[Build] I-C FL4K-TP. "Ahhhhh, Now I wanna snow cone..."

“Freeze!” “Ahhhh, now I want a snow cone…”
Now that I have captured your attention. I would like to bring to your attention, the evolution of FLAK-TP. He has gone from a one trick pony, to the well rounded, “total package” that you see before you.

“Hey everyone! Check out my package!”

The reason behind this transformation is simply the Chronicler of Elpis COM. It gives +4 to; Load & Splode, Start With A Bang, Wax off Wax on, Grenade Vent, and Death Machine. With +44% to both cryo damage & freeze chance, as well as adding to shield capacity (very important BTW). I absolutely love ALMOST all of that. I could live without SWaB, and I suppose if the com boosted OLT instead, It would be WAY too OP.
So here’s the skill trees

alternate version for those who dislike SWaB

kewl video of Bosun run

Highlighted skills
Kill bot / drop the hammer; pick your poison here. You want more HP or more fire rate & reload?

Coincidental Combustion; this build utilizes every element not just explosive. But the main one is cryo which gives +300% explosive buff to frozen enemies. This allows you to splode things without switching weapons all the time. Here’s a link to analysis of CC That shows what it is & isn’t boosted by.

Load & splode; I have a habit of reloading after almost every kill, to ensure a full mag once I get a bead on the next target. Just do this, and it will increase your explosive damage by up to 180%

Start with a bang; one point to get the com bonus. You may remove it if you like, in fact I’m thinking about it now… but it does kill melee attackers, so it’s up to you.

One last thing; Even without being buffed, it still makes the flaker a must have gun for clappy.

Maniacal laughter; HP regen, lots of it.

Best buds for life / all the things are awesome; This one is up to you to pick. Take one or the other or split the difference to get to the next level.

You’re gonna love me & it’s a Trap card; Novas & health, well worth the point in each.

Wax off wax on; One point for the com bonus = Moar shields (important remember)

The entire Fragmented Fragtrap tree is worthless to me personally. With the obvious exception of the 2 skills the com boosts. I don’t even pay attention to the subroutines which is why I have the lonely point in blue shell instead of triple clocked.

Grenade vent; +81% grenade damage (aka splash damage in certain situations)

Death machine; +54% gun damage (which is multiplicative with explosive damage) and reload speed along with a movement speed boost. Very nice.

Rainbow coolant; if you don’t want to use SWaB, this is where you want to put that point. The novas are almost useless (unless it goes off when there are enemies in the area, which is NEVER), But the laser inferno package is a good one to have.

The Gunz
Anything that you can get your hands on that has an elemental effect & splash damage will work beautifully. Case in point, the Maliwan Hellfire. I think all Maliwan guns have some sort of splash damage. (which is buffed by grenade vent maybe? please correct me if I am wrong.)

The stuff that you will want to take with you include; the Flakker! In clappys hands it’s just too good to not use. And Jacobs Plunket sniper (empty all but one round in the mag, then try to only get critical hits. If you succeed you will be rewarded with every shot being boosted by OLT!) Cryo weapon of your choice, like the Fridgia.
Other notables include; any Torgue guns you like, Maliwan blasters, T4S-R pistols, Bullpups, Tediore spliters, any Tediore gun for that matter, Badaboom, 88 Fragnum, Excalibastard, etc. Just make sure that you bring a variety of elements with you and finally DO NOT forget the cryo guns.

The gear
Shield = Tediore Alkaline shield with the lowest regen delay you can find. (Here’s where it gets important) clappy hates corrosive DoT. He will wither up and die if exposed to it while his shield is down so alkaline is a MUST, especially in UVHM. The com also boosts shield capacity by up to 5000 plus, then the Eddie Oz kit adds even more shield capacity. I was running around with a shield that said 10,000 cap on the card but my shield ended up with over 23,000 cap and 18,000 recharge rate with a 1.08 sec delay. To get the best results you want a purple Tediore shield with Hyperion body & battery with Maliwan corrosive resistant capacitor. This all adds up to a supersized insta-shield! As soon as it goes down (and releases a mega nova of health) it’s right back up before you can count to one Mississippi.

Grenades are multi-purpose for me. It all depends on the situation at hand. Quasar, storm front & Pandemic all do well to stack up maniacal laughter & get the health regen going. While a bonus package will take out entire mobs at one time. Then there’s the cryo grenade options for when you can’t find your cryo guns. (I told you not to forget them) Luckily you can afford to bring a bunch of grenades with you since the other gear slots will not change, all the other shields, coms and oz kits can stay in your bank.

So Tediore alkaline shield, Eddie Oz kit, Chronicler of Elpis com & various grenades.

What? You’re still here?
“Get out there and punch some bad guys in the dick!” :smiling_imp:


Non unique smgs and lasers don’t have splash afaik. Hellfire is an exception. Good build aside from that.

This build is extremely similar to mine. And yes, what makes this build great is the Chronicler-com and the freeze guns we have. I love raibow coolant for its synergy with ML, cause one laser inferno can get you up to more than 100 stacks. And instead of Best buds, i use Through Thick and Thin to lower my cooldown, but everything else is the same.

A cryo maliwan pistol would be so nice with this build but they are bugged :sob:

Have you tested a Cryo Vladof one? An Anarchist, to be accurate (in case there are other titles I’m not aware of)

You should also list the Fridgia as an ideal gun for this build, since it excels the Excalibastard in freezing potential.

:thumbsup: Fixed, Thanks for the tip

Bosun gets rekt

How do you wreck Bosun so quickly with Flakker??? I was using similar builds with less points in Fragmented Fragtrap and more in ILYGs tree and my flakker seemed do nothing to Bosun!
Or am I missing something? Does flakker’s damage increase by grenade damage (boosted by Grenade Vent) and that’s the reason I am not wrecking Bosun???

It’s the com that I switched to. before the fight I swapped in an audacious Sapper mod giving me 11/5 one last thing. The second shot from the flakker gets the bonus damage because the flakker is all splash damage. The 2nd shot just melts almost anything.

You should submit this to the master list. :wink:

I would but I only have 1 like so far. In fact I haven’t got any of my builds up to the 5 requisite likes to make it onto the build list :frowning:
It seems as though nobody likes me… or at least nobody likes to like me.

Pfft. I don’t care about likes, all I care about is that there’s a write up of it somewhere on here.

I don’t understand haha. One Last Thing buff the LAST shot, for Flakker, your magazine size is 12, which means it should be the 3rd shot that got the hugh buff, but in your video I noticed that your 2nd shot indeed got a huge amount of damage increase, how’s that???

The skill works differently than advertised for guns with splash damage. Splash gets boosted on the second to the last shot. & the pelet gets boosted on the last shot. The flakker is ALL splash damage so the second shot is what gets buffed.

Ahhh I see, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ey Imit8m3, have been using this build recently and love it x’DD

All the credits in the description.

Just 2-shot Iwajira with Flakker in level 60 UVHM with similar build haha: http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/525115050510500515150011300000000000/audsapper,auto
I didn’t put points further into Fragmented Fragtrap because I won’t be able to trigger that kill skill anyway, Iwajira died way too fast lol

Nicely done! I like how you used swab to your advantage. But playing like that just got too easy for me. I use it now just to keep the oddball super badass melee attacker off my ass.(I’m lookin at you rabid stakers)

I should have said in the OP that I do still carry a sapper com on me for boss fights… Oh well, it’s in the video at least.