[Build] Jakobs Nisha - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video

[color=LightGray]Hey Everyone!

My name is Charrisx and this is my build for Jakobs / non-automatic weapons. I have been playing as Nisha for a very long time, in fact she is the only character I play, and I have experimented with many Nisha builds. In all my time spent playing Nisha no build that I have played with has been as devastating or as fun for me as this one. I can assure you there is no better build for Nisha that I have ever seen or tested. So if you want to kill everything with Jakobs / non-automatic weapons and have tons of fun doing it, then this is the build for you!

Most of the weapons I have listed for this build are manufactured by Jakobs as they tended to be the best for this skill setup, but a few guns from the other manufacturers have proven to be quite good as well. I added in the Laser Disker as an alternate weapon you can carry for difficult situations when you need a quick kill to get out of Fight for your Life.

Below you will find many videos showcasing my level 70 build in UVHM against many enemies in various parts of the game, a hyperlink list of all the weapons, equipment and skills, as well as many other helpful resources regarding the build. Please take some time to check everything out and I hope you like the build as much as I do.[/color]

Invincible Sentinel
Holodome Badass Round
Self Loathing & Despair
Denial Subroutine
Eclipse & EOS
Eclipse & EOS w/ Pepperbox & Pitchfork’s
Level 9 Mutator Arena
Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ Harder Waves
Level 9 Mutator Arena w/ Sh4dow-TP

Below are the links to my build at different levels. You probably noticed that I was using Bottled Courage in a couple of the videos, but the build’s DPS was far better with Faster ‘n You, so I now use that instead. This build uses the blue rarity of the High-rollin’ Crapshooter class mod as shown below:

This is the level 70 build

This is the level 60 build

This is the level 50 build

This is the level 26 build

Here is a video demonstration of the level 26 build in TVHM killing Flame Knuckle.

You will find that this build is a little different from other Nisha builds you may have seen as it utilizes Rarin’ to go with Jakobs / non-automatic weapons. My Nisha build is very well optimized, and I have spent a great many hours testing and researching all of the skills and weapons the build uses. If you have taken some time to watch the videos above, hopefully you can appreciate just how great this build of mine really is.

Below you will see there are dps numbers next to all of the weapons. These are their in-game field tested actual dps when used with my build with badass ranks off. Clicking on that dps number will take you to a video of that weapon being tested against Eclipse to calculate the weapons dps. Eclipse has 185,000,000 total Health and Shield at level 70 in UVHM. 70,000,000 is his Shield and 115,000,000 is his Health, knowing this I was able to come up with the dps for all the weapons.

***Clicking on the name of an item or skill listed will direct you to a level 70 screenshot of that item or skill.***

Equipped Weapons:

Two Fer Luck Cannon (4,302,326 dps)
Doc’s Flayer (13,214,286 dps)
Boss Gatling Gun (3,303,571 dps)
Two Fer Iron (12,333,333 dps)

Alternate Weapons:

Dastardly Luck Cannon (3,557,692 dps)
Doc’s Striker (3,627,451 dps)
Boss Hammer Buster II (1,541,667 dps)
Laser Disker (1,400,000 dps)
Tumtum Skullmasher (3,490,566 dps)
Pacifying Pitchfork (7,500,000 dps) Shock/Corrosive (16,818,182 dps)
Dastardly Maggie (6,851,852 dps)
Two Fer Maggie (8,043,478 dps)
Dastardly Pepperbox (10,882,353 dps)
Dastardly Iron (4,868,421 dps)
Doc’s Coach Gun (9,736,842 dps)
Doc’s Quad (20,555,556 dps)

The Gear:

Shield of Ages
High-rollin’ Crapshooter Class Mod
Homing Cryo Transfusion
Arctic Tranquility Oz Kit

[color=Beige]The Skills:


[color=limegreen] Law & Order [/color]

[[color=lime] 4/4 [/color][color=lightgreen] Law[/color]][63] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Order[/color]][64] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rough Rider[/color]][65] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Wanted[/color]][66] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Discipline[/color]][67] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Blood of the Guilty[/color]][68] [[color=chocolate] 4/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Jurisdiction[/color]][69] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightgreen] Rarin' To Go[/color]][70] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightgreen] Thunder Crackdown[/color]][71]

