[Build] I Infrequently Explode


Hello and welcome to my first detailed build! Please sit down and take notes, I want you to write an essay on why it sucks.

This is a build centered around dealing massive damage over an area, and uses Maya’s recently-buffed skills, such as Helios, Backdraft and her new AoE monster, Cloud Kill.

#The guns:

Fire/Corrosive Slow Hand:
The heart of this build. It’s E-tech, can’t get crits, can’t proc Chain Reaction, and STILL hits like a truck carrying twenty elephants. You don’t even have to think of this as a shotgun, think of it as a rocket launcher with very cheap ammo.
Since we’re using Converge (like every Maya player ever), you’ll often find a ton of enemies grouped together, which the Slow Hand can quickly dispose of. The AoE on this thing is huge, and with the Practicable prefix/vertical grip accessory (which you SHOULD get, as it makes the gun three times as powerful) it just makes the damage and splash radius absurd. Of all the gear you can choose to not use in this build, this one is unskippable.

If you want raw damage on a single target, this is it. Increased damage, splash damage affected by Reaper, penetration, and works great with Chain Reaction. But don’t use it too often, it consumes four ammo per shot.
This gun is a pain to farm, so if you don’t have the patience to deal with triple O and the Witch Doctors’ shenanigans, a Jakobs Quad is still a solid choice.

The Maggie/Greed:
Two of our weapons are shotguns that consume increased ammo per shot, so we’ll need some sidearms, and what’s a better sidearm than a pistol? We got two of them, and I use both often. The Maggie is an amazing pistol and has amazing damage along with Jakobs’ critical damage boost. Works great against every type of enemy and shreds enemies that have enough heads for you to crit. So why am I even talking about the Greed, a gun that has less damage and is locked to the fire element here? Honestly, because I like this gun and because the Maggie has lower accuracy, huge recoil and it’s not always that all pellets hit an enemy, specially if you’re aiming for a critical spot, that is often small. The Greed lets you hit every shot and subsequent shots without a worry and it gets boosted by the fire Bone of the Ancients, which we’ll be using.
Both of them are an easy farm; you don’t usually need a Slagga or a Landscaper with Maya and the Greed is a guaranteed drop from a repeatable boss fight. Go fight them!

That one sniper you like:
Is it a Pimpernel, a Snider, a Lyuda or a Muckamuck? At the end of the day it comes down to preference but with two shotguns with slow projectiles, a shotgun pistol and a pistol without sights, you’re going to need some range. If you can’t find the sweetspot for a Pimpernel, I’d recommend using a Snider, which is what I use. Are you a bad sniper? Then press F, stoopid.

#The Gear:

Inflammable Tediore Shield:
Yep. No special abilities or anything fancy on this one except for the immunity to fire DoT, which is a dangerous thing on higher levels. This shield does its job by being full everytime an enemy stops shooting you for a second, and has great synergy with one of the skills we’re going to use.

Legendary Binder:
More Phaselock duration, less cooldown and it boosts Helios along with two great damage skills. Plus, the Slow Hand gets the Reaper damage bonus, so it becomes an even better weapon at killing packs of enemies quickly.

Your grenade of choice:
Preferably something with a shock or a singularity effect; a Quasar would be ideal, but you can settle for a Shock Singularity instead.

Fire/Corrosive Bone of the Ancients:
It’s just a great relic. Match elements appropriately for the area and watch Helios and Backdraft burn your enemies faster or Cloud Kill melt them even quicker.

#Skill Build:


I took one point off of Accelerate for Chain Reaction, because even though we’re using a Slow Hand, our other weapons still benefit from it more than other 3% damage and 4% velocity.
After the buffs, Helios, Backdraft and Cloud Kill became viable skills. Cloud Kill is a monster now and doesn’t need much explanation, Helios at 10/5 deals amazing fire DoT, but the initial explosion doesn’t deal much damage because it occurs before Ruin’s slag. We’re not speccing into Immolate because our best gun for FFYL is the Slow Hand and since it is a Moxxi weapon, Immolate isn’t going to be active.
Backdraft deals moderate damage, but since we’re using a Tediore shield, that constantly recharges to full and depletes quickly, we’ll be seeing a ton of novas around. We’re specced into Life Tap because it allows us to not have to switch to the Slow Hand all the time and because when the shield breaks, usually taking a bit of health with it, Backdraft+Life Tap will usually heal you to full health.

###Thank you for reading. Help me make this build better! Any criticism is appreciated.


