[Build] King Arthbrrr the Icebringer


As my other name “Pandora’s Industrial Engineer” kind of hints at, my specialty is improving upon other people’s ideas. I have a lot of builds, but for the most part they are only existing builds with no real major changes to speak of really.

The other day @Chuck80 commented on my Bangstick showcase video saying I should make a thread on that build. But to me it was just a fine tuned Hybrid Athena build, and if I were to make a build I’d want it to be special. Fast forward to few days ago and me and Chuck where talking about the Excalibastard , and this got the Imaginative juices flowing.

So after some testing and skill tree redesigns something really :snowflake: cool :snowflake: came out of it. And it has quite a bit of synergy with Nisha, more than just “Tombstone makes it crit”. And while some people like @Sljm talked about the core mechanic I focus on, no one has made a build like this to my knowledge (I checked the forums and YouTube).

And while this build isn’t the boss destroyer “Jacobs Nisha” is, I feel this build is one of the most effective and fun mobbing builds she has access to (b/c “Auto Nisha” is a ammo hog). This build is only meant for mobbing, but so long as a mini boss can be frozen the build very much so holds its own. But without further ado…

Who needs aim-bots and magic heat seeking bullets, when you can just never shoot your gun in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Build

Skill builder link Lvl 70

The gun and gear names are screenshots.

The Guns

Excalibastard :snowflake:
This gun has the unique ability to freeze enemies that can be frozen 100% of the time after you score a critical hit while holding the gun. Whether that be by shooting the gun, melee, while in a vehicle, ect… As you can probably tell with the skill “Tombstone”, Nisha can make this effect proc through many different sources. Such as butt slams, body hits, and grenades which is the focus of my build. The other special effect this gun has is melee hits on frozen enemies cause you to emit a cryo singularity nova around you, which synergizes well with her skill “Thunder Crackdown” which is utilized in this build. Its innate 110% crit damage and 50% melee damage plays nice with the points made above as well.

Laser Disker :boom:
This gun has the most powerful throw reload on all but shielded enemies in the game (taking into account ammo pools, reload speed, and matching element bonuses), with cryo (which we have a lot of) it becomes unmatched. This gun is used to start our kill skill chain. And since we are already boosting grenade damage, freezing everything, and don’t care about laser ammo this is a perfect fit. This is also used to kill all non shielded non cryo-able bosses where our Storm Fronts just aren’t enough.

The Gear

Storm Front :zap:
And by the same extension any Vladof Tesla. As we know all Vladof grenades “hit” enemies many times a second, and with “Tombstone” those hits can crit. But with the Excalibastard those criticals can now freeze enemies rendering them motionless. Mix in the infamous fact that all critical hits will calculate based on the gun(s) in your hand(s) and you now not only have the x2 multiplier from your grenades being able to crit 66% of the time from “Tombstone”, you also have 110% type A crit damage from the Excalibastard, 200% type A from the enemy being frozen, 49% from the Crapshooter COM, and 35% from the skill “Bona Fide Grit”. For a total of 394% crit damage.

Bomber Oz Kit :snowflake:
This Oz kit not only increases your grenade damage, but also gives you a high chance to not consume grenade ammo while mid-air. And really its the main piece of gear that makes this build viable in the long term and not just a cool gimmick that’s only worth a “proof of concept” thread. Its also another source of damage via butt slams used to finish off an enemy or freeze them for easier Laser Disker kills since this build prefers you not shoot the Excalibastard (I’ll explain later on).

High-rollin’ Crapshooter Class Mod
This buffs the main skill this build cares about “Tombstone”. Which makes all of this “magic” happen and gives you a passive critical damage to make all of that “magic” hit even harder. The secondary skill boost I picked was “Trick Shot” because I found it more useful than “Unchained”.

Shield of Ages
Nisha’s favorite “Order” building shield. It builds stacks easy, provides good protection in combination with some skills, and preformed better and is easier to get than its competitor the Kala.


IVF :zap:
For when the enemy is shielded and non cryo-able this is our choice of weapon. Its good to keep this in our backpack because shields resist explosive damage, which is our main weapon to use in this scenario the Laser Disker’s only element. The preffered parts are in the screenshot.

Fire Bee :fire:
The Storm Front’s fire brother, this grenade is a good alternative. And is preferred when facing against very healthy flesh enemies like Ultimate Badass Trojans.

The Skills


11/5 Tombstone
This kill skill allows any damage that isn’t critical hit a percent chance to be one. This allows us the ability to crit our butt slams, “Crack shot” nova, ect…, and grenades. Which allows our Storm Front’s to freeze enemies and do even more damage while the Excalibastard is in our hands.

