Build In Progress- Wilhelm the Professional

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #1

This is my first build I’m posting here, and I would just like some opinions on how to make it better, and maybe offer an alternative to the laser based spec that seems dominant here.

Just gotta give credit where its due. This is based off the “Kill 'em good Marv” build by Verde. Not sure if it’ll still be there after the soft launch is over but here it is in case anyone wants to take a look.

The Build
The original intent of this build was to was to be able to tank lots of damage while being able to dish it out as well. It was mainly close to mid range, and relied on a lot of health stacking, as the only passive gun buff in the build was SA. The concept in of itself is not new, but I figured with the level cap increase, this could be expanded upon get a more methodical way of approaching the build. This is what I came up with after messing around with it for the past month.
The Spec:,auto

Cyber Commando:
Man and Machine- Laser buffs are pretty pointless to us, since this build is only going to use one laser, so this is the better option.

Targeting Scope- More acuuracy and critical hit damage are good buffs for any gun, but ever more so for the ones we going to be using. Besides, this is a pretty in your face type of build, so First to Fight doesn’t fit here.

Power Fist- In all honesty, this is the highest damage dealer in the build. This is what our crowd control is based on, and this is what will kill badasses. When paired with Cryo (which we will have a lot of) it can hit damge in the millions pretty consistently at lvl 60.

Emergency Response- Considering we are going to be up in our enemies faces, they will probably get our shield down. And we want them to, so we can activate this skill in conjunction with vengeance cannon to melt them into scav soup. Also, its a good buff for guns in general.

Divert Power-This skill has saved my bacon too many times to count. We have it filled up all the way because we want every bit of damage reduction we can get. It may only be for 3 seconds, but that has usually been enough to finish the fight.

Vengeance Cannon- You get a sholder mounted laser of awesomeness. Why not when we’re down this far? Besides, we got a little trick with this that makes a certain useless weapon class very desirable…

Auxilary Tanks- More wolf and saint =more fortify bonus and energize and more time to paint targets.

Fortify-Since wolf and saint will be out all the time painting enemies, we might as well get some bonus damge for them being out too.

Energize- This skill’s healing is percentage based, meaning that the more health you have, the more it heals you for. Since that is the case, this skill is absolutely bonkers for us.

Rapid Reinforcement- This is more for the movement speed buff than the cooldown. At the range we’ll be at, and what we’re aiming to do there, this is critical.

Hazmat Containment System- There are only 3 points here because there were left over points, and the elemental resistance is useful for me as I play mostly coop. Besides that, I appreciate the spreading DOTs.

Overcharge-This is a great capstone. The fire rate and movement speed are really useful for the weapons we’ll be using.

Fire Support-More damage. Whats not to love?

Afterburner- The extra relaod speed is great, but it only requires one point because its boosted by the celestial enforcer.

Suppression-More fire rates. Love it.

Laser Guided- This is the last of the bread and butter skill. With this, we can paint targets for additional damage and increase our pet’s duration, increasing the uptime of energize and fortify.

The Gear:
1)Excalibastard- This is here for 2 important reasons; to cryo enemies on crit, and to pull them all together and freeze them when we blow their faces off with our fists satisfied. Thats right, you want to MELEE them, not just shoot them. It makes things so much easier when the enemies are grouped together, and we have powerfist, so why not use it?
If you don’t want to go this route, you can substitute this with a cryo Invader or a good Dahl cryo Scout.

2)Bladed Fridgia-This just a beast of gun. Take its high freeze chance and damage, and combine it with fortify, laser guided, fire support, targeting scope and the boost from celestial enforcer, with the increased critical hit damage when enemies are cryoed(?) and this thing gets pretty beastly. Heck, I’m still using my level 50 Fridgia with success at level 60 beofre I equipped the celestial enforcer.
Again, if you don’t want to melee, this can be replaced with the Fatale.

