[Build] Hail To The Queen - NO Action Skill/Hail Build (Iwajira now drops the Hail)

#Hail To The Queen
A Lv. 60 UVHM / Vladof Hail / No Action Skill Build.
What plaything can you offer me today?

##This build is still in it’s concept stages, gameplay videos are coming soon.

The latest hotfix for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (1/21/15) added the Vladof Hail to Iwajira’s loot pool. Nisha can utilize the Vladof Hail with Trick Shot to somewhat mimic the playstyle of a Mechromancer with Close Enough, while bringing her own unique twist to the table. Damage boosts from Wanted Stacking / Tombstone, as well as core Law & Order tree skills for survivability, allow Nisha to make the Hail a viable wheelin’, damage dealin’, life stealin’ son of a gun, no action skill required. Who needs Showdown?

####Law & Order:

  • Law (4/4): Shield Capacity +20%, Melee Damage +20%
  • Order (1/1): Order stacking; Heal Chance +1.2%/stack, Max Stacks 10
  • Wanted (5/5): Wanted stacking, Damage Level 5
  • Blood of the Guilty (1/1): When you/ally kills an enemy, +Order stack & 5% health restored, raises Order Stack Cap by 5
  • Due Process (4/5): After hitting w/ melee attack, +20% Gun Damage for a few seconds
  • No Pain, No Gain (4/5): Up to 40% Gun Damage based on how low your health currently is
    ####Fan the Hammer:
  • Saddle Up (5/5): Kill skill, Movement Speed +20%, Gun Damage +25%
  • Shap Shot (5/5): Accuracy +35% & Recoil Reduction +25% when firing from the hip
  • Bona Fide Grit (5/5): Kill skill, Regenerate +2% max health & Crit Hit Damage +35%
  • Quick Shot (5/5): After reloading, Gun Damage +30% & Fire Rate +35% when shooting from the hip
  • Unchained (5/5): Shooting an enemy grants Unchained stacks, 5% fire rate/stack, Max Stacks 21
  • Fistful of Bullets (1/1): +Magazine Size with all gun types by 3
  • Impatience (1/1): Killing an enemy grants an Impatience stack, Reload Speed +20%/stack, up to 21 stacks
  • Trick Shot (5/5): Bullet Ricochet Chance +40%, Ricocheted Bullet Damage -20%

####Suggested Gear:

  • Vladof Hail, of your preferred prefix, all elements (Shock being the most useful universal version).
    – Suggested prefixes would be Ferocious (+dmg), Rabid (+fire rate, -accuracy), Swift (+bullet speed), or Expansive (+magazine size)
  • A second wind launcher of your choice, in case of emergency.
    ####Class Mods:
    The family of Crapshooter classmods is awesome for Nisha, and many different variations of this class mod should be used in different situations.

Lucky Crapshooter / +6 Trick Shot, +5 Unchained
Your go-to class mod for general mobbing.

High Rollin’ Crapshooter / +6 Tombstone, +5 Trickshot
For tougher bosses such as Iwajira, when you need that extra little oompf to your damage.
####Shield Selection:
Since the Hail has a low health healing %, I’d recommend turtle shields as a good way to have a shield with specific elemental resistances, as well as lowering your max health allowing you to reach the Healthgate threshold easier. For bullet heavy areas, I still recommend using an absorb shield of your choice.

Gameplay videos (being made):

[General Mobbing 1]

[General Mobbing 2]

[vs Iwajira]


Very nice, I was curious to how nisha players would make this work.

Yeah man. As soon as I entered Showdown for the first time with the Hail, I realized that there was no way I could hit anything with it during the action skill. The auto-aiming places the Hail’s crosshairs way too high and everything ends up arching towards the sky.

Sorry but Athena is actually Queen with the Hail. Ha.

Serious question: if you can’t use your action skill with a certain gun do you think a build is really something that Nisha players are going to want?

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With how much trick shot there is in that build, showdown is not more or less usable than outside of it. The different boosts it provides are still nice.

Though I would change a few things to the build personally,
Overall, good work Ganza :slight_smile:

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No doubt Athena is tops with this particular weapon. I did enjoy it’s uses in Borderlands 2, and the goal here was not to appeal to all Nisha players universally, rather it was more of a personal challenge to see if I could combine this weapon with my favorite TPS character. After realizing that Showdown + Hail was detrimental to Nisha, the challenge was to make the build somewhat viable at max level without having to rely on Showdown. Degree of difficulty of this build is definitely hard: ammo consumption can be somewhat difficult, but the game gives enough enemy ammo drops / ammo crates to restock during runs if you’re frugal enough. Learning the aiming pattern of the Hail changes drastically from BL2 now that there needs to be more compensation for space especially in areas where there are enemies flying high in the air.

This build is not meant for everyone, but it can work.