[color=deepskyblue] Fan the Hammer [/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Saddle Up[/color]][72] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Magnificent Six[/color]][73] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] Short Fused[/color]][74] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Faster 'n You[/color]][75] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=skyblue] Hell's Comin' With Me![/color]][76] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=skyblue] One For Each of Ya[/color]][77]

[color=indianred] The Riflewoman[/color]

[[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Bona Fide Grit[/color]][78] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Quick Shot[/color]][79] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] Fistfull of Bullets[/color]][80] [[color=lime] 5/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Hot Lead[/color]][81] [[color=aqua]6[/color][color=chocolate]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Trick Shot[/color]][82] [[color=aqua]11[/color][color=lime]/5 [/color][color=lightcoral] Tombstone[/color]][83] [[color=lime] 1/1 [/color][color=lightcoral] The Unforgiven[/color]][84]

Skill & Equipment Analysis:

Bomber Oz Kit vs Tranquility Oz Kit Comparison With Dastardly Luck Cannon - Post #120
Hell’s Comin’ With Me! Trigger percent based on magazine size with 5/5 skill points - Post #270
Hell’s vs High Noon Comparison with Dastardly Luck Cannon & Two Fer Luck Cannon - Post #149

Hopefully you enjoyed taking a look at my build and the videos I have made. Please don’t forget to click the like button below if you have enjoyed viewing my thread so that I know all of my time and hard work I have put into this is appreciated by you! And thank you very much for taking the time to take a look at my build.


If your blue rarity COM is the high Rollin crapshooter COM then there’s about 5 different builds centered around that COM already… If I may offer a suggestion would be to switch that com out for either the purple rarity High Rollin crapshooter COM or the Chronicler of Elpis COM

I must say this build synergizes well with jakobs weaponary. Uchained, faster than you are wasted if main guns are maggie, luck cannon, flayer and quad. Why i didn’t think of it, well done.


First of all, it’s not “very different” from most Nisha builds… it’s actually quite common. :smile: (no wonder considering how many skill points we get at end game now… all builds look a bit alike) It’s also actually very close to what I would have done with my deputy build if I were to update it to level 70 (only significant difference would be I prefer crack shot to hot lead)

Second: I agree with the others, moving from the Crapshooter to the Chronicler of Elpis would be beneficial.
Just move one point from Hell’s to high noon and maybe one point from Rarin’ to NPNG to get the COM bonus (and carry a Fridgia). Another option: maybe try the Six-Shooter COM too. The base damage increase more than makes up for the crit bonus you are losing. It’s probably a personal thing, I just hate being dependent on kill skills.
Have you tried a Lone star COM ? one of the best COMs available for Rarin’ to go users, especially considering it increases base damage.
Still, not a bad pick. Though I DO get why you picked the blue one over the purple one: Unchained does nothing for Jakobs guns, so if you keep a crapshooter, blue was the right choice…

Third: it’s a pretty good build all in all, looks like a staple of L&O base for Jakobs guns. Solid weapon selection (although, if you really want to push it, a Doc’s prefix on the flayer would be a better choice than the rustler’s you have. On the Striker is matters much less, but Doc’s is still a better choice… trust me on this :wink: ) It’s good to see that Rarin’ still rocks faces at higher levels.

Well done, you should submit it to the forum’s build collection, I’ll totally vouch for it. :thumbsup:

Little precision: Unchained is wasted, but FNU would actually be a pretty decent choice since those Jakobs guns spend a lot of time reloading. But since the OP’s got it covered with Rarin’ to go, it’s a bit redundant. :blush:

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Have to agree with others. Chronicle is way better, 1 pt in high noon and npng boost damage. A slot for absolute zero or cryo smg to optimize ammo usage plus cryo against badass is always sensible. dastasdly or trick shot maggie for show down, two fer luck cannon pseudo sniper, doc flayer close to medium, cryo for badass.