5/5 Crack Shot
This skill causes your first shot to deal more damage, and if an enemy dies from that shot they release an explosive :boom: nova. However this skill is glitched similarly to Claptrap’s skill “One Last Thing”, where the game thinks all damage during the shot after the actual “Crack Shot” is the “Crack Shot’s” slash damage causing enemies to release a nova on death no matter how they die. Also if an enemy damaged by a grenade that’s hit procced “Tombstone” (I tested this with a tesla) the skill has a chance to glitch even more and add in my case 50% more base damage to the grenade. So not only is your grenade causing the explosive novas now, it also freezes the enemy buffing that nova with a x3 multiplier, and the nova can crit with “Tombstone” which is rebuffed by the cryo’s 200% type A crit and all of the other critical damage you have stacked up till now. Oh and not to mention the chance at a 50% base damage increase to your grenade.


The Riflewoman

  • 5/5 Bona Fide Grit - More crit damage for everything. And some health regen to survive easier.
  • 5/5 Quick Shot - Filler, does’t help the build/play style.
  • 1/1 Fistful of Bullets - Stronger Laser Disker throw reloads.
  • 1/1 Impatience - Since we don’t really shoot we never need to reload. So this stacks fast and hits hard with its up to 420% reload speed when we need to throw reload our Laser Disker or if we accidentally fire our Excalibastard and need to reload to get back to the second shot in the magazine fast.
  • 6/5 Trick Shot - Its buffed by the COM and I found it more useful than Unchained.
  • 1/1 The Unforgiven - The nova is buffed by cryo and its good for killing small flying enemies like “swarmers”.

Fan the Hammer

  • 5/5 Saddle Up - The movement speed is nice.
  • 5/5 Bottled Courage - More survivability and 50% of a Shield of Ages is a lot.
  • 1/1 Short Fused - I didn’t want the other skills and this is buffed by cryo.
  • 5/5 Faster 'n You - Better reloads and quicker swapping from my kill skill chain starting Laser Disker to my Excalibastard.

Law & Order

  • 4/4 Law - More shield is nice and I have to.
  • 1/1 Order - Makes Nisha a tank and I have to.
  • 5/5 The Third Degree - Increases Thunder Crackdown’s damage for when I need to finish of an enemy. And is basically a 500% melee buff all the time since I don’t mainly melee in this build.
  • 1/1 Rough Rider - More Order stacks and better butt slams.
  • 5/5 Wanted - Free damage.
  • 1/1 Discipline - 100% shield regen upon gaining 10 Order stacks, more Order, better shield recharge delay, and more melee damage.
  • 1/1 Blood of the Guilty - More Order stacks, 1 Order stack per kill, and 5% health regened on kill.
  • 3/5 Jurisdiction - More movement speed and more health regen.
  • 5/5 Rarin’ To Go - Better reloads for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • 1/1 Thunder Crackdown - More Order stacks and a good finisher when you don’t have kill skills.

The Videos

Original showcase

Icebringer vs Regolith Range & Deadlift

Icebringer vs TRPP & Felicity

Icebriger vs Level 9 Mutator Arena

Closing remarks

This is my first gimmick based build that is actually very effective. And while this build may not have the same power as “Jacobs Nisha”, it gives it a run for its money. If you ever want to talk about this build you can just call it “The Icebringer” build, King Arthbrrr is funny just not succinct.


If I got anything wrong or you feel I could improve the build somewhere feel free to tell me.

I’m going to sleep now. So if I’m not responding you know why.

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sweet concept! if i may, a few suggestions…
is far as i am aware, things critting off of tombstone that cannot naturally crit (grenades, tediore reloads, ETC) do not get the bonus crit from skills or the crapshooter mod. just saying.
also, im pretty sure that a gun damage increase (crack shot) doesn’t increase grenade damage. teslas have very inconsistent damage with tombstone, so that might be the source of you confusion.
BTW, have you tried the quasar? i feel like with all these novas going on, grouping those enemies up seems like a good idea.

Posts like these are when these forums are at their best. Great work! I’ll have to try this for myself, there’s finally something to motivate me to get Nisha to 70.

Quick question though: could you use the bulwark to further increase the damage, or would the laser damage bonus not factor in?

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Actually amazingly :flushed: enough all 394% of the crit damage I have transfers over to the Storm Front or any Vladof grenade I tested. I got to know the Darksiders on a very deep and personal level if you get what I mean. So I can 100% confirm crit transfer to at least Tesla grenades. Now it doesn’t happen all the time but the damage from Crack Shot does transfer on occasion to any Tombstone buffed grenade hits. I also found out Bona Fide Grit is fixed now to do the 35% crit damage it should.

