[Build] Ice Ice Baby!

My Aurelia Build


As you can see I have predominantly gone down the “Cold Money” tree, missing only the one skill.

Critical Hit Damage: +30%; Aim Speed: +100%

Culling the Herd-5
Gun Damage: +30%

Long-Range Killer-1
Bonus Damage: Up to 60% of weapon damage; “You can run, but you’ll only die tired”

Silver Lining-1
“One doesn’t need to be taught fear when one is the hunted.”

Cryo Damage: +0.75% per stack; Freeze Chance: +0.4% per stack; Max Stacks: 100

Bitter Riposte-5
Ice Dart Damage: Rank 5

Short Summer-5
Cooldown Rate: +0.75% per stack; Shield Recharge Delay: -1% per stack; Max Stacks: 200

Frigid Touch-5
Cryo Damage Life Steal: 10%

Fragment Rain-1
Fragment Chance: 35%

Cryo Damage Bonus: +45%

Polar Vortex-1
Singularity Chance: 35%; “I don’t mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out.”

Cold Advance-5
Critical Hit Damage: +30%; Shard Duration: +2.5 seconds

Nearby Enemy Damage: -50%

Winter’s Veil-5
Cryo Nova Damage: Rank 5

Additional Cryo Damage: +25%; “Nothing burns like the cold.”

Accuracy: +1.6% per stack; Duchess Stack Cap: 50

I’ll put my load out here later…

I think you are on to something there but I think the huntress tree is better at least for Raids.I think the last 3 tears of the Huntress is much beter than the last three of cold money. Just my opinion so… Have not done any raiding at level 60 but at level 50 that is where I would put my money (lol). Just my opinion so take with a grain of salt.

Perhaps, but if you don’t like snipers, you don’t like snipers and Huntress doesn’t offer too much for those people. Raiding is not the end-all-be-all for all players.

@OP: I’m planning something similar for my Aurelia (just need the time to level her up :(), though I plan to take QnQ in Contractual Aristocracy. I’ll also put only 1 point in Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil as I plan to use it mostly for freezing.

I’m not a big fan of sniping so that takes the first tree out of the equation and the third tree is really only any good if you are playing coop 100% of the time.

Cold Money tree is the way to go for what I wanted and I have to be honest and say just about ALL the skills are extremely useful.