[Build] Hail Storm - WiP, because I'm lazy

Alright, I’m gonna be honest with you people. I’m not good at this whole writing thing, but whatever. Let’s get going. I also can’t figure out how to center this stuff.

The Skill Tree

The Gear

Weapon Slot 1 and 2 - Hail: This will be the main weapon of this build, hence the name. If you can get used to the odd firing pattern, the hail is one of the most effective ARs in the game, especially if you use Axton. The Hail benefits from grenade buffs (as well as gun damage buffs), making it the best choice with this build.

Weapon Slot 3 - Unkempt Harold: As most everyone knows, the Unkempt Harold is an incredibly powerful pistol, one which benefits from Grenade buffs, as most Torgue weapons do. I only really pull this out if I absolutely need it (which isn’t very often), because it makes the game too easy. Regardless of that fact, it is the best fit for this build…

Weapon Slot 4 - Badaboom: This is used as a second wind launcher, though it can be swapped out for another one, the best being the Norfleet (I don’t like to use that one). It also benefits from the damage buff from Steady (Unfortunately, it does not benefit from grenade damage buffs).

Class Mod - Grenadier: Straight up, this is the best COM for grenade build (duh) and probably my favourite Axton COM in the whole game. I don’t really know what else to say, and I’m also really ■■■■■■■ tired, so I might add more later.

Grenade - Magic Missile - Best grenade for slagging enemies in this game, without a doubt (or maybe with a doubt, but I highly doubt that). I wouldn’t use this grenade if I had Double Up, but I wanted Grit more to be honest.

Relic - Bone of the Ancients: I’m sure you all know this relic, but I should probably talk about it a bit… but only because I have to. I suggest having all types, as it will prepare you for any situation. Yup… man, I’m getting lazy.

Shield - Really whatever you want: Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Use the Sham, the Neogenator, the Bee (okay, don’t use the Bee. It’s shit for this build.)

The Skills


Sentry [5/5] - As long as the sentry gun is up, at least some of the enemies will focus on it instead of you. It would be more useful if I was using Double Up in the build, but I digress (I think I used that right).

Ready [5/5] - Faster reload speed = more DPS, and DPS is very important in this build, as it’s not the tankiest build, even if it does use Grit. Very simple stuff, but it’s also important stuff.

Scorched Earth - This adds more DPS to your turret. I’m not sure if they benefit from Rocket/Grenade buffs, but I sure as ■■■■ hope it does.

Onslaught [4/5] - This gives you more momentum once you kill an enemy, making it easier to kill the next enemy, and so on.

Grenadier [4/5] - Since we’ll be using Magic Missiles for slagging, more grenades can’t hurt. In addition, the COM can boost the skill, though if you use the Blue version, I’d prefer the one that boosts the other two skills.


Impact [5/5] - This will come in a lot, but more damage = more DPS.

Overload [5/5] - Since the main weapon in this build is the Hail, this will be a very useful skill. Also, the less time spent reloading, the more time you spend doing damage

Metal Storm [2/5] -

I caught myself wondering why you didnt take a few points in Able…derp.

My only major complaint is that I prefer the crossfire for slagging, but that’s more of a personal preference thing I guess.

You can use the Crossfire, but I also like the regen on the Magic Missile.