[Build] Hellborn Krieger - Bloodlust/Hellborn

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1. Description:

Dealing gun and elemental damage, get the most out of specific gear, don’t rely on the action skill and look like a badass who never dies! Krieger is the German term for warrior. Krieg is the German term for war.

  1. The Skills:

Skill Build:

3. Recommended Gear:

  • HellFire or Blockhead / Incendiary Omen or Heart Breaker

    – The Hellfire is a great weapon. It’s able to stack multiple burn DOTs. It provides splash damage and therefore deals 150% (100% gun damage + 50% splash damage) of the listed gun damage. More/higher Burn DOTs = more damage + more healing. It can trigger Blood Bath.
    – With the Blockhead / Omen you’ll get the highest DPS possible for this build since this gun synergizes extremely well with Bloodsplosion. They can trigger Blood Bath.
    – The Heart Breaker deals massive damage against fleshy targets but it eats up ammo fast. Every damage you inflict heals you like with the other Moxxi weapons.

  • Slag Rubi, Grog Nozzle, Slagga or Slag Practicable Slow Hand or Slag Omen

    – The Rubi and the Grog Nozzle provide the highest healing ratio of all Miss Moxxi weapons. With one of them and paired with the Flame of the Firehawk you’re nearly invincible. They can trigger Blood Bath.
    – The Slagga is a very ammo efficient slag gun (3 projectiles for the cost of one ammo) and excels in every situation.
    – The Slow Hand has an extremely high effect chance and shoots three projectiles (only with the Practicable prefix, otherwise one projectile) for the cost of two ammo. But its slow moving projectiles makes it harder to slag fast moving or distant enemies. You can easily slag yourself if you use it close range because of the huge splash effect. The projectiles are 100% splash damage which isn’t affected by grenade damage bonuses. But every damage done, regardless of the source, heals you.
    – The Omen offers the highest DPS possible for this build since this gun synergizes extremely well with Bloodsplosion. It can trigger Blood Bath.

  • Kitten (Corrosive) or Corrosive Slow Hand or Corrosive Omen

    – The Kitten is used for armored targets. This gun will heal you with every damage done, like all other Moxxi weapons.
    – The Slow Hand synergizes quite well with Bloodsplosion and offers the healing of all Moxxi weapons.
    – The Omen offers the highest damage per shot of all the mentioned guns and therefore synergizes very well with Bloodsplosion. But it lacks the additional healing of Moxxi guns.

  • Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold or a Norfleet or any other powerful rocket launcher

    – The DPUH is for REALLY tough baddies (while Elemental Empathy ensures the healing).
    – The rocket launcher is for quick second winds.

  • Legendary Psycho or Power Toast or [B]Legendary Reaper[/B] or Legendary Torch

    – The Legendary Psycho class mod offers great supportive capabilities like bigger magazines, more burn damage -> more healing, increased shield recharge delay to keep the FotF from recharging too early, more health, a nearly 100% chance to ignite yourself and last but not least you save a few skill points for other skills.
    – The Toast class mod offers higher DPS than the Legendary Psycho but it’s harder to keep the shield from recharging. If it recharges while in combat you’ll lose a high amount of damage and Hellborn skills performance. Then you’re better off using the Legendary Psycho COM.
    – The Legendary Reaper offers the highest damage potential due to the boost to Blood Bath (Kill Skill) and makes Kill Skills last longer. Additional melee damage, healing and increased elemental effect chance are nice additions.
    – The Legendary Torch offers better survivability due to higher burn damage, an extreme fire rate bonus and a big increase in shield recharge delay. It’s “the safer class mod”.

  • Flame of the Firehawk

    Fires of fire novas as long the shield is depleted. Once it begins to recharge it has to be fully recharged to be able to fire novas again.

  • Bone of the Ancients (Fire)

    The cooldown reduction isn’t essential. It’s all about boosting the fire damage to increase the potential of your fire weapons, Flame of the Firehawk and Raving Retribution.

  • Magic Missile, Longbow Slag Singularity or Longbow Quasar

    – The Magic Missile provides a safe and easy way to slag your (multiple) enemies with a fairly high chance. It’s a no-brainer.
    – Use a Slag Sigularity or a Quasar and pool your enemies to increase the power of your nova shield and Bloodsplosion.


Great guide! I’ve been looking for a new guide in the new forums and I really like this one.

However, I don’t have access to UVHM and up, and will only do so when the Handsome Collection launches. With that in mind, which of the two trees do you recommend for me to cap at 50 while I take my time farming some of those items @ level 50 for UVHM? I’m assuming Hellborn, but I might be wrong.

Any input is welcome. Thanks!

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Why can I not see the skill trees? Every time I try to open it I just get a blank build. Am I missing something here?

They’re working for me. Maybe the site was down temporarily.

Still not for me unfortunately, I’m not sure why. To be more specific when I bring up the link, it just gives me a level 5 blank Krieg build. Though it should show me a filled out skill tree, correct?

Yes. Do you have Flash installed and turned on? I believe the site uses Flash.

Yeah I have all those goodies going. I checked with some other builds for like Gaige and Zer0, and they worked, but the Krieg ones are being difficult.

Try to copy-paste the URLs directly and make sure there is no capital letter in the URL. Some browser express (some parts of) the URL as capital letters and the bl2skills-server has issues to interpret these things.

The trick is to copy the URL and remove the “http://www.” b2skills server doesn’t like it. Maybe DankRafft can update the guide and change the links to help out anyone else who is having the same problem.

Huge fan of this guide, it is directly responsible for me leveling my Hellborn Krieg and now the only character I always play on because of how much fun it is. DankRafft have you ever considered adding other items to your guide. I feel like Plasma Casters, Chain Lighting and Blood of Ancients are worthy items for this build at least in the honorable mention category,

OHMAHGOODNESS. I love you guys, that solved my problem. I can finally use this and see the builds so I can try them!!!

I just added the stuff that worked the best for me with this particular build. The stuff you mentioned is very powerful but already covered in the top gear thread. If I’d add them I’d have to add a lot of other stuff, too.

Which one solved your problem?

Well I did a direct copy and paste of the url (and checked for capitals), then I also removed the “http://www.”. So I guess a combination.

Could you recheck which one specifically solved the problem so I can change the URLs in the build guide accordingly?

Ok, so when I just click on them and then look for capitals there aren’t any. I just get this url bl2skills.com/psycho.html#00000000000000000000000000000000000
The only way I could get it to work would be to copy and paste the url into a new tab then removing the “http://www.” before pressing enter and actually loading the url. I know this might not help that much, but that’s all I’ve got. I have to do copy and paste then remove the front part for it to load.

I wonder why we haven’t uploaded videos showing how we roll with our K’s…

Thanks. I changed the URLs accordingly. Hopefully they’ll work now for everyone. :slight_smile:

Which skills would you prioritize first as you level?

Do you have a updated version of the build with the new lvl 80 cap?

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