[Build] Icepocalypse - Lvl 70


This build is what I settled on for dealing the absolute maximum amount of damage in close-range combat, with several parts of the build focusing on healing, and plenty of combat ability at long-range. When surrounded by a mob of multiple enemies, you become a walking tornado of cryo and shock damage. The biggest weakness for this build are unfreezeable enemies, particularly bosses, and Eternals, whose laser status effects render your shield almost useless.


The Huntress

  • Markswoman (5+/5): Obvious choice for a sniper build. Extra Crit damage and extra aim speed for fast enemies that are hard to follow.

  • Only the Best (5/5): This skill is mostly to help with sniping mobile targets, and also to counteract the mag-shrinking effect of Large Caliber.

  • Culling the Herd (5+/5): This is useful not only for sniping, but for close range as well. Frozen enemies make easy targets to get easy crits off, especially with high fire rate weapons.

  • Long-Range Killer (1/1): Self-explanatory buff to sniping from a long distance.

  • Silver Lining (1/1): This skill is useful for all snipers, but when combined with the Plunkett rifle, getting long kill streaks means potentially never having to reload OR running out of ammo.

  • I Never Miss (5+5): Racking up these is useful for any situation, but even more useful for large enemies with large crit spots. I like to farm these on Deck 13 1/2 in preparation for a battle like that.

  • Magic Bullet (1/1): Health regen is an absolute must on this build, especially when combined with Frigid Touch.

  • Large Caliber (5/5): Though the shrunken mag is a big downside, points in Only the Best at least remedies this for sniper rifles. Otherwise, the boost in gun damage is ideal for all the close-range combat situations.

  • Prudent Prudence (5/5): If you jump into a mob of enemies with a Tediore shield on, this buff will virtually be constantly active. An already lethal build is made even better by the bonuses this provides.

  • Custom Loads (1/1): Incredibly useful already, but combine this with Wintertide and an elemental sniper rifle, and you are making potentially triple-elemental shots. Combine with the Ack-Ack and you can even deal FOUR elements with each shot.

Cold Money

  • Bitter Riposte (5+/5): The most important skill of this build. With a Tediore Shield, almost every attack will trigger a spike. When boosted by the appropriate Class Mod, this skill becomes utterly devastating. Most common enemies (even in UVHM) will be taken out by one or two darts. Additionally, with Frigid Touch active, your health will fully restore with every other dart.

  • Short Summer (5/5): With this build, expect incredible amounts of stacks with each use of Cold as Ice. You’ll be racking up stats with your Cryo Weapons, Bitter Riposte, Winter’s Veil, Fragment Rain, at the very least.

  • Frigid Touch (5/5): This skill, combined with a healing weapon, more than protects your vulnerable health points as your shield constantly goes down.

  • Fragment Rain (1/1): Extra cryo damage to every combatant in the area? Yes, please.

  • Frostbite (5+/5): Somewhat unremarkable on its own, unless boosted by a Class Mod. But in large groups, a huge number of Frostbitten enemies makes all the cryo damage your putting off all the more devastating.

  • Polar Vortex (1/1): Already useful on its own, but if used with the Storm Front grenade, you can annihilate large groups of enemies with ease.

  • Cold Advance (5/5): A must for this build. Nearby frozen enemies make easy targets to farm for Critical Hits. A few seconds to the head from the Vibra-Pulse is enough triple the duration of Cold as Ice.

  • Winter’s Veil (5+/5): When combined with Bitter Riposte and a fast Tediore Shield, nearby enemies are in for an incredibly bad time.

  • Wintertide (1/1): The already crazy amounts of Cryo damage you’ll be giving off with this skill tree become even crazier.


  • Vibra-Pulse: Your main weapon for large crowds. Its fantastic damage output and accuracy already make for an amazing laser. Then add in its chaining effect AND healing factor, and you have a weapon to both devastate crowds and keep your health up high.

  • Hail: My choice weapon for large enemies and big critical hit spots, and for shooting over obstacles. It trades crowd control for raw damage and healing power.

  • Nukem: The best FFYL weapon you could ever need. Badasses and status effects can easily frustrate close-range combat, but the Nukem is sure to hit anything nearby.

  • Plunkett: My favorite sniper rifle with this build. Critical hits remove ammo straight from your ammo pool, and Silver Lining automatically add that bullet back on a kill. Not only a powerful and accurate sniper, but one with potentially unlimited ammo!

  • OR Fremington’s Edge: One of the sniper rifles with the best zoom in the game, not to mention powerful, accurate, and amazing elemental possibilities.

Other Gear


  • Storm Front: Any Tesla grenade is amazing with this build due to its crowd-control capability, but this really takes the cake. I choose this over the Quasar, as careful use of Polar Vortex can render the singularity effect redundant.


  • Purple Tediore shield: The most important gear you can have with this set. You know the one: low capacity, low recharge delay, insanely high recharge rate. With Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil, your shield becomes a weapon all by itself.

