[Build] Lady Death - Mayhem 11 Sniper Rifle Build


If you don’t kill them at once, you’ll have no end of trouble.


So with sniper rifles being the weapon category of choice, Lady Death as a skill build goes for the more conventional meta route of both the Bottomless Mags and the Demolition Woman skill trees. The only differences worth noting are that we have Full Can of Whoop-Ass to get more use out of our chosen shield and in the blue skill tree, the featured class mod is a direct call for maximum investment in Pull the Holy Pin while only putting two points into Vampyr.


Mind Sweeper is pretty simple: +1 Redistribution is a must, and then just get as many points for Fire in the Skag Den that are available. Torgue Cross-Promotion is still a good bonus skill even if it’s the least ideal one available. Sniper rifle damage and splash damage are the two key passive bonuses to acquire. You could look for grenade damage, but I think weapon damage is better because it will apply to all shots as well as buff the trigger damage of the micro-grenades.

The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge is a no-brainer at least for the sniper rifles that don’t inherently deal splash damage. It functions just like the consecutive hits anointment for up to +90% weapon damage, and the damage from the stacks themselves occupy their own slot in the damage formula (and are multiplicative to each other) so you’re actually getting something like a x1.16 multiplier. Magazine size is the only noteworthy passive bonus on this relic however.

Re-Volter is just too good to ignore seeing as the bonus shock damage also triggers on the micro-nades. Best parts are either absorb for extra ammo conservation or shield charges for increasing the probability of more shock damage.

Hex is definitely a good choice of grenade if you’re using the Mind Sweeper COM as it offers more opportunities to land critical hits. The best prefixes spawn 7 or 8 grenades in total. The element of the grenade is entirely up to you.


Sand Hawk is the most powerful sniper rifle in this build. It might state on its card that it fires x7 projectiles per shot, but its raw power makes it an exception to the rule: you can easily do millions of damage per micro-grenade with critical shots from this beast of a rifle. Although the gun was nerfed with loss of projectiles and extra cost in ammo per shot with the arrival of the Guardian Breach, its projectile speed was increased to balance it out, and it also inflicts splash damage which is why when critical hits aren’t so hot on the menu, it’s the one listed weapon that can still wreak some real havoc.

With Some for the Road active, you want this thing firing on full auto but on the flip side, semi-auto is the only fire mode that allows Dahl sniper rifles to reap the hidden 20% bonus crit damage from a sniper, not to mention that semi-auto also seriously tightens the spread of this weapon’s projectiles. As well as focusing on the consecutive hit anointment, I would recommend getting the heavier elements for this weapon, specifically shock and corrosive elements for bosses who have ludicrous amounts of shields and armour stuck to them.


Headsplosion is a joy to use in mobbing. Although consecutive hits is an option for this Jakobs sniper, you might prefer it either with 150/90 or 160% splash for 18 seconds after ASE due to it being kinetic and not a rapid-firing sniper rifle.

Skullmasher has been buffed considerably since this build was last updated. Unlike its more explosive cousin mentioned above, this thing certainly has the fire rate to be a good sniper to be anointed with consecutive hits.


Krakatoa obeys the conventional rules of optimal Mind Sweeper performance more closely than any other sniper rifle. Accurate, pretty high base damage, solid fire rate and reasonable magazine size. Its only real weakness is that it’s an incendiary weapon but it’s also extra incentive for Stoke the Embers so that the incendiary element and this rifle both are not resisted as heavily as per the norm. Great for mobbing and fleshy bosses such as Graveward.


Boogeyman is a late addition to the game from DLC5 but truly deserves a spot on this list of sniper rifles. The special effect of this weapon actually counts as grenade damage which means it has tremendous synergy with the Mind Sweeper class mod. Excellent for mobbing, but its special effect is triggered by kills so it’s a little less effective in bossing situations than other picks here.

