[build] Kaosweeper Moze: shreds through TTD like butter

I’ve only ever seen them on regular exploding.

It doesn’t. Mini-Mirv is Torgue only iirc.


Err I just found out the grenade I’m using is a modded one? Someone told me in reddit. How do you actually know if the item is modded or not? Coz I got it from a community save file from moxsy discord lol I wouldn’t have use it if I only knew :confused:

Step 1: Don’t use stuff from Moxsy.


Haha solid advice. I’ll be more careful next time. Will definitely redo the whole video minus the modded item. I do have CMT in storage anyways. Tyvm for the advice

Here is a list of legal grenades (google doc)

Here’s a list you can find other info on gear BL3 Lootology 101 - A Compilation of Community Guides

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Ty @twoPIZZA will bookmark this spreadsheet and double check the items before posting any guide next time.

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Moxsy got in a heap of ■■■■ for that grenade. hahaha


I’ve been running a similar build myself since I found Kaoson smgs. I do a few things differently. I have 300 above 90 anoint on mine. Seems to help with initial burst damage very well. Exact same Mind Sweeper, but 51 Dahl crit instead of grenade damage.
When I need extra survivability, I have used a 75% shield/hp anoint Re-Charger shield and a Last Stand Otto Idol.
If you can keep away from enemies that prefer melee range, it’s highly effective. I like the idea of the Rico shield, might have to try that.

AYYYYY. This, but unironically.

Your build is very similar to mine btw. Have you tried Cartel TTD?
I did it yesterday, I crashed the game twice (thx bore mindsweeper!) before managing to finish it!

Who said I was using Irony? He’s the worst kind of YouTuber. People send him stuff, he doesn’t know enough about the game to know half his gear is modded, then he makes videos claiming to know things when half the stuff he says is either false or stolen word for word. He’s quantity over quality and should just be ignored.


How about the bouncing pair.

Err. Different moxxy. Lol

No one. 'twas a joke. Also, preaching to the choir, I am the first in line when it comes to trashing moxsy for the exact same reasons you listed. The amount of stuff that he’s stealing from smaller content creators is unnerving.


I am curious about Torgue Cross Promotion.

The last time that I used that skill I was constantly downing myself with the splash damage. How are you guys getting around that issue?

The Kaoson doesn’t do self splash and the Sandhawk is generally ok as the radius is pretty small to begin with.

If you’re using Mind Sweeper it works wonders in some parts of the game, then you get to parts like the bridge before Wotan and it’s suicide city. You can really only only use a red suit or transformer to match elements to not kill yourself constantly but TCP procced barrels still blow you up.

TCP is both a great skill and the worst skill in the game. You pretty much have to spec it on MS for M10 unless you plan on just using the new OP weapons and pretending you have a build. Blast Master you can avoid TCP and not suffer as much damage loss, but the extra splash damage is pretty awesome with the 300v2 anointment… Which is also OP as hell.

You either have to really keep your distance and avoid melee enemies getting in your face, and strafing behind objects while shooting - Use shock healing / rad immunity - Not use MS in M10 areas that are impossible to avoid self damage situations.


This is why you should always carry a Scourge on you. Lol


Idk about anyone else but the Scourge doesn’t feel as powerful as it used to. I’ve tried the 300 and the 160 splash annoints on a m10 versions of it and it’s just not as powerful. It would probably go back to as powerful as it used to feel if SFTR would last longer than 5 seconds. Maybe 7 seconds would be a good sweet spot

I rock the 150 Rad on my Scourges with MS and Galaxy Brain. Clears pretty good.

@deathf4n yeah when not recording i dont bother enabling cartels. just annoying sometimes because i dont know which target is which to speed thru the next area and the number of ads is overwhelming lol
with cartel ON there’s an extra minute or two in my runs.

@Sssith It works fine for me, maybe because kaoson don’t have much splash radius so the double radius doesn’t reach me as much. Just don’t fight ads side by side. If an enemy gets near me, i usually step back first before i shoot.