(Build) Krieg the Immortal Gunner

Hi guys! I’m new to this forum but been lurking for the longest time. I’ve been playing Krieg mostly and he is a BLAST to play. Literally. I always wanted to solo the Peak and hit many walls like some of us. I consulted the posts in this forum to come up with ways to conquer the Peak. I want to give back to this community by posting the build I used to beat the Peak solo OP8 with our favorite Meat Man.

This build is a DPS/Survival build with a lot of flexibility. When I made this build, I designed it to make the Digistruct Peak in OP8 as easy for me as possible. The highest fire rate for Krieg, tons of healing by abusing the health gate mechanic, great elemental synergy, burst DPS when needed - the build uses all trees with an emphasis on the Hellborn tree.

Playstyle: Very aggressive gun-based build that uses the shield and grenades to health-gate like a boss.


NOTES on Key Skills
[Bloodlust Tree]
Blood-Filled Guns - A large mag size is essential to maximize DPS for a build with extreme fire rate

Blood Bath - Part of what makes this build so strong. Combined with the gear listed below, activating bloodbath will happen quite frequently.

[Mania Tree]
Feed the Meat - Because of our shield of choice, maxing out this skill is a must.

Embrace the Pain - For more fire rate

Thrill of the Kill - 1 point should be more than sufficient for the already OP health gate abuse in this build.

Strip the Flesh - Since this build uses a DPUH. You can max out this skill if you’ll rely heavily on explosive weaponry. Otherwise, just put 4 points.

Salt the Wound - This build will use shotguns as Krieg has great synergy with them. If you’ve invested 5 points into Strip the Flesh, put 2 points in this skill. If you have 4 points in StF, put 3 points here.

Redeem the Soul - A real life-saver. With the reckless play-style of this build, you will go down. This will save your hide plenty of times.

Burn, Baby, Burn - With the shield we are using, this skill will just burn enemies to a crisp. What’s more? Better self-ignition chance. Also, more damage resistance to the self-ignition itself. Our main COM boosts it to 8/5.

Fuel the Fire - Krieg’s main bread-and-butter for inflicting elemental status effects quickly. More self-ignition chance too. With the COM’s we are using, this skill will be 7/5.

Numbed Nerves - Make Krieg a tank. Our main shield gives Krieg less damage reduction so this skill is important to max.

Pain is Power - Self-ignition gives Krieg a flat-out bonus to weapon damage. How’s that for a buff? 5/5 in this skill still lets your crits hurt.

Elemental Elation - The one skill in this build that really makes the DPS possible. Make all your guns fire really fast! Remember, DPS isn’t just about damage alone…It’s damage over time, baby. This skill does that. 10/5 with our main COM!

Fire Fiend - “Oh no! We have to reload!” Don’t fear. This skill lets you reload fast! BONUS: Better accuracy when needed :slight_smile: Max this skill.

Delusional Damage - At the heart of this build is really this skill. Healing, DPS buffs come from this. Best of all it only requires a single point.

Flame Flare - Make all our buffs last longer! Just a single point.

Elemental Empathy - Elemental status effects heal you! Max it out!

Raving Retribution - More healing, damage, and self-ignition buffs!


Slot 1 - The Grog Nozzle
Yes. Grog Nozzle. Want Krieg to be almost invincible and heal like a boss? Seriously. Non-negotiable. Melee with it and you’ll heal. This is also your main slag tool. Spam it and shoot everyone. You have the fire rate. Get the mission “The Beard Makes the Man” and don’t complete the quest.

Slot 2 - The Conference Call
Those points in Salt the Wound come into play here :slight_smile: These can wreck bosses with Bloodbath and this will finally solve all our flying enemy woes. Get them in fire and corrosive Practicable is the preferred prefix. Drops from Handsome Sorcerer or the Warrior. You can also farm it from Butt Stallion when you release her. Be sure to save right after killing the Handsome Sorcerer.

Slot 3 - Unkempt Harold
Double Penetrating. Non-negotiable. This thing wrecks everything in its path. The slow bullet travel is completely offset by the fact that our fire-rate is thru the charts. It’s so badass it destroys enemies that are supposedly resistant to explosive damage :smile: cough OMGWTH cough Spider/BAR Tank cough Can proc Bloodbath. Farm the Torgue Machines.

Slot 4 - Norfleet
Any prefix but Puissant is best. This thing will get you back up. Hate turrets? Use this on them!!! Guaranteed Blood bath. Get it from Hyperius or Vermi. Any element will do but match elements to enemy type for best results.

