[Build] Ka-Me-Lee Zane


So guys i wanted to share my build for zane which completely revolves around melee and nova interactions with zane and the clone.
It is a fast, explosive roaming build which relies on shield depletion, shield regeneration and punching enemies in the face :rofl:

This build is capable of doing M10 True Takedown without any problems


This build is very much hit and run / guerilla style. You run into enemies and swap with your clone to trigger shield novas and to get out for letting you or your clone heal or recharge the shield.

The x7 Facepuncher with the digiclone ammo regen annointment enables you to keep holding the trigger almost forever. It comes really close to an infinite ammo moze whilst serving explosions everywhere :heart_eyes:

For burst damage needs you can use 100% SNTL cryo or 300/90 annointments to increase element spread or initial damage which scales really well with the White Elephant bombs and the Stinger novas.

The key to this build is to cleverly swap and re-position you and your clone, so the clone gets healed and you both can regenerate your shields in between.

Focussing frozen enemies is crucial for maximum damage output!

The Drone can be swapped out for Barrier as a more defensive option. But i dont recommend this, because then we get less shield novas off and thats where a big chunk of our damage comes from

Some important / recommend points you should know:

  • You will go down A LOT but you can get back up very fast
  • Try to keep your clone and drone active as long as possible
  • Only use Old-U when you cannot get back up by yourself
    • Remember: You want to keep the clone active as long as possible
  • Watch your health bar
    • Donnybrook is your ONLY source of healing in this build
  • Always give the clone a x14 facepuncher
    • This doubles the White Elephant bombs from your clone
  • Try to hit crit spots
    • Facepuncher hits count as melee and cannot crit but the attached bombs from White Elephant CAN crit
  • Focus frozen enemies
    • Frozen enemies receive 300% increased damage from melee
    • Frozen enemies receive 100% increased damage from splash damage
  • Swap with your clone very often
    • Shield depletion triggers the novas from Stinger for YOU AND YOUR CLONE
    • Swapping instantly starts recharging your shield
    • Swapping heals your clone
    • Swapping increases gun damage from Old-U by 25% for ~6-8 seconds stacking up to 3 times
  • Combine cryo and radiation damage for optimal results
  • The 12% digiclone ammo regen annointment sometimes bugs out
    • It stops working after some fixed amount o time
    • It stops working when going into FFYL
    • RE-ENABLE the annointment by swapping the weapon away and back in


Shield: Stinger

  • Resistance: cryo or radiation
    • The nova on depletion matches that element
  • Annointment: 15% movement speed while SNTL is active
  • Annointment: While Digiclone is active regenerate 3% max health per second
    • This would be best in slot if it wasnt bugged and is stopping to work after a certain amount of time or when going to FFYL

Grenade: Recurring Hex

  • Element: cryo or radiation
  • Annointment: 150% grenade dmg while action skill is active

COM: Seein’Dead

  • Skills: As many points in Donnybrook as possible
  • Preferred Stats:
    • Melee Damage
    • Action Skill Damage
    • Splash Damage
    • Splash Damage Radius

Artifact: Radiation Stone White Elephant or Cryo Stone White Elephant

  • Preferred Stats:
    • Melee Damage
    • Magazine Size
    • Area-Of-Effect Damage
    • Cryo Damage
    • Radiation Damage


We only use the Facepuncher with different annointments and x7 or x14 pellets


  • x7 pellets
  • Annointment: 12% digiclone ammo regen


  • x14 pellets
  • Annointment: 12% digiclone ammo regen


  • x14 pellets
  • Annointment: 100% sntnl cryo


  • x14 pellets
  • Annointment: 300% increased damage while enemy health above 90%



Recommended Action Skill Augments:

    • Winters Drone (freezing) WITH Static Field (shield regen)
    • Optional: Winters Drone (freezing) WITH Boomsday (rockets) to boost explosive cryo damage
  • Clone
    • Schadenfreude (shield regen)
    • Doppelbanger (explosion dmg and possibility to end clone on purpose)

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Green Tree

Ready for Action 5/5
Faster shield recharge for more shield novas and general protection from shield being up protecting you

Brainfreeze 5/5
Mandatory to freeze enemies (couple this with a hex grenade)

Confident Competence 1/1
Free gun damage and accuracy while shield is up

Blue Tree

Violent Speed 5/5
More movement speed

Violent Momentum 5/5
Increased damage while moving fast

Cool Hand 5/5
Faster reloads

Drone Delivery 1/1
Free grenades for freezing enemies

Salvation 1/5
Only 1 point for when using alternative gun damage weapons -> this skill does not apply to facepuncher melee attacks or novas

Death Follows Close 1/1
Improved Kill Skills

Violent Violence 1/5
Only 1 point to get the Kill Skill

Playing Dirty 1/5
Only 1 point to get the Kill Skill

Good Misfortune 1/3
Only 1 point to get the Kill Skill

Red Tree

Synchronicity 3/5
Gun damage

Praemunitus 3/3
More magazine size for you and your clone

Borrowed Time 3/5
Increased action skill uptime

Donnybrook 5/5
Gun damage and health regeneration
IMPORTANT: This is your only source of health regeneration

Fractal Frags 1/1
Most current clone builds don’t take this skill because the clone stops shooting when he throws the grenade. But we actually want this skill to proc as often as possible, so our hex grenade can freeze the enemies more often which results in even more damage output

Duct Tape Mod 3/5
More grenades

Quick Breather 1/1
Instant shield recharge and clone healing
IMPORTANT: Wise use of this skill is absolutely mandatory for survival in this build

Pocket Full Of Grenades 1/3
Gives us the needed grenade regeneration for Duct Tape Mod and Boom Enhance

Old-U 1/1
Your ticket to get back into the game when downed

Supersonic Man 3/3
More movement speed

Boom Enhance 1/1
Boosts your clone’s stats to the needed levels

Double Barrel 1/1
This capstone enables the build by giving the clone our currently equipped weapon

Recommened Mayhem 10 Modifiers

  • EASY: Speed Demon, avoid Slayer
  • MEDIUM: does not really matter, avoid cryo or radiation immunity
  • HARD: avoid pool party, cryo or radiation immunity
  • VERY HARD: Buddy System or Death, avoid Rogue Lite


I hope you guys are having fun with this uncommon zane build.
It’s currently my favorite zane playstyle because its such a fast gameplay with almost infinite ammo and it feels very rewarding punching frozen enemies to little pieces :rofl:

See ya around


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build is somewhat the same with my face puncher zane, only difference is i still use the ward, infiltrator class mod and knife drain white elephant.

Yes, the ward shield or a brawler roughrider (with 180% roid) are both viable alternatives for the stinger shield.

Also for the talent build i often use 3/3 Trick of the Light and take the points from 3/3 Praemunitus or 3/5 Duct Tape Mod.

Trick of the Light CAN be very strong and shines especially in Coop-Sessions :slight_smile:

The Infiltrator classmod is really good but i still prefer Seein’ Dead for the infinite SNTNL uptime

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