Build help; to Anarchy or Not to Anarchy

Here is my current build at level 56:

I like how it runs, but it’s seems like it’s missing something and I’m wondering about doing a respec to include Anarchy and whatnot. I am familiar with how anarchy works, i just dont really prefer it as my playstyle changes constantly. I appreciate all thoughts and suggestions. And right now my currently playthrough is at the beginning of UVHM.

[quote=“Ninja_Mrrr, post:1, topic:1551156”]it’s seeming subpar[/quote][quote=“Ninja_Mrrr, post:1, topic:1551156”]my currently playthrough is at the beginning of UVHM.[/quote]This isn’t your first foray into UVHM is it? You might be feeling underwhelmed because you’re entering UVHM at level 56, where I believe you’ll be carrying level 50 gear from TVHM. If your gear is on level, maybe this?

Smaller, Lighter, Faster is her only reload speed buff, and the mag size penalty is small. I took these four points out of random places in that tree. Also, Shock Storm is kind of a niche skill (enemies are rarely close enough together for it to hit)… with points this thin at level 56, I’d put that somewhere else. Two points in Electrical Burn, especially with a COM that hits that, will fire that fairly reliably. Given all this, as soon as I got another point, I’d take the four out of Smaller Lighter Faster, get Sharing is Caring, and let Deathtrap throw some real damage.

I currently own a Leg. Mechromancer, Leg. Catalyst, Leg. Roboteer, and Slayer of Terramorphous COM’s. Which of these would work best you think?

…depends on what weapons you’re using and your preferred playstyle. I might skip the Slayer of Terramorphous, as I believe most of the skills that hits are in the Anarchy tree? If you’ve got strong shock elemental weaponry (or any element for that matter), I love the Legendary Catalyst COM, but the Legendary Mechromancer is a good, all-around COM for her, I think.

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I find running an anarchy Gaige the most fun (& use a Leg.Anarchist class mod) ! One thing that’s unique to an anarchy playstyle is having to be quite conscious about reloading (of all things?!) I have a habit of reloading guns on auto mode – keep them topped up as it were. Anarchy’s dependent on ‘premature’ reloading or not (with that point in Discord too) so with Gaige I run around never manually reloading (or shooting a few more bullets to auto-reload & get the ‘Reload!’ nag off the screen). Haven’t used the stacks for healing (too confusing), just for – fireworks!

Discord healing is a nice thing to have in certain situations (like a major boss with no remaining adds to second wind off), and as a safety to catch a premature reload. It can also be fun while mobbing (see ‘Discord looping’).

@Ninja_Mrrr: Levels 55-58 are a bit of a rough spot scaling-wise for every character. @Adabiviak’s suggestion is good. With a Leg. Mechromancer you could move a few points around and still make it work. (EG If you don’t feel comfortable taking all the points out of Myelin, the L. Mechro would allow you to split the 5 points between that and More Pep. You want points in More Pep to make Interspersed Outburst work reliably though.)

@VaultHunter101 Tell me about it! I was leveling on decent pace until I hit level 54. I guess I’m just gonna have to put in the time and work at it. That and probably swap some weapons around to find the right combo…

And coincidentally I used @Adabiviak’s build (great suggestion by the way, I like how it runs already) suggestion and applied the tweaks to Myelin and More Pep like you mentioned before reading your reply.

We’ve all been there! Looking at the build reminded me that it’s very similar to one I ported from the old forums. The level 61 version looks like this, and you can find the rationale here (follow the internal link to “Interspersed Roboticist”)

I’d probably move stuff around in that build to get into Wires Don’t Talk and Electrical Burn at least - if you’re avoiding Anarchy and taking the middle tree, the elemental damage from these is pretty much mandatory. As you get into the higher levels, you’ll probably want to take some Anarchy (enough to get to Discord, but not a ridiculous number for max stacks) along with Close Enough. The extra punch from Anarchy stacks really makes a difference.

This my newly modified build:

I’m now at 58 with 2 unspent points…
My next options I see are either
A) Respec so I can move 4 points from Smaller Light Faster to 20% Cooler and put a new point in Sharing is Caring.

Or B) Leave it as its built and put a new point into Anarchy.

I’m not necessarily anti-Anarchy, I’m just fond of quick kills using as few shots as possible HOWEVER;
It’s is a fun little skill to rampage around with. I never really had a need for Discord (aside from a quick heal). Right now I’ve changed how I assess weapons for use and tried to play a bit smarter. So far my results have exceeded expectations. I haven’t spent my 2 newest points just because I’m still getting a feel for this build and it’s potential and strategies and my next investment seems to determine a shift in play style.

A moderate investment in Anarchy gives you a damage boost straight away, especially if you stick with small mag, fast reload weapons (eg shotguns). It also opens up Blood Soaked Shields, which can compensate for the fewer points in Fancy Mathematics. With the L.Mechromancer class mod, your single point in 20% cooler is leveraged (plus you get the class mod cool down too); you can compensate for accuracy loss with Close Enough, which can then help you get to Sharing is Caring…

I guess what I’m suggesting is puttomg those two points in Anarchy and either PreShrunk or Blood Soaked, and see how you like it. If you don’t like it, respec and switch them into either the BFF or LBT tree.

Heck, even my “non-Anarchy” Mechromancer has Anarchy just because that one point opens up Blood Soaked Shields and Robot Rampage. She’ll burn off Anarchy accumulation with Discord (because for one more point, these stacks now turn into fire rate and accuracy increases, though healing is nice with Blood Soaked Shields).

Seriously though… Gaige can’t reload to save her life unless she’s got a COM on deck that buffs Smaller Lighter Faster past 5. My Bandit Mechromancer has to take a time out when she’s reloading her assault rifles. :laughing:

While you chop wood, stoke the fire, put the coffee on, and cook up some tasty vitals. Oh look, reload’s completed now!


I never have more than 15-20 stacks of Anarchy. Anarchy is very potent, but If you prefer not to use it, it’s certainly possible to do so, but you will have to get your damage from somewhere else.

See if a Leg. Catalyst, purple catalyst or Zapper COM with at least 7/5 in Electrical burn can do for you.

Coupled with a shock relic and some decent shock guns and grenades, I rarely need either Anarchy or DT to kill everything … Especially flesh enemies.


These have all been extremely helpful! I have certainly improved over this short duration of trial and error, and it’s definitely thanks to those of you who contributed.

I know that I’m eventually going to have to place points in the OC tree upon reaching higher levels and the suggestions involving Anarchy have certainly changed my view on it. I’ll probably utilize them to get to Blood Soaked Shields because I did like the use of that skill. And we’ll see where else that leads me–hopefully to a better build!

As for right now, I’m running a more elemental reliant build (electrical burn, wires dont talk, more pep, evil enchantress, etc.) and using more complimentary weapons to that end. I’m also venturing further into shotgun usage which has proved very useful. The group I currently run with in UVHM is a good few levels above me so I’m more of a support/long range Slag provider. But when I go solo it’s proving to be beneficial in learning the importance of slag for uvhm. Interspersed Outburst is quite a helpful skill in that range.