Lyuda unfortunately is a shadow of its former glory from long ago in the Mayhem 3 days, despite Gearbox’s attempt to mitigate the nerf to its critical damage output from back then. But I can’t possibly name this build Lady Death and not give a mention to the very weapon that is named after the lady herself! Besides, the Mind Sweeper is the best class mod for getting the most out of the Lyuda anyway. At a certain point, the single bullet listed on the card, splits into three projectiles. Because these are unlisted projectiles, they deal the same damage as the main bullet itself. Each projectile has a chance to trigger Short Fuse at its full damage potential with this rifle but if you land all three projectiles on a critical spot then like with the Sand Hawk, it’s not uncommon to see more than one micro-grenade spawning from a single shot!


If you’re only going to focus on one sniper and one sniper only in this build, make it the Sand Hawk. It blows all others on this list out of the water no matter which class mod you run so as far as this build is concerned, you could literally focus on this one weapon only, get it to drop in the three heavy elements and you’re fine for weapons. And out of all the Mayhem 6+ exclusive legendaries, it’s the easiest and quickest to farm due to Katagawa Jr. being so squishy. If you do focus solely on this weapon, you might want to try your luck at farming for a Dahl Company Man artefact with great stats and sufficient magazine size.

As for the Mind Sweeper COM, as long as you can score critical hits while keeping safe distance, the micro-grenades will provide fantastic DPS in this build and that’s assuming if most of the enemies survive your initial sniper bullets should they be tough enough. And if you’re in difficult situations where enemies tend to rush you pretty fast and/or critical hits aren’t so readily available for whatever reason, then it plays further to the raw power of the Sand Hawk. The weapon’s biggest weakness is ammo consumption which is why this build can crank out 15% ammo regen per second with up to 2/1 Redistribution + Forge if your COM allows it.

Finally, despite being the most powerful sniper rifle in the game currently, the Complex Root from DLC3 is far too dangerous to Moze herself that it requires a more tailored, niche build in order to use it with limited risks. If you are interested in giving this weapon a spin, this build here will show you how to extract the most from it while not blowing yourself up like a suicide psycho!


Really like this build… just happen to be trying to farm Katagawa Jr for Sandhawks, so now I know what to look for!
Interesting about the Woodblocker, never really considered it viable… are you also looking for CH on all of these for anoints?

With Mind Sweeper, the Woodblocker does produce micro-grenades which do more DPS than the Lyuda, simply because of the vast difference in bonus crit damage on their respective cards. But they both pale in comparison to the Krakatoa, let alone the Sand Hawk. If we’re talking about the Takedowns or Slaughter Shaft, you might as well just stick to the Sand Hawk.

And yeah, ideally you’re looking for CH on all of these weapons. Having said that, the only CH Sand Hawk that dropped for me is in cryo which still works fine in Guardian Takedown, but Wotan resists cryo damage. Both my shock and corrosive ones have 50% bonus damage while airborne which is not the best but it’s still decent enough and you can still tackle any takedown with them. You’ll just take a little longer to do the raids without CH, that’s all. The Krakatoa is the one exception because its base damage is always incendiary. For mobbing, try looking for 100% shock or corrosive damage in the N2M. The CH version is best for Graveward, Troy and Tyreen.

Ah, I missed that part about the mindsweeper and micro nades… I’ll try reading a little more closely.
So far my luck hasn’t be with me on getting any CH Sandhawks, but I’ll keep farming till I run out of space or get one!
If you don’t mind what is N2M? Totally missed what that’s shorthand for…
Also my luck with BBB shield hasn’t been good… my rolls have been really low shield capacity and the rates are marginally better than the one’s on my Transformer, which I understand won’t benefit from a shock Sandhawk, but maybe a Storm with CH?
Now I’ve got to hope a good roll sweeper drops with the right passive!

Next 2 magazines.

