[Build] Hail Storm

I made this build a few years back and decided it was time to move it over here. Bear with me, I’m ■■■■ at this stuff

The Gear



The hail is one of the best rifles for Axton in my opinion. It heals you, has splash that benefits from grenade damage and it’s always elemental. There is a slight learning curve to it, but if you can get it down then you can absolutely destroy with this gun


Everyone knows the Norfleet, it’s the best launcher in Borderlands 2. It’s only here to get out of FFYL easily. Nothing else to it really


Because I’m lazy and want to do the minimal amount of work possible, so here is a link to the shields section of Axton’s Top Gear. All of them can work well in this build (I’m partial to the Blockade and Antagonist myself

Grenade Mods

Magic Missile/Crossfire

Both are excellent choices for slagging your enemies, it’s just a matter of what you want. Crossfire can cover a larger area and is easier to obtain, but Magic Missile can seek out enemies and regenerate grenade ammo. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong


Bone of the Ancients

One of the best, if not the best, relics in the entire game. The reason elemental relics are so much better than, say, gun damage ones is because the damage from elemental relics is multiplicative, not additive. And since the Hail comes in elemental only, there’s no reason not to use one

Class Mod


Best COM for this build, hands down. It boosts everything I could possibly ask for in a build like this. The Hail becomes incredibly powerful in Axton’s hands, especially if you can get a version that boosts Impact and Steady (+6 on Steady is ideal)



[5/5] Ready

Boosts to reload speed boost DPS. Simply put, the less time you spend reloading, the more time you get to shoot ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ in the face

[5/5] Willing

Increases Axton’s survival capability. With this, the Hail and the skills put into the Survival tree, I’m sure you’ll find Axton very difficult to kill

[5/5] Able

More survivability. What else is there to say? Nothing. Literally nothing. Or maybe there is and I’m just tired and lazy. Who knows?

[5/5] Onslaught

When you get a kill, this skills makes it easier to get your next one and keep it up for a while. Simple ■■■■

[5/5] Grenadier

There’s no real downside to this skill, at least in this build. None of the other perks in this tree are very good with this build

[1/1] Double Up

Double Up helps you slag enemies pretty mindlessly, or at least much easier than using your grenade mods. If it weren’t for this skill, I’d never use the turret on Axton


[5/5] Impact

I’ll be honest, I kinda wish there was another option here. Expertise is total ■■■■ for this build and while this IS better, I don’t like it a ton. Oh well, at least it increases DPS

[5/5] Metal Storm

Holy ■■■■, this skill is SO much fun to use with the Hail. The fire rate can just get to absurdly high levels. Give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll love it

[4/5] Overload

As I said earlier, the less time you spend reloading, the more time you get to shoot ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ in the face

[5/5] Steady

This is one of the best skills Axton can use in combination with the Hail. With a COM that boosts it to 11/5, you’ll be getting an additional 55% multiplicative damage (I believe it’s multiplicative, correct me if I’m wrong). Basically, it’s ■■■■■■■ amazing

[1/1] Longbow Turret

Uhh… it’s cool?

[5/5] Battlefront

The hail benefits from both Grenade and Gun damage, making this an excellent choice here

[1/1] Do or Die

The extra grenade damage comes at all times, and the ability to slag enemies in FFYL easily with your grenades will help you pick yourself up much faster and easier


[5/5] Healthy

In those rare times when your shield is down for extended periods of time, you’ll be glad you have Healthy. Be warned that it does make health gating more difficult though

[5/5] Preparation

I hate having my shields down, therefore I love this skill (I’m getting really tired and lazy, don’t judge me)

[5/5] Quick Charge

It’s a really nice skill to have no matter what shield you’re using (though it does work especially well with the Sham if you ask me)

Video (coming soon)


I got a slag Hail. What relic do I use since there is no slag Bone of the Ancients? Also, recommendations on 4th weapon?

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Welcome to the forum!

The OP isn’t around these days much so I might take the liberty to answer.

Honestly a slag Hail isn’t really going to cut it. There is such a thing as a slag elemental relic, but you could use an assault rifle aggression relic or a cooldown relic.

I would recommend seeing if you can trade for a fire and/or corrosive one ; or change your focus. Simply use the Hail for slag (instead of a Slagga for example) and use other guns for actual damage.

For 4th weapon?
Any of the Torgue red-text or perhaps an Omen/Blockhead or Hornet.

Check these for other recommendations:


The build is 3 hails and a launcher, so the grenade is your slag tool. I wouldn’t carry a slag hail


I took the post to mean s/he only had a slag Hail. @Benko757 - is this the case?

In either case it’s useless for damage and only good (or rather decent) for slag.

Incidentally, looking for opinions on using the Rifleman COM instead of the recommended Grenadier.

Yes, I only got a slag Hail with no other way of getting another one. I could find someone who hasn’t completed the mission and get 2 at a time for higher chances. And I have a Hornet with all Dahl parts. Is that good?

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Oh yes. It’s a great gun but especially for Axton. Matching grip is always a win.

By the way, the Hail is extraordinarily good for Axton. I’ve done variations on this build quite a bit. But then I’m a sucker for the Hail. So I can strongly recommend to see what you can do about getting a couple more.

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