[Build] Killer Queen - M10 Billion Damage Pet (UPDATED DLC 5)

Hello fellow Vault Hunters,

Do you love animals? Do you relish the thought of them tearing your enemies apart? Do you not have time to farm? Does “social distancing” mean nothing to you? Is your soul elated by the sight of


Then boy-oh-boy, do I have the build for you.

This build has undergone some radical changes with the introduction of the Trapper skill tree. It is so much more powerful than it was before. However, it is almost a completely different build than the non-DLC version. I’ll post a link to a google doc for the non-Trapper tree variant of Killer Queen for anyone who may need it. While the build is still effective without DLC 5 (and actually still gained power with the 11/9 patch like a lot of builds did), I prefer the Trapper variant for its superior pet damage.

How does it work?

This build is based entirely around the Guardian Rank perk Hollowpoint. Needless to say, if you prefer to play without Guardian Rank or haven’t reached this perk yet, you can’t play this build.

@DocStrangelove explains Hollowpoint in his Overkill Explained thread, but as a quick refresher Hollowpoint will create an explosion on critical hit kills that deals damage equal to your Overkill. However, what really makes this skill amazing is that, unlike Overkill, the damage of Hollowpoint is uncapped, meaning that it can hit for some absolutely bonkers numbers. On top of being uncapped, this perk also scales with Pet Mayhem scaling, meaning Hollowpoint explosions from pet critical kills will deal X51 damage in M10.

We’re going to use Go for the Eyes to guarantee consistently powerful critical hits. This skill only provides crits on the first melee attack to hit an enemy. The goal of this build is to take full advantage of this perk by loading up on as much splash damage as possible to boost the Hollowpoint explosion and attack command damage, and then utilize the correct pets to hit huge melee crits with Go for the Eyes and blow up mobs of enemies. Using Eager to Impress to spam attack commands, we can keep tossing out high damage nukes with our pet. We further boost this attack command damage with the recently buffed pet terror anointment (attack commands consume all terror and the pet deals 200% bonus damage as fire for about 18 seconds) and roid shields with Take This.

Pets can stack overkill and Hollowpoint for FL4K even though they don’t personally benefit from it. We can utilize these interactions for massive damage boosts against tough enemies.

The Skill Tree

Skill Tree


Because of the mechanics of this build, only one pet really works: Spiderant Countess. Countess ticks every box for this build. Her attack command scales off of splash damage and it’s melee so it can proc Go for the Eyes. The most important feature of this pet however is that it’s melee attack is a teleport. Not only can she attack enemies from surprisingly long ranges, but she can move quickly and seamlessly from one enemy to another without running into any other bodies messing with her AI. As long as you are diligent in your commanding, you can essentially guarantee that Countess will not have an opportunity to get off a normal melee attack on an enemy before she teleports and kills them with her burrowing attack.


  1. Take This - This skill allows you to equip your Spiderant with a roid shield. All of the damage types on Countess’ attack command (splash, terror) scale with roid. Giving you anywhere from an 80-300% damage boost on almost all of her attacks.

  2. Headcount/Eager to Impress - We need Headcount to lower our Gamma Burst duration, and Eager to Impress to spam attack commands.

  3. Go for the Eyes - This build won’t work without at least 1 point in this skill, but your effective DPS will increase dramatically with as many points as you can spare in here. Hollowpoint is based off of the damage you overkill enemies with, so the higher your crit damage is, the more damage the explosion will do. This crit can also Throatripper crit, resulting in an attack that deals 2.75x damage.



Ideally, the Gamma anoint would be used for this build since we need a roid shield and we have better artifacts to use than Deathless. However, because the Gamma anoint is broken right now, I’ve been using Consecutive Hits.

Facepuncher- This weapon is used for generating terror. Because we’re using a roid shield, the Facepuncher can deal decent damage when we are in FFYL. This weapon is a great utility slot which can function as an ammo restoring tool (cutpurse) or lifesteal (knifedrain), but the goal is to give the Facepuncher enough damage to keep up stacks of Interplanetary Stalker.

Zheitsev’s Eruption - Debuff tool. There are very few enemies where this will be required, but it is generally useful to have this weapon overheated so it will fire out its debuff rockets every time you swap to it.

The final 2 slots can be filled by any high powered splash damage weapons of your choice: Backburners, Plaguebearers, Sandhawks, Anarchy, etc… The goal is to have weapons that can quickly dispatch badasses and bosses when the Facepuncher doesn’t cut it. I try to have a shock, corrosive, and fire option for any of the weapons I carry, but prioritize shock and corrosive since those are the most useful for raid content.


This build will work best with the best roid shield you have on hand, preferably with the Pet terror anointment. This build can work with any roid shield with the terror anointment (an 80% roid bonus with pet terror will beat out a 180% roid without it), but your goal is to get a 300% Brawler Ward.


The grenade will be where we have our “generate terror on melee” anoint so we can use a damage anointment on the Facepuncher.

Quasar/Whispering Ice - For singularity nades.

Hunter Seeker - Can proc Headcount through Megavore crits and regen ammo with Leave No Trace.


No relic’s special effect works for the pets, so you have 2 options:

  • Victory Rush - More personal damage with guns, Countess kills stack this
  • White Elephant - can help with Facepuncher damage against single targets.
  • Static Charge- AOE damage for Facepuncher, and chains + bonus damage help kill trash mobs and keep up Interplanetary Stalker.