Honestly, I was seeing a lot of BBB drops when farming Katagawa Jr for Sand Hawks. The good thing about the BBB is that you really don’t need to pay much attention to the capacity. Each booster restores 60% of your shields which is an alternative way of saying you’ve got a much larger shield capacity than what the stats are telling you. Your main survival will come from Vampyr and Rushin’ Offensive. And I did test the Storm as well as the Firestorm, but they’re much better sniper rifles with the Blast Master and even then, the DPS is miles away from what the Sand Hawk can produce. They’re not even close to the Krakatoa with the Mind Sweeper either.

Spending most of today farming and like you only one CH Sandhawk and it’s cryo, but so far no corrosive so I’m still on the hunt.
Did get one BBB shield, it’s a centurion, so ASE damage reduced 13% will probably work.
No luck with MindSweeper rng, everything is skag heavy and no sniper passives yet.
Almost there to be able to try this out!

After landing the cryo CH, I got tired enough to roll with it in the guardian takedown and it worked pretty well. Both cryo and corrosive are equally weak against shields so as long as you have a shock Sand Hawk to swap to, you’re good to go.

But if you’re still looking for other gear, might as well keep on farming Katagawa Jr. I was getting BBB drops as well as all the vanilla class mods for Moze. But with lvl 60 looming, I for one am not going to bother farming anything until the update is released.

I haven’t done much reading about more levels but saw one vid and thought it meant a new skill tree was being added. Is that incorrect?
Either way does this mean it would significantly change your build from a skill perspective? I realize we’ll be hunting/farming new gear probably.

Can’t really say for certain until we see the 4th skill tree, assuming it’s even imminent. But unless it offers anything that shakes up the Moze meta in a huge way, I doubt the skills for this build would change tbh. Sacrificing Forge would make it a lot harder to use the Sand Hawk, and Short Fuse offers a lot in terms of extra DPS. And with the way Gearbox generally handles their updates, no way am I holding onto any expectations.

:smile: Thanks! I figured as much but had to ask since there is so little out there.
Well, I’ll take a break and just chill out the farming until the latest patch… I’m pretty much there short of the Mindsweeper with the right rolls and sniper passive.

If you’ve already got a cryo CH Sand Hawk, you can still do a lot with that, including the Guardian Takedown. Just get a shock version for shields and you’re good to go. The only time when you truly need corrosive is when fighting Wotan or other armoured enemies resistant to cryo.

Just last night, I used nothing but my cryo CH Sand Hawk on an entire Slaughter Shaft run. The COV shields are small enough where if your weapon and build are strong, you don’t need to swap to another gun/element and overall, cryo is arguably the best matching element for killing enemies who have both armour and health bars.

I’ve updated this build for level 65. The changes from the previous level 57 version are:

  • Changed Iron Bear hardpoints to Miniguns + Explosive. Rounds.
  • Swapped 1 skill point from Fire in the Skag Den to Grizzled
  • Removed 2 skill points from Vampyr
  • Added 4 skill points to Armored Infantry
  • Added 5 skill points to Drowning in Brass
  • Added 1 skill point to Experimental Munitions
  • Added Victory Rush, Hex, Headsplosion, Monocle and Firestorm to the Gear section
  • Removed Woodblocker from the Gear section
  • Added a link to @ivi420ad’s Complex Root build at the bottom of the post

A minor update to this build: after testing it out, I’ve added the Boogeyman to the list of featured sniper rifles. It has excellent synergy with Mind Sweeper and with 15% ammo regen per second plus bonus magazine size from the artefact, the thing can fire relentlessly like the Infinity pistol.

Additionally, I’ve decided to remove the Firestorm from the list. When doing DPS tests against Graveward, it costs too much ammo for lower DPS than even the Krakatoa which is the one sniper rifle on this list that last received a buff many months ago. Since then, the Lyuda, Headsplosion and Monocle have all received significant buffs, the Boogeyman is a brand new entry and the Sand Hawk’s raw power is indisputable.