First and foremost. Well done on the effort and the look of this build. Also I like the explanations you’ve added to the build, as well as the contingencies.

Well done.


Thanks Giu! I’m glad you liked it.

Can anyone else confirm if this is true / false?

I know it’s mentioned on the wiki for Immolate… but the next sentence on the wiki mentions the well disproven “fact” that Sustenance negates Immolate…

Also, great job on the guide! Love the formatting and descriptions. Looks like you put a lot of effort into writing it up!

yes moxxi guns cancel out immolate


Great build :smile:
The only thing that I find questionable is the Greed.

Even if it doesn’t hit with all pellets, the Maggie is still heaps ahead of it. And since you’re already carrying a fire gun, it’s a bit redundant.

If what you want in that slot is a precise gun, your Sniper should do.

Anyway, nice build overall, never thought about using a Tediore shield on Maya. :smile:

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Nice setup!

I honestly just put the Greed in there because I like it, use it often and rarely see people talk about it. I agree that the Maggie outdamages it (even with this setup, the Maggie deals 50% more damage) and would never list the Greed as top gear, but with the matching element multiplier and BotA, it still deals good damage and has little recoil, which is why I put it there.
I could use a sniper in place of the pistols, but shotguns and snipers have a limited ammo pool, and Jakobs pistols, that are very ammo-efficient, are great for a backup plan.


Looks nice!

A few pointers / questions though… I’m guessing you’ll be using the Slow Hand as your main gun, so Chain Reaction won’t do anything for it. With the other guns it’s a differnet story, though. :smile: I also think you’ll only need one point in Suspension. You could then put 3 points in Quicken and one point in Inertia. The reason for this is that you’ll rarely need that extra PL-time you get from Suspension. It’s usually better to be able to phaselock more often. With a Tediore shield (excellent choice, btw), you’ll benefit a lot from just one point in Inertia. There are other DoT’s than fire.

Other than that, you’ll be having some serious fun with this build. Well done, Mate!

That’s the only reason you’ll ever need!

[quote=“Nicorani, post:1, topic:1065375”]I want you to write an essay on why it sucks.[/quote]Buff Gamer here. Today I’m reviewing the I Infrequently Explode build. The gameplay is pretty dull. It sucked. 6/10 :laughing:


I like to hear this as an answer every now and then. Sometimes its just about fun and that’s a great thing.


Agreed, best possible answer I could have had :smile:

Have you had a chance to try this against raid bosses yet and if so, how did you do?

So far, only fought the dragons with it. I had to move some points around, mostly kill skills and some skills that are activated upon phaselocking an enemy to something that is always on. It’s doable, but since I’m bad at raiding, your mileage may vary. If you do it, maybe a L. Siren COM would give you better results.
And the Inflammable Tediore Shield lets you laugh at everything Incinerator does.

If I rename this build to Ubisoft or EA will IGN give me a 10/10?

Unfortunately, being fully specced into Harmony and Cataclysm won’t let me put any points into Quicken. Inertia is a great skill, but it doesn’t have a lot of synergy with Tediore’s shields, because they have low capacity. Still, giving this a shot doesn’t hurt anybody, I’ll try this out later.

What I meant was for you to take 4 points out of Suspension, and put 3 of them in Quicken and 1 in Inertia. Even if Inertia doesn’t have a lot of synergy with Tediore shields in general, it will still help a lot if you catch a DoT. With the low capacity, the shield will go down immediately, and it won’t begin to recharge until that DoT is gone. One single point in Inertia will negate that. Think about it!

The points in Quicken are pehaps not as important. I just feel that 10/5 in Suspension is something you’ll hardly ever need. Those points might do you some good elsewhere.

I don’t think he needs inertia, a tediore shield with ward already has such a tiny recharge delay and he has a ton of moxxi guns so DOT’s shouldn’t be an issue. The reload is nice but not 100% needed.

It’s not the already short recharge delay that I’m thinking of. It’s the survivability when you do catch a DoT. You’re not gonna be sniping from a distance with the Slowhands, and the 5 points in Backdraft indicates that you’ll most likely be right in the thick of it to heal off the novas. That’s why I think Inertia is a good idea. Because if you don’t get those novas, you’ll get less healing.

If you stay at long- to midrange most of the time, then Inertia would be redundant, but so would Backdraft.

Not sure that inertia would cut it against a DoT: it replenishes a % of your shield, so with a Tediore shield, it would be a pretty low number. Not sure it would be enough to fight a DoT.