You can test it your self if you don’t believe me. If the 394% crit damage and Crack Shot nova didn’t transfer I wouldn’t have made the build in the first place.

And I tried the Quasar, it tended to pull enemies to and past it. The tesla range is bad and last a short time. The SFs AOE and duration beat it with no contest.

P.S. The perfect level 5 purple Tesla I used never changed in the damage the tesla’s “hits” did. It was 22 across the board, the other #'s were from the DoT it put on the enemy.
Demonite has a video that shows this too.

P.S.S. What about our favorite Nisha kill? The Mongol can never crit normally, but we transferred the Muckamuck’s over to it.

Thanks, and yeah only the grenades base damage gets the Crack Shot 50% increase (occasionally). The gun in your hand doesn’t matter. When Crack Shot glitches out the grenade’s increase in damage didn’t change whether I had a Lvl 30 Dahl pistol or Lvl 70 Nukem in my hands. Also no other gun damage buffed the grenade when Crack Shot glitched out, so things like the skill Saddle Up or the Prismatic Bulwark have no effect on the grenade.

neat. so wouldn’t it be more beneficial to carry around that famed old muckamuck for targets that are already frozen?
another idea. maybe carry around a weapon or two for the big baddies. have your tesla freeze and strip the shield, then pull out another gun like the flakker, fragnum, or other expolsive weapon to destroy them. seems like it would add more of a gameplay feel to the build.
one more tweak i would recommend. wanted is not really that good of a skill. may want to put those points elsewhere. if you plan on the weapons i suggested unchained or hells is a good choice. or you could go the jakobs route for other weapons, in which case, hot lead all the way. it could add to your already insane dot capability.

Yeah, but it ends up becoming a lot of weapon swap management. And while the extra 190% crit is nice, the Ecalibastard already has 110% so it ends up only being an extra 80% and not worth the strain for general mobbing. And the Excali can re-aply cyro to keep that 200% crit buff if the UBA lives longer than 6 seconds.

In the video I had the Laser Disker, Kaneda’s Laser, and Flayer. I didn’t use them and I don’t really use them b/c I have the most fun with the SFs and I’m fine with my variation being only for mobbing.

If you want to stick to the theme you can use the Laser Disker and a IVF to kill the UBAs once they’re frozen. I just like the challenge of making the SFs work in a sticky situation, like when I encounter the UBA Outlaw in my video and my kill skills run out.

100% agree, but since I made a build around not shooting its the best option I’ve got. People are free to change or hybridize my build to their liking That’s why I put the 2 major skills this build cares about, and for the rest I gave the reason why I picked them. So if the reader feels like they can live w/out it, they can substitute it with what they want.

I made the most gimmicky build possible to make it feel unique, which was my aim like I said in the prelim.

P.S. HCwM is bad for this build, since if you reload your Ecali it can make you shoot twice and screw up the Crack Shot thing.

Considering Nisha is a woman, “The lady of the lake” would have been a better name, but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build, good thinking.

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I might change it if you can combine a good enough ice pun with it. :grin:

fair enough. i toyed around with your setup a little and i found that playing it like a cryo and swap setup for enemies with actual health bars and storm front for everything else.
also, im assuming an eclipse kill is out of the question till they release a lady fist?

You’d be surprised. Run around with just a SF, non crit boosted gun, and Tombstone/Crapshooter and even Elpisians die slow and they run away from your SF.

Eclipse heavily resist grenade damage and can’t be cryo’d. So I don’t even think the Lady Fist can save that kill.

well i was testing boss potential against denial subroutine, so i need more than a couple storm fronts. but yeah, trash mobs die with no problem, but any decent nisha build can annihilate trash mobs. im testing to see if your build can be more than that.

Denial Subroutine can’t be cryo’d. Nor can the Earworm, Felicity, ect… Without cryo or the Lady fist this build is nothing more than a pipe dream sadly.

Forget the Lady fist, it’s never gonna be in the game (fortunately)

so… mobbing build only? thats disappointing.

Mobbing and cryo-able bosses only.

That’s a REALLY cool idea and suggestions! I didn’t even know Excali’s 100% crit cryo effect also worked for non-weapon crits!

One thing I noticed when watching the gameplay is that it is very, very kill skill dependent, and while that is fine in most cases, it can be the downfall in a few situations and the kill skill dependency means you need to be careful in selecting the order you kill enemies.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but things to look out for when you’re planning to play with this build.

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It’s not like Nisha has to worry about bossing anyways. Pop a kill skill via any means, then Pitchfork away!

So you’ve got even non-cryoable bosses covered with this build (since it centers around tombstone & excalibastard, but excali can’t do crap against non-cryoable bosses)

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EDIT: Added a new video.