As for prefixes
Go for Knife Drain if you feel you need survivability
Go Cutpurse if you’re fighting tough enemies and you think you’ll run out of ammo
Go Stone if you want more Facepuncher damage above all else
Go snowdrift in any other scenario


The Red Fang class mod is preferred for this Gamma Burst version of Killer Queen. Ideal stat rolls are +3 Ferocity, +1 He Bites, and +1 Eager to Impress. Passives would be Weapon type Damage, Splash Damage, and either charge speed (if applicable) or weapon damage.

The Red Fang is needed in this setup for 2 reasons: we don’t have the points to reach Eager to Impress so we need a class mod that gives us points in the skill, and we need the pet’s roid shield to be down for max damage so the taunt ensures the shield never gets a chance to refill during combat.

How It Works

As was mentioned above, the core of this build is Go for the Eyes, Eager to Impress, and Hollowpoint. By spamming Countess’ attack command as the first melee hit on an enemy, we can guarantee a critical hit that will (more than likely) kill the enemy and proc Hollowpoint explosions.

Where this build changes is in how powerful the attack commands are. The Trapper tree introduced several skills that supercharged Countess’ damage. The first is Gotta Go Fast, which is an independent 35% damage multiplier. This skill gives us an always on Deadeye bonus. The next skill is Throatripper which gives the pet a 15% chance to hit a critical hit. This skill is like Megavor in that it can make any pet damage source crit, which even includes Go for the Eyes crits. It gives a sizeable damage increase to basic attacks too when it procs. Finally, Take This allows you to give the pet a roid shield, which can be as much as a x4 damage multiplier.

Because we have access to roid, we no longer need to focus on keeping up the splash anointment for damage. Gamma Burst gives us access to the 75% bonus radiation damage, and we have permanent uptime on the 200% bonus fire damage from terror. Both of these bonus elements scale with roid damage, so now Countess can cover the elemental weakness of every health type.

Because the pet stacks overkill and Groundbreaker on Hollowpoint kills, you can use it to build damage to nuke larger targets with your guns. This is especially helpful on the Facepuncher and single projectile weapons like the Plaguebearer and Backburner.

Gameplay Footage

Thanks for taking a look. This build is the most fun I’ve ever had in BL3. Seeing my pet, which 2 months ago struggled kill trash mobs, hitting bosses for hundreds of millions of damage is a sight to behold, and the amount of explosions going off on screen would make Mr. Torgue shed a tear.

I’m renaming my FL4K Yoshikage Kira in honor of this build, as whenever FL4K points his finger at something and says “That one’s talking ■■■■” this is what happens.


That’s not too different from one of mine. :laughing:

Seriously though, my Rakk FL4K uses the Jabber, and switches freely between melee and weapons. Weapons aside (he’s limited to Tediore), I may try this with his Deadeye. Some Tediore fare can throw good splash to bank for a initial crit.

I haven’t played with Beefcake Jabber for a while… let me give this a spin.

Good to know! I roll with the Scorcher by default on one of my other FL4Ks, so unless I’m around a bunch of armored enemies, I’m not used to that.

M10 Freddie 1 shot

By napkin math, that Hollowpoint explosion dealt around 2B damage combined to 3 enemies.

Here is a good one


Beautiful, isn’t it?


Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Those lyrics seem to fit like a glove for the name of the build.

If we can get AC fixed to make this an easier proc, it will be fairly dependable as long as you have 2+ enemies grouped up to proc it.


This is my favorite attack command callout LOL. Gets me every time. Great writeup. I like the way you write and explain things and especially how you go through the gear and playstyle in detail. Impressive work!



its a fun build though :’) always wanted to try out a pet build and im happy they’re more viable now

Yeah, this build is pretty bonkers. I’m doing SS with weapons 4 or 5 mayhems underleveled, just siccing the pet on everything, body parts flying, frame dropping, explosions all around. It’s great :joy:


killer queen has already touched that cpu


Wow! This is a really astute build, I d have never thought of using hollow point.

I am bit confused about how hollow point works, it says on critical kill so if you fight a boss that means you need to kill a mob near it with attack command right? but even if you aim attack command directly at the boss you are fine as long as you kill bystanders like here? I have a hard time pulling it off consistantly… nvm I think stairs are the mortal enemies of pets as well as Claptrap

Exactly. As long as there is a mob nearby to hit a crit on you should insta-kill just about anything.


I knew you could pull it off! Well done, good sir! For your relentlessness and hard work you deserve thee first and maybe only pet build thread!


Twas a team effort.

Now I expect everyone to post screenshots of their kills lol.


It would be useful to describe the flow of general mobbing with this build.

The general theory is to group as many subjects into as small of an area as possible and issue the AC to an enemy that Countess hasn’t melee’d yet. As long as she kills said enemy on first melee attack, the entire group will evaporate.


In addition to the above (perfect) description, you can also just play it like a normal Rakk build and just save Countess for opportune moments when see several mobs close together.


Im 90 percent sure gbx is gonna nerf this but until then, Ima enjoy the hell out of this.

Until Indiscriminate and Remnant get tuned down, there should be 0 nerfs to any VH.

This interaction is way more situational than those. Given that they all need multiple enemies in an area to work, this one only works when your pet kills and enemy with a melee critical hit lol


If they somehow get around to nerfing Hollowpoint scaling before touching any of the clusterfuck that is TTB, I’ll simultaneously lmfao and toss my PC out the window :rofl:.

Seriously though, I may be jinxing this but I can’t see GB nerfing a GR perk, especially since IB (can Zane’s clone hit crits?) can proc it too and presumably get the x31 scaling on his. We’re good.


Never heard of zane clone and IB 1 shotting stuff with hollowpoint and we all know Amara is the favorite and they will never give her the nerf. They also nerfed scorcher with the quickness so I’m a little worried but, I hope I’m just being paranoid tho.