[Build] JakobsGaige (A.K.A. Meredith) (lvl 72)

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Cheers, will give it a spin.
(While grumbling about delays in forum mail notifications. Seriously, we could put a man on the moon, but a bloody update email grumblegrumblegrumble )

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Gameplay video has been added to the OP.
Not the best example, and will be improved on, but it shows that it works.

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I tested this for OP8, and here’s what I got:

Pistols: The original has the Unforgiven, but the fire rate isn’t enough compared to the damage output when you take DR and health regen into account. Stick with the Maggie.

Shotguns: The Striker does work, but not for my playstyle. I’m more aggressive running in people’s faces, so I used a Coach Gun.
Summary: If willing to stay back: Striker. If more aggressive: Coach Gun or Quad.

Snipers: The Buffalo has the same problem as the Unforgiven, not enough fire rate to make the damage output enough. Go with a Muckamuck, or preferably a Hawkeye if you can get one.

Spec: The 1 point in Better Half is to help the Unforgiven and Buffalo, so on OP8 take that point out and put it in Unstoppable Force.

Com: A purple Prodigy is pointless since there is no Better Half now. Go with a blue that is +6 to Cooking Up Trouble.

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OP has been updated with new findings, new gameplay and a work in progress OP8 loadout.

@Troubled, notifying you here since I did promise to show you the new gameplay.



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I wonder how you can improve this build… :,v