[Build] "ka-BOOM!" - Axton the Cannonballer

Full Build Spec found here - http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55050145015500515010005055004000

Required Gear:
Derp 12 Pounder - Togue Grip, Torgue Exhaust, Tediore Sight. Derp prefix gives highest damage per shot, increased damage from the Torgue Grip and Torgue Exhaust, and increased reload speed from the Tediore sight.

The Sham - 94% chance to absorb enemy bullets and the secondary projectiles from guns like the Ker-blaster and Logan’s Gun as additional rocket ammo.

Low level Logan’s Gun - Does minimal self-inflicted damage while still being able to replenish rocket ammo via the Sham when fired at feet. I use a level 17 Logan’s Gun obtained as an assigned drop from Wilhelm during NVHM.

Magic Missiles - Mainly used as a slagging instrument. Could have also used a slag singularity, slag transfusion / O Negative, or even rotate in a Slagga and free up the grenade slot for an explosive Fastball.

Legendary Engineer class mod - Use this if you want to get the most damage out of the 12 Pounder. The constant turret usage will also soften up your enemies, thus making them easier to blow up.

Explosive Elemental relic - Get more damage from your 12 Pounder. Boom baby.


At 2:48, did that cannonball bounce off the wall back at you? I don’t think I knew they could do that (although I guess it makes sense, since they can bounce off the ground).

I was surprised at the Legendary Engineer COM for this launcher… I figured a Soldier or Grenadier would have provided more? I take it you’re after the Battlefront bonus?

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The turret distraction plus bonuses to battlefront and various other skills proved more helpful than the classic splash damage bonuses. The 12 pounder has a very small splash damage radius as it is… so it is fairly difficult to use it like a swordsplosion or any other rocket launcher, really.

And the bouncing is a thing. It has come back at me before and put me into FFYL. Its pretty entertaining. I like watching the thing bounce off walls or the floor just before it blows up other dudes.

[quote=“Afro_Samurai, post:3, topic:1254405”]It has come back at me before and put me into FFYL.[/quote]:laughing:

I just took mine for a spin through Lynchwood (mine’s about the same as yours, but with a Torgue sight). It is unusually entertaining to frag enemies with it.

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My 2nd favorite “skill” based launcher. 1st being the Creamer.

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The creamer is a fun one too. I had been playing around with one not long before putting this together.

If you can get the bounce just right, you can hit baddies from odd angles. It’s pretty great.

Running through Scarlet with this setup while singing “Do what you want cause a pirate is free… You are a pirate” should be funny haha

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I could probably make that happen, were it not for some fair use law issues…

Just wondering, why not bandit exhaust?

Boosts your Mag to 3 without a reload penalty, a gosend for even the fastest reloading Torgue Launcher.

(And I mean the say 10% Damage Spike isn’t really pushing your shots per target from the looks of the video, might as well take the utility/dps option here ESPECIALLY since it has no drawback)

Edit: My Bad Gearcalcing Wrong, Not worth having to switch Exh and Prefix.

I love the 12 pounder it really should have been the only Jacobs launcher.

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.9 sec slower reload speed is pretty noticeable to me, but I think…with the 12 pounder, you can t get the mag past 2 unless you opt for the mag bonus accessory.

I’ll take another look tonight to make sure.

Could have also used a torgue allegiance relic to increase mag size, but explosive elemental relics are too good of a deal to pass up.