If you’d want to use the action skill for this style of build, I was messing around with having a couple points in Bottled Courage and using Showdown to restore my shields in case I needed to evade / run from a tight spot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated my man, thanks for checking it out.

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I was running both an Athena (Reign/Rain of the Goddess) and Jack (All Hail Jack) and ammo was ok while mobbing but in the dome and on the raid it did give some issues. Changing a few skills around and such helped but also I’ve just learned when doing the dome BA round the ammo regen moxxi tail solves that issue nicely.

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Thanks for clarifying. So does Trick Shot function the exact same as Close Enough in terms of bullet behavior?

I’m liking the build names!

Athena and Jack seem most capable of handling ammo consumption. Who’s better in your opinion?

Jack so far is much better for mobbing, Athena on bosses. Jack’s dps with it feels like Athena with over 300 stacks, maybe 350. When you hit 400+ with Athena she really pulls ahead. Jack’s ability to boost the critical hits and the grenade damage of it as well as use his Digi Jacks to freeze enemies really does a lot for the gun. He also doesn’t have to swap much, the Digi Jacks take care of shields and you can really just match fire on flesh most of the time. Athena is constantly swapping to maintain Storm Weaving and in Co-op that cost of a lot of kills so that cost me Unrelenting. But when you get 400+ stacks with Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage I don’t think any character can come close to that.

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They seem to work the same, but Nisha’s variation appears to be an improvement on ricochet chance and ricochet bullet damage. Trick Shot gets also gets a little more support in this game because there are +6 or +5 class mods for TS.

Gaige CE 5/5
50% Ricochet Chance
50% Bullet Damage from Ricochet

Nisha 11/5 TS
88% Ricochet Chance
-20% Ricochet Bullet Damage

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This is essentially what I was going to do, but with a Non Elemental Hail. Take advantage of Hot Lead and get some critical DoTs going.

I don’t think there is a NE hail, but there is Cryo because YES!!!


There isn’t a Non-Elemental Hail.

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Alright, here goes nothing :smile:

  • Even with a lower bonus to trick shot, IMO Chronicler of elpis is better than crapshooter if you take my next advice…
  • Cryo hail should give better results than shock, because tombstone…among other things.
  • Rarin to go beats no pain no gain. Especially since the Hail gives healing and you recommend a turtle shield… you’re unlikely to ever have low health long enough for that skill to matter.
  • Take at least 2 points from snap shot to get to Thunder crackdown, those extra 5 order stacks are pretty good for survival, make Rarin to go even better and boost discipline. With Rarin to go and discipline active, it should also help curb your ammo problem, since they make each bullet more effective. Damage trumps fire rate as a DPS increase.
  • Snap shot is useless IMO since you base your build around trick shot, you are not gonna actually aim enough for that measly accuracy bonus to matter, especially with a weird firing pattern like that.
  • Unforgiven!!! dude! it’s a single point and you’re already down there. I know it’s not a showdown build but come on! :stuck_out_tongue: One skill point, one button press and everything in the room goes BOOM. (And totally brutal if you also take my advice to main a Cryo Hail instead of a shock one)
  • Don’t skip Any skill that gives Order stacks, like rough rider… seriously, Order freaking rocks.

Something like that would be even better IMO

Put one point into no pain no gain to get the bonus if you use the Chronicler of elpis COM


I like what you did there chuck, makes a lot of sense. The cryo boost from the com will be huge hitting both the crit and the splash which both can crit with nisha.

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Also, after the split, each ammo spent tries to apply Effects 4 times (2 pellets, 2 splash).

Chuck’s suggested build is actually pretty close to an earlier iteration of my Chronicler spec.

I ended up stopping halfway down L&O so I could get Hell’s, but Hail doesn’t benefit from that as much as Torguemada does.

I think L&O over FtH is a very smart pick for weapons with high natural Fire Rate, because it focuses on Gun Damage while FtH is more about Fire Rate.

For what it’s worth, in my experience Short Fused is a passable damage boost for Cryo weapons specifically, since Frozen enemies take triple Explosive damage. Against a Frozen enemy, it usually comes out to an additional 30~40% base Gun Damage as Explosive. Worth a point if you’re going that way, anyhow.

Not that I think you should, if you stick to the no-action-skill part of the build. In that case Chuck’s would make more sense. Note that Hail being a Moxxi weapon means No Pain, No Gain might not actually be working most of the time since your health will usually be full between Order, BFG, and the Moxxi effect. But, it might still be worth a point for the FFYL implications if your Class Mod boosts it.


I gotta get a Cryo Hail now, want to try this out! Also, I was hesitant to take Unforgiven because I cannot hit a single thing with the Hail while in Showdown, so nothing exploded at the end of it.

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If that’s a concern, just take the first 2 seconds of your showdown aiming at your feet, trick shot will do the work of tagging the whole room for you :wink: