Build help please

Im looking for some advice on a phasecast build. I mainly want it for the ASE anointments. I’ll admit, im not very good with builds myself so I usually look at youtube vids.

Im running a build I found on there now, but it doesnt have any points in the green tree and I just dont have enough survivability. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can try this build

Depends what you want to use for COM and how deep into blue tree you want to be.

Here’s what I use for my tediore build
I just switched reload speed to Crit/CDR if you don’t want to throw weapons

Use driver com and deathless artifact

I sometimes use recursion to speed up my takedown and lob when I’m bossing. Pretty versatile imo.

If you want to be glass cannon, no green tree, it’s better to use phasezerker com and use the crap out of your phasehrasp to stop enemies from shooting you. I also have a build for that if you’d like.