Oz Kit:

  • Juggernaut: For really challenging fights, this focuses on protection. Your shield will constantly be going down, so grab one with Incendiary resistance.
  • Ack Ack or System Purge: For less challenging crowds, this boosts your raw DPS output. System Purge is constantly useful in atmo, but you will find a surprising amount of utility out of Ack Ack, as your cryo damage will often freeze enemies in midair.

Class Mod:

  • Creme de la Creme: This the gear that transforms Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil into nightmares. It also improves Tediore shields’ usefulness by a huge amount. For long range fights, though, best to switch to Big Game Hunter.

Video Demo

Build had a lot of flaws, just sayin’!

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In my experience it’s not nearly as bad as it looks on paper. Health regen usually more than makes up for the damage from pesky Badasses. And even unfreezable enemies have exploitable large crit points. Even the Empyrian Sentinel went down like a bitch with 10 seconds of Vibra-Pulse directly to the face.

Also video is up! It was taken at level 60, and I didn’t have Storm Front yet, but it’s a good show of what this build is all about.

a Shock or Cryo Transfusion grenade will outdo a Storm Front in many ways Aurelia need

an Inflammable Tediore Quick Shield will outdo a regular Quick Shield or Cracked Sash
so you can focus on the Juggernaut ozkit having a non-element and shock resistance

Creme de la Creme wont help you that much or your shields needings as this class mod is making you more glass cannon with nothing in return beside the skills it boost

Plunkett is out-classed by a lot of purple variety sniper out there…
Muckamuck (Jakob grip + Damage prefix/acc + Punisher luneshine or 4400 glitch)
Shock Droog (Vladof grip + Fire Rate prefix/acc + Punisher luneshine or 0404 glitch)
Shock Snider (Maliwan grip + Damage prefix/acc + Punisher luneshine or 4400 glitch)
Skullsmasher (Jakob grip + Damage prefix/acc + Punisher or Piercing Rounds luneshine)

i suggest you go for Queen, Eridian Vanquisher, Chronicler of Elpis class mod that are easy to acquire and will outclass Creme or start farming or trading for a Celestial class mod

lastly your build dont have the Avalanche skill is absurd
and your trying to play close range combat without WhiteOut is suicide

10/5 Bitter Reposte and Winter’s Viel doesnt deal that much damage unless you have Wintertide active and Avalanche which you dont have and Chronicler which u dont have again, its only good as a defensive mechanism for freezing enemies, as i wont gonna rely too much on both skills wasting an extra 8 skill points for both, 1 skill point for both is enough

Some suggestions:

  1. If sniper rifles aren’t your main weapon, there is no need to have I Never Miss. Those are 5 points that could go elsewhere. Perhaps 1 in Duchess and the other 4 in Avalanche. Also, (since it looks like you’re using the vibrapulse mostly) you can spec out of magic bullet. It sounds nice to have it in case of emergencies, but pulling out a sniper rifle, walking up to something’s face, and shooting it repeatedly when you have low health for the sake of health regen isn’t really that sensible when you aren’t using snipers that much to begin with. Ditto for Custom Loads as well.

  2. If you’re using a tediore shield, its absolutely redundant to have a Creme de la Creme. They already have insanely fast recharge rate and low delay, and with the way recharge delay works, the bonus you get will be inperceptible if not completely negligible.

4)Echoing what TECHiSOBA said, for the style of play you seem to be going for, Celestial Baroness would probably be best, athough a priveleged class mod could also fill the role until you wanted to become more specialized.

  1. The Plunkett isn’t that great on aurelia. There are better guns to put here. A cryo bullpup would help tremendously, especially if its in cryo. Otherwise, any thinking shotgun in cryo could do wonders as well. A torrent is also very good on Aurelia. Of course, explosive and cryo is always a good combo, especially with wintertide. Or you could go with Jakobs of you’re a sharpshooter; the Maggie, gattling guns, HBII, flayer, the list goes on and on.

Thanks, I’ll give those suggestions a try. My not using Avalanche and Whiteout are personal preferences; I like to select fie for my Custom Loads fairly regularly, and my build is practically guaranteed to blow every fire barrel within a mile. For Whiteout, it might be stupid, but I can’t see dick with all the snow and hail surrounding you when Whiteout activates. I pretty much can’t hit ■■■■. Also, the wiki says Duchess has no effect unless you have a Servant.

I opted out of Celestial Baroness b/c I wasn’t using half the skills it boosted, but I may reconsider if I put Avalanche back on. But overall I will definitely try out these suggestions and see where that gets me.

The wiki is so wrong on that account. Duchess most certainly works without a servant.

Ahhh, I’ll have to try that out then. Also, is there a way to get an Inflammable Tediore shield that isn’t just randomly finding it? There doesn’t seem to be any way to guarantee one from the Grinder.

And yeah, I do think I will be getting rid of I Never Miss, as I rarely snipe. As it is, sniping is frustrating as hell in this game as 90% of the enemies only spawn when you’re practically right next to them, and any Lunatics in the group can close the distance instantly and throw you off.

Nope. You just got grind (in game, not literally grind at the grinder) until you get one. Nina and the golden chest spit them out fairly regularly.

As for your psycho problem, just use singularites to get them off your tail before they jump.