[Build] I Have Caught The Bomber

The purpose of this build is to take advantage of various damage buffs, magazine size buffs, Marginal Benefits and Absolute Advantage to keep a yellow glitch on a Spitter for as long as possible. Very good for mobs, even if there are a few badasses around. May not be so great for bosses, but I’ll need to test this a bit further.

Link (Lv50): http://thepresequel.com/Jack/30000000000005050500014101505510005001/thebest,auto
Link (Lv60): http://thepresequel.com/Jack/50410100110005050500014101505510005001/thebest,auto
Link (Lv70): http://thepresequel.com/Jack/50510100110005050500055141505510005001/thebest,auto

##Gear Setup##

[For anything that can spawn with a [color=paleturquoise]Luneshine[/color] effect, I prefer [color=paleturquoise]Piercing Rounds[/color] or [color=paleturquoise]Boominator[/color].]

 - [color=pink]Slippery Spitter[/color] [color=greenyellow]O0L4M2A1[/color]: Main weapon of the build! Does wonders when glitched with the [color=yellow]Loop[/color] effect; performs just like the BL2 Ogre. <3 
[color=greenyellow][For clarification, the yellow glitch on Torgue ARs cause them to shoot a continuous burst until the mag is empty. These shots have a reduced chance to consume ammo and killing an enemy during the burst regenerates ammo. Throwing grenades or hitting melee will cancel a burst.][/color]
 - [color=pink]Expeditious Aegis[/color] [color=greenyellow]O0L4M2A1[/color]: This is around strictly as a freezing tool. Pistols have the best swap speed, and since this one is Maliwan it can apply cryo damage to our explosive weapons thanks to [color=lightcoral]Sponsored By[/color]. It's strong enough to take on trash mobs once it has the Torgue swap effect.
 - [color=orange]Casual Flakker[/color]: It's an explosive build so isn't having this pretty much a rule? Somebody wanna clarify? But seriously though, any weapon you want to use here is fine. Cryo Flakker is pretty nasty, although glitched yellow Splitter is probably still more reliable.
 - [color=orange]derp Nukem[/color]: FFYL monster. But this is another weapon that isn't super necessary.

 - [color=mediumorchid]Deadly Bloom[/color]: Whoosh! Bang!
 - [color=mediumorchid]The Best Man[/color]: [color=wheat]Grenade Damage[/color]. Boosts [color=lightgreen]Just Compensation[/color], [color=lightgreen]Lean On Me[/color], and [color=lightcoral]Marginal Benefits[/color]. At first I wanted to go with a blue version of this COM for +6 Just Compensation, but with all the armored enemies in the new DLC, it's probably good to have any extra type of corrosive damage.
 - [color=steelblue]Snowball[/color]: The quick delivery animation helps cancel reloads and glitch bursts really well. In an emergency, this and [color=lightgreen]On My Mark[/color] really puts a hurting on enemies.
 - [color=mediumorchid]Arctic Bomber Oz Kit[/color]: Kerbooms for days. For RK5 and EOS, I've got an [color=orange]Ack Ack[/color].
###Alternate Gear###
 - [color=pink]Hard Slapper[/color] [color=greenyellow]O4L0M0A4[/color]: I would have gone Double Penetrating, but I think that would be better of on a build with [color=lightcoral]Absolute Advantage[/color] boosted over 5/5.
 - [color=orange]Lobbed Storm Front[/color]: For wrecking big shields with On My Mark.
 - [color=orange]Lobbed Bonus Package[/color]: I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. It explodes so nicely, but if you don't keep your distance you're definitely going down. I guess this would be more effective in more open spaces.
 - [color=steelblue]Kiss of Death[/color]: On My Mark allows me to pull a big chunk of health off of un-shielded enemies (corrosive or fire variants are great). Probably not even needed because of [color=skyblue]Teamwork[/color].
 - Any Maliwan fire / shock / corrosive weapon. Pistols or SMGs are probably your best bet.


