(Build) Kittyzerker

So with Sljm’s build, and the Rough Rider Shield, Stockpile Relic, Stormfronts, and a Legendary Hoarder Com

Build: http://www.bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550050051515535005515105000000000


Was achieved! BWAHAHAHAH! It’s a fun build/gear choice to use and it works pretty well with according elements.

Keep Rollin’:


Always liked the Kittens - nice!


Ok so after seeing this it became my favorite build by far, but I can only play at level 61 level cap and I couldn’t get it to work, without the scaling it wasn’t enough regen to keep me up so I developed a way to get it to work for level 61 by putting points into brawn.
This is what I came up with and it works like a charm.
I use it with a lucky hoarder com that adds +6 to 5 shots or 6 and +5 to filled to the brim


Lol I love/hate the music you used in the first vid

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It’s annoying but so fitting for it that you can’t help but like it

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I always wondered, why not Hailvador? Too hard/annoying to use?


i now want to see this, like really bad! I would try to get the things but I’m on console so the hail is unusable and resetting UVHM to get the hail at the end of bandit slaughter would take forever

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??? In what way do you find it unusable?

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No FOV adjustment so you can’t see where the shots are going.
Example towards the beginning of this video

its a good gun for dps and things but not fun to use on console


I play exclusively on 360, and I have never had a problem aiming the Hail. One thing to note is that MOLMF explicitly states in the video that the one with shots disappearing off-screen is a particular accessory prefix. You’re more likely to get just the elemental version rather than an accessory prefix (and if you get a prefix/type you don’t want, you can simply dashboard and try again) so it’s not really a huge issue. Sure, it has a learning curve, but so do many of the most worth-while weapons in this game!

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Matter of preference, if you like it than thats wonderful but I’ve had trouble

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Well, the video and the build was originally intended to be a troll. Cause i hate Sal, and I hate moneyshot, so i wanted to make fun of him and the people that played him, in a completely kindhearted elbow-in-the-shoulder kinda way. Backfired big time and people love it. Ah well. You win some, ya lose some. Glad you enjoy it.


I see where you’re coming from, sal is an easy character to play, and all his builds seem to be straight forward; get money shot, use moneyshot, abuse money shot, done. I still love playing him but it’s simple, I really loved how you invented whole new way to play him. :smile:

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I’ve actually been having fun playing Sal with this build so thanks for sarcastically creating and posting it

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Well thanks :slight_smile: I enjoyed making the build and videos haha

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BOI I found a hailzerker video and it’s amazing

check it out looks like hella fun

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Did some make some tests at OP10.

Tryin’ few minutes across the dlc with no good results. Too long killing ennemies so far.

Am i missing something?

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It’s a fun alternate build that was originally for up to level 72. I’m not sure if anyone actually played it in to the OP levels or not, but I seriously doubt anyone has tested it to OP10 other than yourself!

It may be possible to tweak the build given the extra 8 points, but that’s not my area of expertise. Maybe one of the Sal mains on the forums could help with that.

If you’re just looking for something other than the standard 'zerker, try @DeputyChuck’s Deputy build.


All right then

Thank you


Kittehzerker was made for OP8

It might just not hold up anymore with 18 extra levels.