[Build] inspector gadget

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Drone/Barrier+Clone build:

Skills: hitman and double agent
Gear:Rough rider, seein dead
Weapons: whatever you want with the right anoints + OPQS, Kaoson, Sandhawk, Lob… YCake…
Anoints: any

If you don’t have cryo anoints, just use barrier instead it also enables you to play redistributor and increases your defense while facing foes. If played right you can pretty much get rid of defense rolls on your gear.




  • Rough rider:
    Preferably featherweight for movement speed /fire resist
    Anoint: drone movement speed, cooldown on AS end, damage reflect

Class Mod

  • Seein dead:
    Any skill combination, adjust skill tree if necessary, to not have more than 7 points in playing dirty.
    Secondary: damage stats, but try to get 20 damage reduction and or max life as well for max survivability


  1. Damage: icebreaker, victory rush, both
  2. Defense: 50% invulnerability, heal on kill
  3. Utility: cutpurse launchpad/rocket boots
    Secondary: damage stats, but try to get max life or resists as well


  • It’s piss, Hex, Sunter Seeker
    Try to get an element you miss for harmageddon (green guardian Lv100)
    Anoint: 25 weapon damage on throw or grenade regen on throw (1 point from pocket full of nades into violent violence then)


  • Sandhawk:
    As the the clone weapon of choice, so you don’t have to concentrate on healing or keeping up action skills.

  • O.P.Q.System:
    Shields and long range, kills you in close combat

  • Kaoson:
    General mobbing gun

  • Monarch:
    Close combat max damage

Anoints: the obvious ones, 200% on ASA, 300>90, 100cryo with drone, consecutive hits, on ASE kinda works but you have to nuke the clone.

Last words:
Some choices in the skill tree that might bother you are for convenience and rare occasions.
Mayhems Mods I’m using rn.
Speed demon, healy avenger, pool party, buddy system.

What calculator on you using? Looks a lot cleaner than anything I have seen.

“Skill tree for Borderlands 3” App by a dev named GD Games & Apps on Android. It has ads though.

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That just made my life a whole lot easier. Thanks!