[Build] I Simply Just Don't Care

This is a build about killing things and not giving a ■■■■ about anything else, I don’t use the cryo tree because I don’t care about it, I don’t use I never miss because I don’t care if I miss. This avoids restrictions like no fire guns, cyro only, trying not to miss to stack skills, etc… This build just kills and kills well. I should also note this is a co-op build because this is a co-op game. A character like Aurelia isn’t some peasant that plays alone, when you are that high class you are surrounded by those that are honored to be your servant. So here is what the build does…

  • [color=#E18B6D]Up to +480% critical hit bonus
  • Up to + 255% base damage
  • Up to +152% accuracy
  • Up to 105% splash damage, 60% of which includes crits, and then more Rank Splash damage on top of that
  • Up to 65% reload speed
  • Up to 78% fire rate
  • and more healing, swap speed, aim speed[/color]


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  • Skookum Skullmasher
    To put it simply this does more damage per shot by a large margin than any other sniper in the game, if you can land enough pellets. With up to 152% accuracy and 160% bullet speed that is not an issue. This can even OSOK on body shots to normal enemies in UVHM. Also with the com you not only don’t have ammo issues but its hard to not be at max ammo all the time so spam away, because missing only makes you stronger.
  • Bolshy Longnail x 2
    I have one of these in fire and one in corrosive and I use them on some shielded BA enemies, not that the skullmasher can’t take them out in a few shots but this gun is pretty and variety is fun, it also Stacks Warning Shot to 10 very fast.
  • I’ve yet to use this slot
    I’ve put different guns there but I never need to use them. Right now I have a Doc’s Quad but I don’t really need that, I’ve had a cryo snider but its just not a match for the Skullmasher, I don’t need a second wind gun when I have the Skullmasher and Magic Bullet. I guess I simply don’t care about the 4th slot.


  • Uncaring Sports Hunter
    This com focuses on missing shots and in co-op that happens a lot. Weather its lag, singularities, your friends killing something a split second before you do, it happens and it happens a lot. So I embrace it with this com and build and the skills it boosts and how the card buffs match that even more.
  • Wait for it gives 150% base damage with 10 stacks and when you think about that with Jakobs crit bonus and all the splash damage this build has its a huge win to have that. With a crit the total multiplier goes from x5.2 naked to x13 with just this skill. That is the same as stacking 186 stacks of I never miss at 5/5 or 93 stacks at 10/5. I don’t know about you but shooting 10 shots from a longnail is much easier and faster than 93-186 shots while not missing once.
  • Warning Shot does a lot and does it easy, if even a single pellet from the Skullmasher goes astray this procs and at 9/5 I get 63% fire rate, 81% accuracy, 63% critical hit bonus, and 90% swap speed, not bad at all. The accuracy goes great again with the Skullmasher, the fire rate doesn’t hurt it but really makes the longnail a killer, crit bonus is all around great but adding that to Wait for it turns that x13 into x16.15 which now makes I never miss even more dull to look at and this is compare about to 116 at 5/5 and 231 stacks at 10/5. Missing is powerful.
  • Only the best at 8/5 is rounded off nicely with +160% bullet speed so again easier to hit with more pellets at a distance and easier to hit all those flying enemies, but also 8 bullets added to the mag pretty much cancels out the penalty from Large Caliber.
  • Critical hit buff on the card makes all that base damage from missing even bigger yet and its a sniper com so that is welcome
  • Ammo regen is perfect so you can pop off 10 shots if you are coming up on a boss or BA enemy or just let the missed shots passively buff you, either way the low ammo pool is no longer an issue. The recharge rate is perfect with the skullmasher because is regens it as fast as you shoot it so you are always pretty much full on ammo. This also just makes the game more fun, never having to stop to pick up ammo or buy it at a vendor you can just keep killing.
  • Systems Purge
    Sure this is overkill but more Nova’s are always fun, now when you shoot an enemy in the head you hit them often with this nova and Custom Loads nova often killing multiple enemies in one shot but also getting rid of all those annoying barrels.
  • Longbow Cryo Transfusion
    This is where you realize that while you don’t play her like sniper zer0 some tactics remain solid and like zer0 loved slag transfusions Aurelia loves cryo ones. She doesn’t have much healing so these help a lot but also help put out cryo when your action skill is down.
  • Reogenator
    While I usually go for a Purple Adaptive over these Bitter Riposte works nicely with fast delay shields and Protect Your Assets helps with the capacity and health stacking. Also both of your healing skills are % to your health so health stacking is very good here for survival. While the healing from this shield is slow, stacked on top of the healing from Magic Bullets its not bad.

Alternate Items

  • Shock Badaoom
    People complain about the first stage of the sentinel fight, well its not an issue with this thing.
  • Juggernaut Oz kit
    If you are having issues with survival and not with damage swap this with the purge. This stacked on top of the Reo is really durable but also adding this to your health when the Reo is down is very nice.