Shield - Flame of the Firehawk
Haha. You saw this coming. Everyone knows the Grog with the Firehawk is OP…But then, we’re using it in the Peak. We need every advantage we can get. This shield, even with no damage reduction, will keep you alive. Health gate to the max! Get it from Lilith in the mission “Cult Following: The Enkindling”.

Main COM - Legendary Torch
This COM is what makes the build work so well. All the Hellborn buffs are easier to proc and stay longer with this shield on. Healing and damage from this COM. World drop. Also drops from Tubbies.

Secondary COM - Legendary Reaper
Used only when a mini-boss appears for the longer Bloodbath duration. The strange thing is this COM works perfectly against bosses for a build with the Legendary Torch in mind. Bloodbath rules! World drop. Also drops from Tubbies.

Main Grenade - Stormfront/Chain Lightning/Pandemic
All these are guaranteed to set you on fire and heal you. Although I listed them all above, they have special roles:
Stormfront - Best against shielded/flesh enemies and you want to heal more from the shock DOT over a longer period of time. The safer option in tight maps. Get it from the Flinter group in Bloodshot Stronghold.

Pandemic - Best against armored enemies and you want to heal from the corrosive DOT. Corrosive DOT lasts the longest out of all the DOT types. Be careful when using this grenade in tight spaces. You can corrode yourself. Drops from Mortar in Sawtooth Cauldron.

Chain Lightning - Instant, on-demand healing and self-ignite. Get it from killing Badass Sorcerers. Regens ammo too.

Secondary Grenade
Fastball - Explosive, Fire, Corrosive. This is used when you need to proc Bloodbath after switching to a Legendary Reaper COM. Drops from Boll in Three Horns Divide.

Relic - Blood of the Ancients +Pistol +Launcher

Always in my Backpack:
Casual Flakker - Useful for Dukino’s mom and OMGWTH. Can also be used against Saturn but rather risky. Farm in Torgue machines.

Flesh Crunch - If you are using the DPUH or Flakker to damage bosses and you can no longer proc Bloodbath, this is the COM you switch to. World drop.

Sham Shield - Refill your rockets when not in battle. Get from BNK-3R.

Logan’s Gun - low level. Refill with the Sham Shield. Drops from Wilhelm.

Here is my build in action at the Peak in OP8

How to Play:

  • Throw grenades at enemies while holding Grog.
  • Slag target.
  • Proc self-ignite
  • Swap to weapon of choice as Bloodlust stacks grow near max
  • Spam fire till dead!
  • If bloodbath procs, kill more enemies quickly till the timer runs out! :joy:
  • Rinse and repeat

A few Digi Peak tips for this build:

  • Your grenades are not only there to damage enemies, you self-ignite from them and heal from them. Whenever you feel you might get downed, throw more grenades and hold fast to your Grog as if your life depended on it! Begin shooting when you feel safe.

  • Do your best not to get slagged! Getting slagged almost means getting downed in the Peak. Watch out for Slag Centurion Spiderants, Super Badass Slag Skags and Slag Turrets!

  • When engaging, keep the smaller, weaker enemies alive and kill the ones that pose the biggest threat to you first. Your elemental DOT from the Firehawk, grenades, guns and Raving Retribution will heal you off the weaker enemies. Work your way down.

  • Almost always kill surveyors first

  • When facing Scorch, Dukino’s mom, Saturn, equip the Legendary Reaper and fastball. Kill the last enemy before they appear with a fastball so Bloodbath is active when they spawn. For Scorch, slag them first before shooting with Norfleets.

  • Elemental DOT’s are the lifeblood of this build. Keep them ticking as long as you’re fighting.

*** I listed the above gear for use primarily in the Digistruct Peak. Outside the Peak, here are my alternative gear. ***

Slot 1 - Grog
Slot 2 - Practicable Butcher/Hail/Kitten/Hornet/Hellfire/Plasma Caster/Kerblaster
Slot 3 - Omen/Twister/Casual Carnage/Slow Hand/Casual Ravager
Slot 4 - Topneaa/PBFG/Badaboom

Shield - Rough Rider
COM - Leg. Torch
Relic - Blood of the Ancients any ammo type depending on my loadout at that time
Grenade - Same as above

Disclaimer: This build isn’t proven to be effective in Tiny Tina DLC where there are many skeletons resistant to DOT’s.

I hope this build helps. It’s not guaranteed success in the Peak but it is possible with practice.