[Build] Laser Markswoman [REQUIRES UCP]

[PLEASE NOTE : YOU WILL NEED THE UNOFFICIAL COMMUNITY PATCH 4.0 (or higher). Here is everything about how to install it.]

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire Borderlands experience. Even more fun than my countless hours on Krieg.

This build focuses on the use of my favourite weapon of all time : Kaneda’s Laser !
This build will also give you survivability through the use of the Big Boom Blaster as well as Maya’s innate ability to be tanky as hell, nice crowd control thanks to Phaselock and the Quasar, and finally insane AoE Damage while having the ability to headshot enemies across the map (hence the name of the Build).


Here is the spec that I’m going to use for this build, you can change it based on what you like : http://bl2skills.com/patch/siren.html#415001400055155100310545510501


PRIMARY WEAPON : Kaneda’s Laser

… yes, we are only rocking this weapon for this build. No Moxxi, no Slag gun, no sidearm.
This really adds fun to the build, forcing you to be careful on how you use the weapon.
But if you really don’t want to struggle with ammo, then the Bekah is a good sidearm for this build since it benefits from most of the skills we have while also having very good ammo consomption.

Parts : Tediore Grip, Torgue Exhaust, Torgue Sight, “Large” Prefix (+ Damage).

For those who don’t know about this weapon, it’s a quite unique Rocket Launcher :
First off, it fires a projectile, which means it benefits from both Chain Reaction and Reaper and the best feature : IT CAN SCORE CRITICAL HITS !
The reload also does an excellent amount of Damage, especially with Maya’s Foresight skill at 10/5.

SHIELD : Big Boom Blaster

The best option for this build imo. This Shield will supply you in Grenades and Rockets while restoring your Shield. You could technically run a Logan’s Gun in conjonction with The Sham Shield, but I find this way to play the game quite boring in my humble opinion.


Crowd control, Shield stripping and healing through Life Tap really doesn’t hurt at all. The best thing with this Grenade Mod is to combine it with Scorn and Slag, group up and weaken a bunch of enemies, and then reload Kaneda’s Laser into the bunch.

RELIC : Bone of the Ancients

Thanks to the mod I mentioned, we now have Explosive Bones now (which, let’s be honest, should’ve been in the base game). On Maya you can’t really go wrong with extra Damage and Cooldown Rate. There’s literally no better option here.

CLASS MOD : Legendary Siren

Probably the best option here. As I said earlier, you really can’t go wrong with extra Damage and Cooldown Rate. Except here you also boost your Magazine Size (which is excellent with Tediore weapons) and Shield proficiency through Ward.


Here is the thing : Kaneda’s Laser is a Tediore Rocket Launcher. This means reloads with this weapon do not consume any ammunition !

So the basic strategy is to Phaselock an enemy, headshot it and then reload into the enemies you just weakened and grouped up (thanks to Phaselock + Quasar) and repeat the operation ! This effectively doubles the amount of Rockets you have since Tediore reloads are free in this case.

While you’re doing this you have the Big Boom Blaster watching your back with with extra Rockets, Shields and Grenades ; and you also have all of Maya’s insane crowd control potential and additionnal Damage through elements (Helios, Cloud Kill, Ruin) as well as Scorn to Slag a bunch of enemies and the awesome combination of Life Tap and Inertia plus the Shield Boosters genereated by the Big Boom Blaster to keep you alive.


(more coming soon)


I hope you’ll have loads of fun with this build too, feel free to give me tips to improve this build or simply some feedback. I hope to see you next time for another build !

(by the way, I’m really sorry for you console players :cry: …)

Special thanks to @Aaron0000 for porting Kaneda’s Laser into Borderlands 2, SirUmnei for the Fixed Bone of the Ancients and @shadowevil1996 for making the Unofficial Community Patch.


Love that there are still new builds being created 5 and a bit years on from launch.

Three questions about your skill layout.

  1. Is the single point in Kinetic reflection really adding anything? Surely five in Suspension would be a far more noticeable difference as it would give you that split second for an extra kill or to steady your aim while phaselock is active. A 10% damage reduction I can’t imagine you’ll miss much when you’re running a shield that isn’t the bee and the Kaneda’s laser is likely filling your health every time you get a shot off with life tap running.
  2. Is five points in life tap really necessary? I see you have a point in res, if you’re doing co-op play then surely a single point in restoration would serve better utility. And if not 5/5 elated is probably more beneficial as it adds to your survival when life tap is down.
  3. Immolate verse Flicker, considering you are not relying on dots at all wouldn’t the massive amount of extra damage that immolate provides be a nice insurance policy for when you go down?

Not that much, but I really like the 10% Damage Reduction it provides for just 1 point. But I guess running 5/5 Suspension is actually better.

To be honest, this is totally for healing through the Quasar. All the DoTs going on will put you above 50% of your health very quickly … but yeah I don’t think it deserves 5/5 either after thought.

THIS. You’re absolutely right.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll edit all this right now.


Feels like your playing Wilhelm in Borderlands 2, with cryo being replaced by phaselock.


I’ve had the exact same feeling, except we can loop Tediore Rocket Launcher reloads on Pandora.


Late and probably not needed now, but I agree about not needing 5 points in Life Tap. My Maya has just 2 points invested which is more than enough to keep her upright.


Just thought I’d add that I also did an Explosive Bone of the Ancients (sort of). I made the Shock/Corrosive Bones pull double duty and boost explosive/slag respectively as well. It’s an alternative to Umnei’s if you don’t want disappearing Bones.

Link here.

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That run is a blast! I never found ( or tried to find ) a Kaneda’s Laser in TPS. Critting with a RL - too cool.

Bonus points for the Akira thumbnail.

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