I think the luck canon can totally replace the Maggie. No need for both. As for dastardly vs Two-fer, Nisha gets more out of the dastardly because of FFOB and OFEOY. Two-fer is better on characters that can’t increase it’s mag size, while Nisha can get it to 8 (functionality)


I’m well aware there are many builds centered around my COM, what i was basically trying to say is there are literally NO builds anywhere that i have seen that are built exactly like mine, skill point for skill point, with the same gear and weapon choices, many people try to do way too much, ie the ability to use automatics, and jakobs weaponry, my build is not meant for that, it is far more powerful to use only jakobs with my build than to try and modify it like your suggesting so i can use completely different guns, that would be counterproductive as that would make my build much much weaker. You do realize the purple com would lower my chance to crit by 6% and my trick shot would be down 8%, and i would gain the skill unchained? seriously? fire rate is for automatic guns, not for jakobs. Same goes for the cronicler of elpis mod, why would i want to lower tombstone 12% and trick shot 8%, so i can gain a skill that’s not even in my build (high noon), which by the way is a stupid skill to have unless you also have ruthless and are using a mod that boosts the ruthless skill like celestial. Thanks but no thanks, I feel my build is far more powerful the way it is, and there is no making it better.

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I have tested extensively every option Nisha has available to her, every class mod, every skill that would make her able to do the most damage possible, over and over for countless hours, trust me when i say that using crack shot over hot lead is a terrible mistake, as i have already tested it over and over and hot lead is far more dps with this build because you are constantly critting 66% of all your shots. and once again cronicler of elpis is a terrible mod, you lose too much to gain nothing beneficial to this build, i have tested it, and it is wasted on a jakobs build. the whole build synergizes on using Non-Elemental weaponry. This build does not need any more increases to gun damage, as it is already maximized, using the Blue rarity com is what makes this build so much stronger. switching for a tiny bit of gun damage using the lonestar class mod would literally ruin this entire builds damage output. I do appreciate the little props you have given me so don’t think i am being rude to you or anything, i am just trying to clarify that i have tested things you all have suggested, and i know what works best and what doesn’t and i am just trying to explain as best i can as to why. thank you for your input.


I understand your passion for your build and COM selection… As long as you believe it’s the best COM for your build… Don’t stray away from that affirmation… BTW it always warms my heart to see Eclipse and EOS getting destroyed


Retrodenizen here. I’ve seen many of Charrisx’s other builds when he was testing. He’s tested many variants of everything from skill setups to equipment (class mods, weapons, oz kits, etc), and this Jakobs setup he has is the highest DPS output one that I’ve seen.

It would seem that people put emphasis on Ruthless/High Noon. In certain circumstances, I can understand the appeal to having a longer showdown, but with this build it is next to useless. I took this build/weapons and ran through the claptrap expansion from cover to cover, and with the exception of the bosses and certain extremely high HP enemies (ultimate badass psychos for example) everything died in 1-2 pulls of the trigger when I hit them, and 3-4 when I missed (thank you trick shot)!

Also, when fighting bosses, having a “kills extend your Showdown” ability is nearly wasted.

Swapping out the class mod would reduce the ability to trick shot, and trick shot really helps in those times if/when you miss a shot.

Also, with trick shot so high, if you go into fight for your life, and there are enemies around, shoot the floor and up you are, fighting with kill skills active.

Now, Tombstone (the class mod’s other skill and IMO, one of the most powerful abilities Nisha has). If I could get this to 100% with any color class mod (white to gold), and it had no other skills or mods on it, I would take it without hesitation. Kill a scrub enemy and have every bullet have a chance to crit regardless of where the bullet hits? Yes please, how do I get more? Also, with the 66% chance to crit, that’s 66% chance for hot lead to activate (again, per bullet). Swapping out the class mod from the one he has would reduce the ability to constantly crit mobs (with a kill skill active), severely diminishing Nisha’s power.

BTW, Hot Lead does not activate on an elemental weapon, so it lends itself very well to a Jakobs/crit build. This also means that going to a laser of any kind (or any elemental weapon) as a secondary or backup weapon is useless with this build.