  • Oxygenator: Damaging enemies increased oz
    Between the 6 pellets on the Skullmasher, the Nova’s hitting multiple enemies, and your Shard its not hard to keep your O2 filled up pretty well to get the most out of the System’s Purge with this
  • Safeguard: Restores 3% shield on kill
    This build has a ton of DPS so balancing it with survival is always a good idea and as fast as you kill this is very helpful.
  • Piercing Rounds: 30% to ignore shields
    With shields getting buffed in UVHM this is never a bad option


The Huntress

  • 5/5 Markswoman
  • Since the capstone in this tree requires you to ADS this is very helpful as well as the crit damage being very welcome in a sniping build.
  • 8/5 Only the Best
  • This greatly helps the Skullmasher at range, since the bullets split more the longer they travel and that is based on time not distance, 160% bullet speed helps the effective range of it by about that same amount. The magazine size also helps counter the loss of magazine size from Large Calibur, in fact on Jakobs with these 2 skills you end up with more in the mag than the card shows.
  • 5/5 Culling the Herd
  • Like I said above in my large rant about my choice of com, base damage is very important and this helps out a lot. Hitting crits to get this isn’t an issue since its again a sniper and crit based build.
  • 1/1 Long Range Killer
  • This skill is really amazing, upto 60% splash damage based on how far you are from the target not only that but it also is the only splash damage that is based on your total damage and not just base damage. Again since its a sniping build getting it up to the higher ranges isn’t much of an issue. Even non sniping builds should all include this.
  • 9/5 Warning Shot
  • This is one of those Jack of all trade skills, a bit like a better version of Ranger for you axton fans. If you miss a shot with a sniper you get 4 things boosted and the boosts are not small either. At 9/5 you have +63% fire rate and critical hit buffs, +81% accuracy, and 90% swap speed. Those are not small numbers and with the skullmasher often one pellet goes astray and that means this is active. This is a very under rated skill that does a lot.
  • 1/1 Silver Lining
  • Killing an enemy with a crit adds a bullet to your Magazine and the whole point of the build is to kill enemies with critical hits, so yeah no brainer. Very nice magazine size increase and helps DPS a great deal.
  • 1/1 Magic Bullet
  • This is one of your only healing skills but it also can heal your teammates, res them. It’s an outstanding one point skill with a vladof sniper and close range you are almost unkillable.
  • 10/5 Wait for It…
  • While boosted by the com this gives 15% damage for each missed shot up to 10 stacks or 150% damage to your snipers. With the high crit from Jakobs, and add the Cryo you are already looking at 260% crit bonus and then you have more from the skills and com. So adding base damage is huge to make the most out of all of that. It’s pretty easy to stack this up fast and even when you hit you can miss in the same shot with the skullmasher and still have a stack for your next shot.
  • 5/5 Large Calibur
  • Like I just said above base damage is huge for a build with high crit and snipers and this does that. 50% from one skill always on is massive and add in the reload buff as well is even better. What makes it perfect is that Only the Best cancels out the mag size penalty so this is pure bonus and no drawbacks.
  • 1/1 Custom Loads
  • Adding splash damage to snipers is a very powerful thing but adding 2 is amazing, 30% strait splash and another 15% as a nova with a pretty big range that can clear out extra enemies, blow up barrels around you etc… Then you can also pick elements with it is even better.

Contractual Aristocracy

  • 2/2 Duchess
  • Up to another 80% accuracy and a sniper with a spread, whats not to love. For what this does at tier one for 2 points this is to me one of the better tier one skills in the game. I don’t see a reason to ever not get it. Adds up fast and really helps in many situations.
  • 1/1 Contractual Obligations
  • Sure it doesn’t do a lot on its own but the whole tree is built around it and another 15% gun damage for a single point is also welcome as well is adding shield capacity to your servant.
  • 2/2 Valet
  • Snipers typically have somewhat slow reload speed so this is a very nice skill to have for so cheap but the fact you share it with your Servant is even better. 40% for you and 30% for them is really nice and even nicer because its only 2 points.
  • 5/5 Protect Your Assets
  • Extra Health and Shield capacity for both you and your servant is great, keep them alive so they can keep you alive but also helps you tank quite a bit of damage combined with an adaptive shield.
  • 1/1 You First
  • This skill almost makes me jealous of my servant because this doesn’t go both ways. When I get a kill my servant gets back 55% of his/her shield. Again keep them alive so they can keep you alive.

the walking dead is starting, I’ll finish this later


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I can dig it. Polar opposite of what I’ve been doing.


I see what you did there

It’s also probably the most clever way to play Sniper, considering you start with +300% to +380% (depending on rifle) Type A against a frozen enemy. Building Gun Damage will get you more substantial gains per investment.

I don’t care…that you don’t care …on something I might care to care about…given I have no cares…

Just kidding…

Nice!..and I see the logic clearly.

One could also add the 20% damage reduction Moxxi cocktail if they were having difficulties staying up. On top of a Juggernaut…it would be tough to die.

The only thing I worry about is the Reo is the low cap. Perhaps a higher cap Purple adaptive would work even better.

No health regen though with that shield so the Reo might still be better

[quote=“Derch, post:1, topic:75353”]
A character like Aurelia isn’t some peasant that plays alone
[/quote]She is when she’s surrounded by the crusty proletariat locals on Elpis. :raising_hand:

Seriously though… if I ever co op with her, I’ll keep this in mind.