[Build] Hail To The Queen - NO Action Skill/Hail Build (Iwajira now drops the Hail)

Just tried these changes out and having tons of fun with Thunder Crackdown! Don’t have a Chronicler of Elpis COM yet, but the +6 TS COM is still working out okay.

You know, it didn’t even occur to me. Cryo it is then :stuck_out_tongue:

Which Oz kit is best for this build?

Bomber, Precision, Tranquility or 3DD1.E ?

I would go Bomber, its hard to aim the hail while jumping so the precision doesn’t do much also since it has the 20% type C you loose some of the crit and get nothing from the accuracy. The 3DD1.E doesn’t really do much for the gun, just generic helping you but with the hail being moxxi you don’t really need that.

Bomber’s grenade buff will work nicely with the 80% splash damage and making that bigger for the crits will be nice.

Tranquility is also good, when you have a gun with both high crit and high splash stacking that base damage is never a bad idea. You might get more out of that than the bomber if you keep your o2 up. But then again all those free grenades are also hard to beat…

Nisha has very little synergy with grenade use IMO
I would prefer tranquility in this case, much more straightforward

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I disagree.

Anyone who uses Cryo guns has synergy with grenade use.


Nisha is the only character I enjoy using the Hail, except for boss fights.

Would the same build benefit from a Cat O’ Nine Tails? It’s essentially a multi-pellet blaster after the first ricochet–although, I guess I’m assuming that Cat O’ Nine Tails’s laser splits benefit from Trick Shot, which I certainly haven’t tested.

I did intensive testing with the cato9, and because of the way the ricocheting bullets are shaped like a cone, it’s very hard to get good results out of it.

It works…just not as well as, say, a Tediore splitter for example

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