3)Shock Sledge’s Shotgun/ Ravager/Coach Gun/ Quad
This slot is for those enemies who can’t be obliterated by powerfist, mostly badasses. Use this for stripping their shield before you powerfist them so you can take out a bigger chunk of their health. If the powerfist doesn’t kill them, keep filling their face full of buckshot until they keel over. Personally I prefer Sledges shotgun because Iike to be in their face, but if you want to engage them from a longer distance, the coach gun would probably work better.
If you don’t like being so close up, a Bullpup may work for you here.

4)Kerboom/ Torpedo
I’ve wanted to find a way to mke these weapons viable since BL2 (normal torgue barrel ARs, not the Kerblaster) and finally found way. Use this to strip your own shield, activate overcharge, then carpet bomb the heck out everything. This is a great way to strip pesky shields before engaging enemies, and just generally soften them up.

Class Mod:
1)Celestial Enforcer- Was there ever any doubt? Seriously, this COM is too damn good. I spent hours trying to justify using other COMs, but this just gives us the best of everything. Best choice by far.

2)Onslaught Obliterator- Compred to the 80% increase in gun damage (assuming a level 50 celestial enforcer) you get from the above COM, the Obliterator’s measley 40% (assuming fully specced fortify) may not be much, but the buffs to your health and shield, along with the increased melee damage, still fit in with the theme of the build.
Also if you are a buttslam junkie like me, or really like melee, this is a pretty decent substitute. People have said that the radius increase from Meteor slam isn’t noticable, but I notice it a lot. Enemies at the endge of my range get caught in it after I spec into the skill. Milage may vary.

1)Haymaker/ Adaptive/ Reogenator- I’ve only tested the Haymaker so far, but it gives a hefty health boost, has good stats, and gives us a great amount of resistance. Also, spreading status effects to enemies is useful for when we are meleeing (is that a word) them.

2)Avalanche-I can’t test this since I haven’t gotten a single one yet, but I imagine it would work well if the melee aspect of the build was heavily emphasized. Besides, that cryo nova and spike would come in handy keeping enemies frozen and suseptible to powerfist.

O2 Kit:
1)Juggernaut Oz kit with explosive buttslam. Preferably with corrosive, fire, and non elemental/ explosive resistance. Corrosive DOTs are the longest in the game,and fire shreds your health apart. The third resistance is non elemental because we want our shield down, so the shock resistance isn’t the greatest to have. Cryo damage isn’t that serious in my experince. That just leaves non elemental and explosive.
You want the explosive buttslam because with all the cryo you have on you, you can just obliterate them with the buttslam.

  1. 3DD1.E- Always a good choice for survivability if you don’t want to use the Juggernaut.

Quasar/ Stormfront- We have more than enough cryo in our weapons slots, what is needed is some good ol shield stripping weapons.
If you don’t use the excalibastards melee for crowd control, then take the Quasar. If you do, take the stormfront.

Play Style:
At the start of an area, strip your shield with your Kerboom (or whatever torgue barrel rifle you have) and summon wolf and saint for the overcharge bounus. Carpet bomb the area to your fancy. Freeze the biggest baddy you can find with the excalibastard, run up to them, and powerfist them in the face. If that doesn’t activte the singularity, then take out the fridgia and use your movement speed to close the gap between you and enemies, get up in their face and shoot away. If the singularity occurs outright, then just melee enemies every now and then to ensure they all remain frozen, and unload into them with the fridgia. If you come across a badass, strip their shield with your grenades and shotgun before freezing them, then powerfist and shotgun until they die. If they have groupies who are getting on your nerves, just be sure to melee the badass to keep everyone frozen. If you need kill skills, you can always just kill the groupies while they’re frozen anyway. Its imperative to kill the badasses first, as they do the most damage, almost always seem to have lasers, and I’m starting to think that they gradually become resistant to the excalibastards freezing. And of course, don’t forget to paint targets so you can get your gun damage and healing.
This may seem like a lot of micromanagement, but its actually pretty easy to manage once you get it. Just avoid overusing the excalibastard, and don’t be afraid to abuse the fridgia.

So, how is it? Any suggestions?

...Melee Wilhelm!