[Build] Jack - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video

I don’t understand why they would nerf his drop rates with the grinder being such a big part in this game. He could and should be the best loot source in the game for grinding weapons considering you can only get so many out of it (also only way to loonshine bonus your gun) but I do love the fact he levels with you as you play through uvhm which is a nice exp source is all lol.

He is ok-ish on xp I suppose, like 12,000xp a kill, http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Guardian_Hunter doing this quest though and instead of capturing the guardians just kill them over and over as they are instant re-spawns is the best Xp in the game, you get like 1500xp a kill from 1-50, 1200xp a kill from 50-60, and like 400-500xp a kill or something from 60-70, still though as they are instant re-spawns the xp is super insane, that’s how i leveled all my characters up. From 1-50 takes like 55 minutes, and another 2 hours to hit level 70 tops. I cheated a little though and laser build Nisha’d them, stood as close as i could where they re-spawn (so i would pick up the ammo for my gun as they died), and taped the controller fire button down and just walked away for 30 minutes at a time while my character leveled herself and 3 other players in the game lol.

I think his drops have become less frequent due to the fact that all the bosses and side bosses respawn now. So legendaries are a bit easier to come by. Still though I wish his drop rates were a bit higher.

Well yeah its awesome they respawn now but the fact remains he is still the quickest and easiest to farm considering it takes 5 seconds to get to him lol. Also that guardian mission is a joke sorry, one its only unlocked once you complete your playthrough so its pointless if you need it to level for the final fights. Also just not appealing to me to sit there holding rt killing an enemy faster then I can blink lol

Your build looks solid, but I’d wager Lean on Me would be better replaced by Integrity. I watched your awesome quick EoS kill but you are hardly ever full health. Most of the time you are really low. I’m betting Lean on Me is giving you very minimal benefit as opposed to Integrity would further shave time once EoS is below 40%. Overall Lean on Me is a very poor skill. Otherwise nice build!

Thanks for the tutorial retrodenizen . It really helped me take down Eclipse and Eos for the first time.

Sorry about posting to an old thread, but this is a jewel.

I think there is something mighty screwy about either Iwajira’s drop rate or drop mechanics. Like everybody else in the game, I farmed the hell out of Iwa early on for the rich assortment of purps and the 1 in 7 thingy drop. After he came back from vacation, I went months and months with no Thingy drops. Literally none. So either thingys weren’t dropping or were getting stuck in the ceiling. Then last week, I got three on consecutive kills. Then nothing for a week. Yesterday I got two. One from Iwa and one from Eos.

Btw - it would be nice if they would put a grinder up on Eos’s center platform.


for serious omg

Ok. I’m gonna try this. Looks amazing.

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