[Build] Killer Queen - M10 Billion Damage Pet (UPDATED LVL 65)

Do pet triggered Hollowpoint kills proc Psycho Head? I know they heal your pet with WRW, so I would assume that it should be counted as damage dealt by FL4K.

With no icon on the HUD, it’s hard for me to tell

I think so. It seems to count as your damage for a lot of things.

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How does the Queen fare with the new tree?

True Maliwan Takedown is basically Athenas. I’m hoping to record some scaled GTD footage this weekend, maybe attempt true if I can.


Looking forward to it!

I am actually glad the Loader Bot is the mess that it is. This leaves some room for this build to still grow. Shame the Jabber weapons got hammered with the enemy scaling fix.

Maliwan maps always mess up the attack command AI. I honestly found GTD easier in terms of getting Countess to do things. But here it is.


I’m a little sad to see the Rakks go, made the build feel so much more of a Beastmaster.

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I tried to keep them in, but the build just naturally evolved into a Gamma Burst set up. I’m going to explain more in the write up once I get to editing it, but honestly with the 4th tree gaining access to Roid damage it doesn’t make much sense to stick to Rakk. Trading the ASS Frozen Heart for Ward really cut the survivability of the build down, and Dominance makes enemies attack each other rather than the pet so the Roid isn’t up as much.

You can still do Rakk (I switched to Peregrine instead of Deadeye and used a Piss with 25% OGT for 50% pet damage), but it just doesn’t flow as well as Gamma does.


I understand the concept of better synergy, I just loved the pure Beastmaster concept of it before.

I know you wouldn’t change it unless there were better routes.

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It’s weird because the build kind of evolved in 2 separate directions depending on whether or not you have the new trees. Roid being a higher multiplier than splash makes it much easier to run gamma, while non-DLC owners can use the new OGT anoint to pump up Rakk and pet damage with the Peregrine. The biggest difference between them is that non-DLC is still very much a hybrid build, while Gamma version leans much more heavily into Countess as the primary damage dealer.


Both true takedowns done, although Guardian probably took 1.5 hrs or more.