding the trigger, only stopping to cycle auto bear for ASE anointments. It can solo true takedown, though still much slower than Zane or Amara.

Gear- I do use a lot of god rolls that I’ve downloaded from the fire hose and other builds. If you are on console and can’t get them, I’ll try to delineate what is necessary vs optimal.

Guns- Primary weapon is kybs worth. I use 2 of different elements, both with 160% splash ASE. If you don’t have that, any good ASE anointments are fine. I also use 2 recursions with bonus element ASE, mainly to cheese certain stages of the takedown. The build has very short IB cd, so you can also abuse launchers or torgue stickies with some for the road.

Shield- A recharger with element on ASE. You want as high capacity as possible, delay doesn’t matter since it always full charges itself or charge is initiated with full can of whoopass.

Grenade- cloning maddening tracker with element on ASE or 25% dmg on grenade throw. Otherwise any homing grenade with as many hits as possible.

Com- blastmaster with at least 1 vampyr. I think 1 is all you need. The build has so much ammo regen that redistribution on com is good but not essential.

Relic- Last stand with whatever suffix you want. I use Otto idol for a bit of extra healing. For Wotan I switch to a snowdrift.

On Com and relics, good rolls are splash/aoe damage, grenade damage, smg damage, weapon damage, and mag size.

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Kind of surprised that your mag drains at all with maxed out MoD, 2/1 Redistribution and Forge.

The first thing that stands out to me, doesn’t the Recharger have a CD of 20s and the Last Stand 40s?

You’re right, Moze is pigeonholed into using Vampyr regardless of how we slice it. Although, another way to modify the build you have is to go entirely green/red spec, slap on the BM for the +3 Vampyr, then BBB for the grenade sustain. Something about seeing Thin Red Line and no DM is impractical in my eyes. Conversely, you can switch capstones to TD.

He is using 2/3 TRL to boost the effect of Vampyr, since it is based on missing health – his 1 point of investment is giving him almost 3 times the healing per nade hit.

Yeah, the internal cooldowns don’t always coincide with each other but it’s not a big issue. Even if you don’t have last stand up, health gate will keep you from getting oneshot and you will still get your shields back. It’s pretty easy to last for 20s between recharger procs when you’re getting FCOWA and immunity frames every 10ish seconds. You still get a couple seconds of topped off while you’re getting out of iron bear and that’s usually enough since you’re getting out instantly, which reduces the base cd by a lot. You don’t absolutely need to run last stand at all, I use snowdrift for most of the takedown but for something like shaft where you’re getting hit constantly it helps a lot.

And yeah, I’m playing around with dropping click click and forge for a few more points in red to get DM. Still trying to optimize the last few points from the cap increase. But at 40-60% hp which is usually where this build is, I believe DM only gives around a 20% damage boost. Not nearly as big of a bonus as for a 1hp build and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the tradeoff.

Yeah, like I said if I’m using relics with 40% mag size they don’t, in which case I put the click click and forge points elsewhere. Still working out which allocation is best but I’m thinking going further into red to get DM is probably best.

What? That’s not how TRL and Vampyr interacts?

@faymatt99 is this an instant exit build?

Are you literally constantly in and out of IB?

Yeah. It feels like kind of a hybrid between firehose and some for the road bossing builds. You can play with kybs and do more run and gunning or you can grab a lump and spam it with some for the road on a very low cd.

If I’m using last stand and the have the proc of it and recharger at the same time, cd is less than 10s. Depending on how the item cooldowns line up it’s sometimes a little longer but yeah I essentially hop in and out as often as possible to keep ASE anoints rolling and top up shield with FCOWA.

You lose a lot of dps not taking short fuse - 80%+. You can still take SftR and Click, click while going all the way down to short fuse and still never have to reload.

Yeah no problem, was just wondering if that was the theory behind the build.

I’ve done constant some for the road builds before, differently than this, but same sort of idea. I used a lump/scourge, sitorak/BBB, and Bear Trooper to get a 5s CDT.

Didn’t end up my cup of tea, but it’s a cool interaction to get the constant some for the road procs.

1 point of Vampyr heals for 4% of missing health; 3 points heals for 12%. If you reserve 40% of your health with 2/3 TRL, every nade hit heals for 10% of your health, which is pretty close to x3 the healing.

I don’t understand how you came up with that number?

Let’s use 10000hp as our base health and 3/5 Vampyr.

With 6k/10k hp a single grenade hit will heal us for 480hp (4000 x 0.12).

With 4k/10k hp a single grenade hit will heal us for 720hp (6000 x 0.12).

With 2k/10k hp a single grenade hit will heal us for 960hp (8000 x 0.12)

With 1/10k hp a single grenade hit will heal us for 1200hp (9999 x 0.12, rounded up).

If you reserve 40% of your health, that just means the minimum amount you’ll heal with a single grenade hit is 480hp, but you will never go above 6k hp.

Where are you getting 10% (30 with 3 points?), and where are you getting 3x the healing? Am I missing something?

With 3/5 Vampyr, if you are at 9/10k, a single grenade hit will heal for 120 (1000 x .12); that is the minimum amount you will be healed with 1/5 Vampyr and 2/3 TRL. If you only rely on Vampyr for a health top-up, rather than sustain, that can be a very efficient point allocation (especially if you get it for free from your class mod).

EDIT: I just did a SS run with a version of faymatt’s build, which demonstrates what I mean:

But where is 3x the healing coming from? TRL isn’t boosting the effect of Vampyr.

It’s just not healing the last 40% of your health because you reserved it.

Are you trying to compare getting above health gate (or to 60% hp) with 2/3 TRL to getting to full health without any health reserve?

The minimum amount healed with 1/5 vampyr and 2/3 TRL at 10k would be 160 hp. But it doesn’t make a difference what the heal amount would be at 9/10k because with 2/3 TRL you are capped at 6k.

You are always healing for 4%, TRL doesn’t change that.

Sorry, yes — I’m talking about health gate.

The effectiveness of vampyr to reach health gate doesn’t change with TRL point investment though. At any point below 60%, which you are capped at, you are already healing for more than the minimum TRL guarantees.

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I was editing my comment.

I see what you’re saying now. Though I wouldn’t really call it boosting Vampyr, rather than preventing it from healing further.

Being at 40% health, Vampyr is going to heal you the same amount regardless of TRL or not. As @sneakynoodle just mentioned as I was typing this.

I do know of the benefit of reserving health for shield in some circumstances. This build can be considered one I suppose. But there’s a lot of downsides to it as well.

Having your health at 60% means dots can wipe you out way quicker, or prevent you from getting above health gate and staying there. Hard hits will more often put you really close to ffyl as well.

All in all, I find 20% health reserve to be less annoying than 40%, and if I can I’d rather do that + a few points in Vladof Ingenuity. Admittedly I never really do that though, besides it makes my shields take too long to recharge. 20% might ruin this build as well, as it seems to rely heavily on the Last Stand.

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Ultimately this build is a shield build, relying on the Recharger and Last Stand to effectively double your shields in the clutch. Combine that with Phalanx, Full Can, and a shield/health anointment and you can get pretty tanky. I only ever felt like I was in danger once in that run.