###The Hero of this Story###

  • 5/5 Best Foot Forward: Action skill abuse.
  • 10/5 Just Compensation: Grenade boost; self-explanatory.
  • 1/1 You Have My Shield: Digi-Jacks with Deadly Blooms for more kerbooms.
  • 1/1 Jack’s Cache: Let the grenade spamming begin.
  • 1/1 On My Mark: I haven’t even tried this skill until recently. Turns out that it works pretty well when all three grenades hit. Anything other than lobbed delivery probably won’t work well with this. Also, remember to save it for real tough guys because you can only use this once per action skill and your action skill is probably going to last you awhile. Can be used in FFYL.
  • 5/5 Lean on Me: One point boosted by the COM. Not a huge big deal but corrosive shots are very welcome on maps like Overlook and some rounds in the Cortex.
    ###Greater Good###
  • 5/5 Integrity: Definitely a helpful skill, but you can go for Collaborate if you want.
  • 5/5 Synergy: Reasons
  • 5/5 Teamwork: Reasons
  • 5/5 Optimism: REASONS
  • 5/5 Believe: The accuracy boost is nice since this isn’t a Hyperion build.
  • 1/1 Potential: Action skill in FFYL is great, but Digi-Jacks don’t seem to die fast enough to use a Leadership revive unless they’re really taking a beating.
  • 4/5 Delegation: 20% damage done to you being sent to Digi-Jacks is really good for stripping their shields and health.
  • 1/1 Leadership: Key, key, key, key, key skill.
    ###Free Enterprise###
  • 5/5 High Frequency Trading: The point of this build is actually NOT to swap so much, since that removes glitches, but when I do it has to be fast.
  • 5/5 Compound Interests: The point of this build is actually NOT to swap so much, since that removes glitches, but when I do it would be nice to take one shot to deal extra explosive enemies and tag that dickcheese Shadowtrap when he teleports in the Cortex.
  • 9/5 Marginal Benefits: Hey man, I really like your Nukem with 1 second reload speed.
  • 1/1 Money Is Power: Imagine 999 stacks with a red glitched Ravager? Sheesh. Apocalyptic.
  • 5/5 Absolute Advantage: Self-explanatory, but I’ll explain later in more detail.
  • 1/1 Sponsored By…: For applying beneficial effects to our weapons. I mainly stick with Cryo (Maliwan) on explosive weapons and Explosive (Torgue) on Cryo weapons.

The main strength of this build comes from the Yellow glitch activating on the Spitter, granting it increased fire rate, and a long burst that runs until the magazine is empty but reduces ammo consumption. In addition, you have 40% chance not to consume ammo with Absolute Advantage, which can be activated by Leadership. Your ammo is refilled upon killing an enemy, and there is an 81% chance of an insta-reload from Marginal Benefits. Jack’s Cache and the Bomber Oz Kit allows for plenty of grenade spamming.

Feel free to comment with anything that could make this build stronger. :grin: Constructive criticism greatly appreciated!!

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It’s a good build, since you are using Jack and therefore have no choice but to have a good build.

However, i recomend getting a CEO of all CEO’s mod to buff Absolute Advantage and Marginal Benefits, allowing you to use the glitch for much much longer.

If you want to keep using your The Best Man mod, you should get a Laser Disker as a FFYL tool, since it beats the Nukem out by pretty much all the damage, and Just Compensation screams TEDIORE!

And as a final piece of advice: Gatling Guns are so much more powerful than Spitters, and the Yellow Glitch’s fire rate is based of that on the card, with the gatling gun reaching into the 20’s. They can’t be explosive, but they put out twelve bullets in the time the spitter can shoot one.

I like the CEO mod but I’m using an Indistinguishable Projection on another Jack save and it’s similar. Making the yellow glitch last is easy enough with 5/5 Absolute Advantage if you kill fast enough on bursts and remember to toss grenades to reload.
I’ll definitely give the Laser Disker a try. It’s just a little difficult to use Tediore with Absolute Advantage because sometimes you’ll shoot once and try to reload but then you realize your last shot didn’t actually consume ammo, making gun-chucking less efficient. Having 10/5 in Just Compensation and not using Tediore just feels wrong lol. I just love insta-reloading the Nukem. If Jack had a skill for throwing grenades in FFYL, he’d be unstoppable.
Gatling Guns are cool too, definitely a good alternative. I think I’ll stick with the Spitter though since the build is about just being ridiculous with explosive damage.

Oh ■■■■, i just got a Glitched torgue AR and it’s Yellow mode is completely different to the Gatling Gun. GG Shoots a burst of about 10 with 0 recoil, and that’s amazing.

New one shoots constantly with reduced recoid and regens ammo when you get a kill, and that is also amazing. I certainly see why you like the Spitter.

I wonder if i could complete the game without reloading…

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