[Build] King Arthbrrr the Icebringer

Hooooly ■■■■ he got INSTA-REKT.

I’d be really interested in seeing a Robot production plant run using this build.

I’ve done it before off camera, but Felicity can’t be frozen so I drop her ass to like 40% health left within a couple seconds. But then all of her turrets are dead and it just gets sloppy after that:(

Not even with corrosive pitchforks? And you don’t have to instantly graze her. Keep shooting at her until the boss’s health gets low enough then get kill skill again when she spawns in adds. I think.

That was with Storm Fronts only. Of course the Pitchfork will destroy her, I just like to keep the theme going with grenades only. Maybe I’ll hybridize this build later on.

Like I said earlier, with non-cryo bosses, the main point of this build disappears, so you just gotta get your hands dirty and use the proven tricks to bring those bosses down. For literally everything else, you can use your strat!

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  • Changed the Laser Disker’s description.
  • Added the IVF.
  • Added a new video.

2 new videos total for @Chuck80
@ItsmeJamesAJ you wanted to see this map


…holy f**ing sht, don’t tell me the laser disker chucks did crits against felicity?!?

God damn, nisha truly is OP xP

Nice video!

Of course it crits Felicity.

  • Regular LD reload ~2280k
  • Critical LD reload 8383k

tombstone makes EVERYTHING crit. the only sources of damage that cant crit off of tombstone is natural dots and wanted. as far as im aware.

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If no one else has any good videos of this build they want to see I’m gonna just leave it at the current 3. If anything major comes up I’ll update the thread then. Until that time… :wave:

The only suggestions I have are… Logans gun (maybe) to keep order stacks at 30, if you care about that, and does the miss moxi’s shield, when picking up the boosters it drops, give you grenades?

No, keeping my Order stacks doesn’t matter, and sometimes its a bad thing.

And no, Miss Moxxie’s Slammer’s boosters don’t give you grenades to my knowledge.

EDIT: Added a Level 9 Mutator Arena run



Awesome. Truly a powerful build. You make this look easy.


great run @khimerakiller ! seems like the LD kinda carried your damage against the big guys, but it did so excellently!
this build, with the easy cryos and superchucks makes it very potent.


Yeah “The Icebringer” can’t do level 9, but grenade/chuck Nisha can easily. And I’d say second only to Jacobs Nisha.

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id say jakobs > laser nisha = chuck nisha.

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For Level 9 Mutator arena? I haven’t done it, but I’d say laser Nisha’s mobbing potency really slumps off when you get to the level 9 UBAs. But truly IDK

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laser nisha is not as good in mutator 9 but its really good for bosses and mobs. in mutator 9, you usually have to swap to a shotty, since you can actually run out of laser ammo!
but with either a glitch or cryo, laser specs fair fine on UBAs in level 9.

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Maybe I missed something, but why do you fire the excalibastard, and keep it that way?