Build help request

I am looking for help/constructive comments on my current build, it
should be noted that I am not fond of the cyber commando build and I do
not melee. I do use a celestial enforcer.

Your build link is giving me an error … I was able to see it from the old forums post though.

maybe this will work

I can see this now and it looks great! I really like the cold war skill. I would seriously consider maxing this out but it means you need elemental weapons with high chance. Depending on your normal gear, this may not be as useful for you though.

I also think scramble is a little useless. If the enemy is powerful enough to destroy wolf then it will do so again. Of course, that extra 40% time for saint is nice but you might be able to use other methods for control like cold war or other freeze guns to replenish your shields. Have you had experience that scramble was worth the points?

Just some thoughts.

I agree that you don’t really need Scramble, the extra health and shields Wolf gets from both Man and Machine and Fortify is enough to keep him healthy. Escalation is nice, but both Cold War and Rolling Thunder are superior than their same tier counterparts. Maybe max out those two instead of 2/3 in the same tier.

I have my doubts on Kinetic Armor, the explosive feedback doesn’t do much BUT I can see why you would want the extra max health, 25% is quite a lot for only 5 points. If you really like stacking health, stay with this skill but an alternative would be to put those final points into Afterburner and Targeting Scope.

Scramble’s certainly worth one point, but you could probably put the other two to better use. Use the others’ advice there.