Speaking of Hot Lead, I’ve tested that one with Charrisx and it is way better than crack shot, even with luck cannons. Any respectable luck cannon build will have Fistful of Bullets giving it a 4 ammo capacity, so that means that 25% of your shots will be 50% stronger. The additional fire damage burst on 66% of your shots with Hot Lead is stronger. The additional fire tick damage (which stacks BTW) is just gravy on top of it all.

Anyways, that’s enough for now. I’ll add more comments later as I have the time.


Good, glad to see you have done your researches.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on a few things.

Doc’s prefix is miles above rustler’s for the flayer. And I’m not saying that as an opinion… It’s mathematical fact… The 2 extra pellets, even if they hit (which is not guaranteed since the rustler’s prefix lowers accuracy) will do less damage than a typical crit ratio on the leftover pellets. And it’s even more dramatic when you have tombstone active… Which you do very often.

The chronicler of elpis is not terrible. It’s pretty good, even for a Jakobs build. The point is not to branch out into automatic weapons, but rather to have the same bonus (roughly), coupled with extra shield capacity and the potential to go pick up 8 extra skill points. 5/5 in hell’s is not better than 4/5 hell’s and 5/5 high noon… No matter how bad you think high noon is. (I agree with you: high noon is not that great, but free skill points are free skill points) still, the impact of the switch is minor, one way or another…

You also can’t deny the ludicrous advantages you get by carrying around a single cryo weapon, even if it means breaking your perfect Jakobs lineup. Cryo status effect adds 200% type A crit bonus, which becomes 300% when you are holding the luck canon (due to Jakobs pistols inherent type B crit bonus), it also multiplies your damage from the LC’s explosion, unforgiven’s final blast and short fuse’ extra damage by 3…
You may not like it, but you can’t say it’s better without. Personal preferences at work here :smile:
(Go have a look at my crit bonus guide if you have no idea what I mean by “type A” or B crit bonus, click on my name to get the link)

Last but not least, hot lead vs crack shot. I just want to remind you that I did NOT suggest you swap one for the other, I simply said that that’s what “I” would do. Crack shot vs hot lead is a matter of preference, but again, you can’t affirm that it’s better… That’s just silly. It entirely depends on your gear. On the luck cannon for example, you get 50% increased damage on 1/4 of your shots, while hot lead increases roughly 75% of your shots (assuming a good aim and an active tombstone) by 25% … I call that a wash. Some guns are better with crack shot, some with hot lead. I prefer crack shot mostly because it’s not conditional, works great with a bit of cryo (explosive nova) and also works on armored and shielded targets, and works in a vacuum too. Again, personal preferences :blush:

I hope you’re not taking what I say as criticism (I mean, why would I ? My old build is almost identical)

Point for point, my old Jakobs build may not be exactly like yours, but it’s DAMN close. Appart the crack shot/hot lead thing, I have one less point into tombstone, one more into trick shot (I’m bad at aiming) one less in hell’s and rarin’ so that I can put a single point into NPNG and high noon. I’m using a chronicler COM to get the extra free skills, and I carry a Fridgia in my 4th slot…

So 3 skill points, the COM and a single gun… Like I said, pretty close :blush:

So, in conclusion. Most of what I suggested is personal preference. Except for the prefix on the flayer… Doc’s is better, no way around it…ESPECIALLY if you have tombstone.

Pure Jakobs + 6/5 Crapshooter has been around since release. Switching around a few low impact skills doesn’t make it unique.

Just search on the old forums or look at some more recent threads about the Luck Cannon:


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@piphoff here was one of the first to post a full Jakobs build on the forums. Back at level 50. It was the golden standard at the time. :blush:

Btw what are the best parts for adaptive shield, all ashin for decent cap and res?
The one i have is hippocratic 90k, 56% res but 6.5 delay and 5k recharge.

Lol, I don’t claim any ownership though. 2 capstones at level 50 and 3 capstones at level 70, not much room for uniqueness in the first place.

Now, Backdraft Maya with a Transformer and shock Slow Hand in BL2…that was a unique build.


