[Build] Hail to our frosty Robot Overlord

#Hail to our frosty Robot Overlord

This is my first build and I hope you enjoy it!

It will feature a :snowflake: Hail as your main weapon that kicks major ass no matter which subroutine is up. It also features lots of explosions :boom:, robots and exploding robots :boom: :boom:!

The gear

###Slot 1

  • Cryo :snowflake: Hail
  • Good base damage, Splash damage, really good crit bonus and it heals you a little bit. It’s firing pattern takes some time getting used to ( especially when you are close to the enemy and we will) but the results you get are amazing. This is our main weapon and we will use it most of the time.
    • The best prefix is Ferocious but much more important is a Vladof grip since the reload time would be to long otherwise.

###Slot 2

  • Torguemada or Ravager
  • This is the weapon we will use when encountering badasses or generally enemies with high health. Just freeze them first and let them explode :boom:. I have to say I can’t really decide between these two weapons and input would be appreciated.
  • You can use a Flakker when fighting bosses.

###Slot 3

  • Fire :fire: or Corrosive Corrosive Maliwan Pistol
  • This weapon is for those nasty flying mobs that can be hard to hit with the Hail
    or a Ravager. They have splash damage that gets boosted by Grenade Vent and a small magazine that benefits from One Last Thing.

###Slot 4

  • Your favorite Rocket Launcher
  • I prefer the Nukem but if you like something else use it. As long as it is explosive :boom:!


  • Chronicler of Elpis
  • More cryo damage, better freeze chance, and boosts some great skills. The added shield capacity feels almost like this:


  • Quasar
    • Pulls enemies closer together and strips shields that our Cryo :snowflake: Hail doesn’t like.


  • Tediore Shield
  • Just a nice little shield that reloads fast. Thanks to the mod you don’t even notice that it’s initial capacity is so small.

###Oz Kit

  • Explosive :boom: Bomber Oz Kit
    • More grenades and splash damage. Oh Yeah!

##The build

Link to the build


  • 5/5 Killbot
  • Restoring Health on kill is great and since we will take a shield with a low recharge delay we don’t have to worry about the cost.
  • 5/5 Coincidental Combustion
  • Combining cryo and explosive damage leads always to good (and deadly) results. You can also find a great analyses of that skill here.
  • 1/1 Second Wind [By Tediore]
  • I said that build will have exploding robots and I keep my word.
  • 9/5 Load ‘n’ splode
  • Since we will reload quite frequently with our Hail we build a good amount of stacks that boost:
    • Coincidental Combustion
    • Start with a Bang
    • Our slam
    • Our weapons in slot 2 and 4.
  • 5/5 Start with a Bang
  • Even more exploding robot!
  • 5/5 One Last Thing
  • We won’t get to our last bullet in the Hail often but our weapon in slot 2 and 3 will like this boost.
  • 1/1 Livin’ Near the Edge
  • Even without the increased Fire rate and Reload speed bonus this skill would be worth it because of the Pirate Ship Mode

###I love you guys!

  • 5/5 Maniacal Laughter
  • We won’t have a lot of stacks at the same time with this build :cry: but only because things tend to die very quick :smiling_imp:. But even without many stacks I feel that this is better than the alternative.
  • 5/5 All the Things are Awesome!
  • A nice basic skill to have.
  • 1/1 You’re…GOING TO LOVE ME!!
  • We will be close to the enemy a lot of the time and the heals are nice to have but the really great thing is the Gun Wizard action package that:
    • Refills all your ammo upon activation
    • Doubles your magazine size
    • Increases your Fire rate
  • 5/5 Wax on, Wax off
  • Boosted by our com this skill offers some nice defense for only one point.

###Fragmented Fragtrap

  • 1/1 All the Guns
  • We have to take this one but you don’t have to pay any attention to the current subroutine or open your backpack to swap weapons all the time. If the wrong subroutine is up our other skills will offset the malus and if the right subroutine should be up just enjoy it while it lasts.
  • 3/3 Fuzzy Logic
  • Mandatory
  • Great
  • 1/1 Safety First
  • If this is up it’ is better than most of the other subroutines.
  • 1/5 Surprised? Stabilize!
  • Yes only one point here. Accuracy is useless on the Hail, Torguemada and Flakker and we will be close to the enemy anyway if we use a Ravager.
  • 5/5 Blue Shell
  • Since Surprised? Stabilize! is useless in this build you can enjoy this bonus if you should ever come in FFYL.
  • 9/5 Grenade Vent
  • 81% more splash damage that boosts every weapon - except the RL - you have (since we can slam our shiny metal ass is also a weapon)? Yes please!
  • 9/5 Death Machine
  • We will shoot a lot, reload a lot and move a lot so this skill is just perfect.
  • 1/5 Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold
  • Simply to increase your chance to freeze stuff. This point could go into Rainbow Coolant but you rarely hit enemies with it.


Basically you group enemies together with a Quasar and shoot stuff with the Hail till it dies. If you manage to freeze an enemy stop shooting at him and move close to him while you reload. If it dies because you moved close via a slam it’s great. If not fire with your freshly reloaded weapon at another chump and let Start with a Bang take out the frozen guy.
If you encounter a badass shoot him till he freezes and switch to your explosive weapon. Shoot till the thing is dead. Shouldn’t take that long.
Generally don’t be afraid to move close and reload your Hail regularly to keep Load ‘n’ splode up and benefit from Start with a Bang.


I hope you enjoyed reading this want to try it out yourself. If you encounter errors or have any kind of feedback it is very much appreciated.

PS: :poop:


Livin’ Near the Edge isn’t by Tediore, only Second Wind is. :wink: Also, you should submit this to the Clappy build thread.

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There seemed to be a little ctrl+c, ctrl+v error. Everything is under control, move along :cop:

Also: Thanks^^

I am pretty sure that RLs don’t get grenade damage.Unless you mean your main 3 weapons.

Thanks. Meant the 3 main weapons. Going to clarify that.