[Build] Killer Queen - M10 Billion Damage Pet (UPDATED DLC 5)

With all the splash boosts on this build Rakk can easily hit for a few million damage. One shotting weaker enemies isn’t out of the question.

Awesome build mate! I know you’ve been working on pet damage builds for a long time now, great to see it come to fruition :slight_smile:


This sounds mega fun and creative. Good work! :+1:

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I don’t even know - I’m not throwing everything in this build into the combat (I’m using the Beefcake Jabber and no splash guns; just trying to bank some Overkill into a burly critical hit to feed a big Hollow Point explosion). He hit for something elsewhere for 13M with this setup (and I’m playing at lower levels where I’m psyched to see any damage in the millions).

He’s a Tediore rep, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to bank some Overkill. I think my strongest weapon is an Anarchy (cryo, x18 pellets, MM10, with extra damage to Rakk’d enemies). Load some stacks, Rakk a little guy up, debuff them with my S3RV-80S-EXECUTE pistol, finish them with this thing with an n-1 reload bubble shot, maybe add some Piss… :thinking:

edit - the Beefcake Jabber’s bat swing with Lootsplosion is fantastic, by the way - everything is a pinata. :laughing:

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Splash Radius on COM and AoE on artifact when not in the first slot boost the radius of Hollowpoint. I’m not sure if the +splash damage on a weapon card boosts it as well.

AOE makes a huge difference. You can see with just one roll here how much of a difference it makes.

The relic I’m using at the moment has an AoE buff (43%).

Try using a shotgun, melee, or contact grenade to knock them out of the air. IIRC Wendigo’s lair isn’t so incredibly large that you’ll knock the little one too far away.

Yep, if you have an AOE roll on your artifact and even just one point in GFTE, you can one-shot a lot of mob enemies, and that’s not even using the attack command. It works even better if you use the attack command!

I haven’t even built around it and as long as you spend those first 5 points in Ferocity and GFTE and had an AOE roll on your artifact, I bet you could one-shot trash mobs almost anywhere in the game.

This is just fantastic.

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So, apparently this is a thing. Not sure how many other boss immunity phases can be done this way.


Quite a few. Same can be done with Moze Minesweeper under perfect conditions.


This was my first encounter with it. Once I figured out it was Hollowpoint doing it, it’s very consistent.

So you can consistently skip boss phases? That’s pretty cool! I didn’t even think of that…

I haven’t tried it with any other bosses, and it only works with Warden’s last one. But still, saving one phase is still worth it!

@vCarpeDiemv I haven’t tried it with this pet method that you guys are using, but you definitely can skip immunity phases on Killavolt and also maybe Troy IIRC. I have only done it using Torgue stickies and crit-swapping, but I know it can be done. I would assume that anything that deals enough damage quickly enough can achieve this result.

You probably wouldn’t be able to use the pet Hollowpoint method with Troy because there are no adds, but it should work for Killavolt.

Thanks to today’s buff to Tiggs Boom, I was finally able to finish M8 SS with M4 gear.
Let me tell ya: that was intense :joy:

With that done, I have no issue just getting on level gear to do it now. Why I had to do it with underleveled gear specifically I don’t remember…


How does Cosmic Stalker feel with her now?

It wasn’t bad. Felt weird though. There were just a handful of times where the first crit didn’t seem to hit as hard. And losing the movement speed from Fast and Furryous was tough. Overall though it didn’t deal much less damage than normal, so it’s a solid pick now I’d say.

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I had a lot of success with a R4KK P4K, had a crazy +3/2 Pack Tactics/Grim Harvest one in storage.

Yeah, the version of the build in the OP was tested for Slaughter Shaft, since it’s pretty much the toughest mobbing in the game outside of raids. It gives the most damage, but there are alternate set ups focusing more on Rakk if you don’t need all the damage. I don’t have a good Rakk Pakk, but I wanted to try and see how it fared.