Build idea for Iron Bear

Hi all.
After picking up a good drop it gave me an idea so was hoping to get feedback here on whether some parts of this work or not. I won’t be online now for well over a week so can’t do any testing myself.
The pick up was an elemental projector Otto idol with Cryo damage and Cryo efficiency as 2 of the bonus rolls.
The idea centres around 2 Moze players with a strong IB focused build including Dakka Bear.
Each person’s IB would have twin Cryo mini guns equipped with the focus on freezing enemies. The turret gunner would have a trick unforgiven with the 432 crit bonus and Urad annointment. IB needs to last the length of the cooldown of the other players IB action skill. So basically one player sits in the others turret until IB finishes and the players swap with no downtime in between. Solo option here would be the Rocketeer class mod.
Most likely class mod would be Bear Trooper with good rolls to suit this play style such as Action Skill damage, action skill cooldown rate.
Questions are:

  1. Does Cryo Efficiency on a grenade boost IB Cryo Efficiency? If so this would be part of the spec.
  2. Does a shield such as a Cryo Old God boost the IB mini gun Cryo damage? If so this would be an option for the shield along with the plus ultra.
  3. Will the Otto idol health regen on kill perk regen IB health? If not perhaps an ice breaker artifact with the bonus rolls of cryo efficiency and damage would be better.
  4. In terms of Q3, will the Ice Breakers base Cryo efficiency and extra damage vs frozen perks apply to IB?
  5. Will the elemental projector perk apply to IB?
  6. Will an equipped Cryo weapon provide additional Cryo efficiency for the turret gunner?

I have a poor IB build at the moment as I focus on Moze yet when I use both mini guns in Cryo I can freeze enemies pretty quickly already so I’m wondering withctje extra focus on Cryo efficiency in the other areas will apply. If I used a plus ultra shield IB won’t be an issue, it would be fuel.
The unforgiven was chosen as both the crit bonus and Urad annointment apply to the turret guns.

There isn’t anything you can wear or use that will increase the rate you freeze enemies with Iron Bear, neither while piloting or manning the turret.