I’ve seen your video and I think your build with Jakobs is good, I’ts just ive tested your build vs mine and I like my build better, yours is also really the only other similar build to mine that I’ve seen posted and while i do think its very good there are just a few things with your build that could be better. It doesn’t have enough surviveability, and it pales in comparison to the dps output of my build.

For instance if i kill eclipse with just the Luck Cannon like you do in your video with my build i can wipe him out in less than 1 minute. vs your build here that takes you 2 minutes and 30 seconds just to kill eclipse:


Hell in the time it takes your build to kill eclipse, I’ve almost finished mopping the floor with EOS. So please don’t come in here and try to act like your builds just like mine, because most of you people with your half baked builds and suggestions have no idea what your talking about. Asking me to change things on my build is silly considering any suggestions people have made thus far would only make the build worse. Like i have stated before, i have tested all your builds, and mine just works better, in all situations, there is not one Nisha build that could ever out damage mine in any situation, period. If you find one , post it here with a video showing me that its better and i will test and confirm it and i will apologize for my shortness and jack-like frustration, and please don’t waste my time with some stupid lady fist build (for obvious reasons).

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Crapshooter looks better than the chronicler on paper for LC. I don’think think fridgia needs any freezing buff from chronicler


Also again i know the Cronicler of Elpis class mod for Nisha seems like its really awesome, but in terms of dps - its just less overall. i know your getting “more” stuff, but that’s not always necessarily better. I keep trying to explain that but your just clearly not getting it. In the time it would take me to cryo freeze an enemy and switch to my Luck cannon, the enemy and many more could have already been completely wiped out had i just used the luck cannon in the first place.

Here are the gains and losses of using your suggested build + class mod over my build + class mod.
keep in mind a critical hit from my build is over 7.5x normal gun damage hits, so more crits and more crit damage and getting more crits faster > ALL

35% reload speed
35% weapon swap speed
35% fire rare - useless with jakobs guns
up to 50% gun damage the lower I am on health (very situational don’t you think?)
15% gun damage / sec in showdown (52.5% average gun damage while in showdown over 6 seconds)

12% Tombstone (this alone is a massive loss in dps and makes it not worth using the other mod)
8% Trick shot (i could live with this if not for the 12% loss from Tombstone)
9% chance to fire twice (small loss in dps but not game-breaking)
10% of shield restore
12% gun damage on kill
12% reload speed on kill
49% Critical hit damage (as you said yourself i crit a lot, how is losing this ever a good thing?)

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Eclipse and Eos are not the only benchmark for a Build’s power. Can you one-shot Iwajira ? Some people here have…

And it’s patently false that there is no suggestions that would improve your build… With that amount of tombstone and an explosive burst out of your main gun, adding cryo to your lineup is a no brainer. Are you aware of how cryo works ? And if you are, how can you possibly claim that your build is more powerful without it ???

You wanted feedback, yet you answer people in the rudest of ways. You claim to have tested every build on the forum… I seriously doubt it. No offense.

Also, I don’t think you even took the time to read me before answering… I NEVER suggested to put a single point into faster n you… No clue where you got that from.


Maybe I misunderstood, I thought you had said I should put one point into faster n you for the reload speed, i guess would prefer the point in trick shot to offset the same % i have now, i am well aware of how cryo works, im just saying its highly un-necessary with the build to use cryo, the luck cannon money shots based on how far away you are from your target, so its not like its every shot, all i was saying was in the time it takes to cryo an enemy and swap to luck cannons, they could have already of been dead. yes of course they would die faster if i cryo, then switch, and happen to get the money shot off, but damn, whats the point when everything literally explodes instantly? did you not see me literally rolling through all the badass glitches in that boss fight? I realize Eclipse/EOS aren’t a benchmark, i only used them as a way to show just how strong the build is, so if it can do that to them, obviously it wrecks everything else. I steamroll iwajira, how do i do this? i throw like 2 homing cryo grenades as im jumping towards him and open fire with showdown, before showdown ends, hes dead, so less than 6 seconds, ya some people have shown videos of 1 shotting him, good for them with their Aurelia and her 500 stacks of crap, how long does it take to get those stacks? mmhmm, my build is just as devastating with zero build up time, i just get there, and i wreck stuff.