[Build] $ is the root of all evil

This build is quite simple really. Celestial com and a bunch of gun damage buffs. But it is very efficient at dispatching various baddies in various ways.
The build

The skills;
Best foot forward, more digi-jacking :thumbsup:

Just compensation, more nade damage & mag size. (This is clutch for tediore efficiency) The only downside to this is that you will need to keep your grenade ammo low. I have to actually waste grenades in between fights because I pick up more than I throw. remember to keep just one grenade at a time, so that you can use jacks cache for free nades.

You have my shield Equip a nova shield and it makes it easy mode.

Jacks cache free nades

Resolute gun damage & damage resistance :thumbsup:

Promote the ranks Badass jacks? Yes please.

Collaborate Damage Bonus, Ties into teamwork since both will be stacked by just running around and letting the digi jacks despawn & respawn. With your easy mode nova shield equipped it will blow up stuff & things too.

Synergy Weapon Damage: +30%; Critical Damage: +30%

Teamwork HP Regeneration

Commitment Fire Rate Bonus: 2% per stack; Reload Speed Bonus: 4% per stack. also ties to digi jack respawning.

Believe Weapon Damage: 25%; Fire Rate: +20%; Reload Speed: +20%; Accuracy: +20%

Potential Qute a powerful shock nova to strip shields with. Has also been known to kill things all by itself.

Leadership This is the key skill for synergy with all the kill skills and stacking skills. It teats a digi jack dying as an enemy dying.

High Frequency Trading Weapon Swap Speed: -60%

Incentives One point for com boost

Marginal Benefits never have to reload again. synergy with jacks cache.

Money Is Power The most overpowered skill that just one point can buy.

The Gunz
This is the only build that I will actually suggest the use of the Rosie. The celestial com gives you reverse recoil with all guns so it actually is possible to get to the max damage bonus on the weapon card.
Tediore guns are all good with this build, but an IVF is the best of them.
Sniping with this build is a one shot affair once you get some cash in your pocket. ~150-200 stacks is all it should take to one shot most human enemies using a Jacobs sniper like the Sookum Diaub
Any gun that has an element & splash damage will be great since grenade damage from JC boosts the splash. So it makes a hellfire really good at incinerating things.
Any gun that you like will really shine with $is power. So you can use anything that you like really. Other notables include; Docs coach gun, Maggie, T4S-R pistols, 88Fragnum (as well as other Tourge guns), Tediore guns (both the mag size and grenade damage from JC apply), Torrent SMGs, Etc.

The gear
Shields; A nova shield for your digi Jacks makes the game easy mode. So I use a supernova for when I am in an atmosphere and a black hole or a death blossomfor when I am not. Other good shields that are situational in nature are; bulwark, sham, neogenator and I like to use a low level spike shield for farming with Phonic the kraggon. just equip it and stand in front of him. everytime he hits you he gets a spike and hopefully some DoT. every one second or so he will drop . This is the fastest way I have found to build stacks quickly and with little effort. The other $ farming places will be mentioned later.
Oz kit, Eddie for survivability, bomber for grenade spamming.
Com, Celestial doppelganger
Grenade, Quasar

First off, how to farm $$. I go straight to serenities waste and farm Phonic the Kragon using the low level spike shield. after that, I hop in a laser buggy and drive over all the rocky “skag piles” and collect the from them. if you just travel to another zone and right back again, the rocky piles will respawn allowing you to hit them again. Other locations for quick farming are farming RK5, farming the sentinel (non-raid form), and the R&D area has a lot of stalker poop & tork hives that will provide many monies.
Throw all of your grenades except for one away. This allows you to get the most from just compensation while still allowing you to use grenades freely with jacks cache. You will notice a big increase in how many grenades are droped by enemies and found in ammo boxes. This is the bane of my existence as jack, and I am constantly throwing away grenades before every fight, then full of nades by the end of it.
There are a couple different ways to play this build. 1 just run in circles around the mob letting your digi jack nova shields destroy everything for you while your health regen goes off the charts. 2 use the jacks as decoys while you get your murder on. totally up to you.

Proof of awesomeness

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@Imit8m3: have you thought about updating this to level 70 and the new gear introduced in Clappy’s DLC?

It would likely just break Space-time and reality, as if God himself devided by zero.