[Build] Life and Death

Since the latest update I have gotten back into the Siren and I gotta say I love what they did to Cloud Kill.

My problem with the siren was survivability. I always liked the skills in the Motion and Cataclysm trees but I found myself constantly dying, but then it happened I found a Legendary Nurse Mod. After some tinkering I settled on this build.


I use the Legendary Nurse Mod to help fill in the skills in the Harmony tree and wow it’s a huge improvement.

------------------------------- Gear ------------------------------

Class Mod.

Legendary Nurse
Team Health Regen/ sec. 11,900.9
+5 Restoration (6/5)
+5 Elated (7/5)
+5 Sweet Release (6/5)
+5 Sustenance (6/5
+5 Suspension (10/5)

The Team Health Regen alone is not much but Sweet Release (6 life orbs restore 15% of max health), Elated (while enemy is Phaselocked everyone regens 7% of max health/sec), and Restoration (shooting other players converts 36% of damage into healing) further help the team while Sustenance regens 2.4% of your missing health/sec.


Bone of the Ancients
Corrosive Damage +39%
Cooldown Rate +47%

I chose this one because Cloud Kill is awesome and the Cooldown Rate is also nice.


Fastball (Corrosive/Fire)


Big Boom Blaster

The higher the Booster Chance the better.

--------------------- Weapons -------------------

I use the best I could acquire from tons of farming and trading but with the exception of the Slagga they can be switched for easier to come by loot.

Bekah/Hammer Buster

The Bekah aside from being extremely powerful it is very ammo efficient and works very well with the Siren’s Chain Reaction skill. Also it is nice to have something Non-Elemental for Elemental Resistant enemies.


Sometimes your “death ball” will be preoccupied with an enemy far from your location and a lunatic or something will be charging you, just use the Slagga to Slag and chuck a Fastball, The Big Boom Blaster is great for making sure you always have one.

Twister/any shock shotgun

Sometimes the Shock Damage from Ruin just isn’t enough for tougher enemy shields.

Norfleet/Topneaa (Fire/Corrosive)

Any launcher you want really, I just use it when I get downed.

Edit: OP rewritten to look more presentable and Build Finalized, hope you enjoy.


How well does Helios do at OP8 now? Haven’t tried Maya since the update so I’m still using MoLMF’s Blurred trickster build- might be willing to give this a shot…

Helios still isn’t that good but every little bit helps

Cloud Kill does most of the work

Interesting build. Since you’re using a BBB and have into Ward, moving the points you have in Fleet to Inertia should give you better results, specially since Ward and Fleet work better without speccing into the other.

I like to keep fleet for the RR+Breakneck Banshee combo

If this build works for you, have at it. But, like Nicorani said, I don’t understand why you’d have no points in Inertia, but points in Fleet and Ward. Both skills are counter productive to have at the same time and Inertia is a very good skill. Think you’re losing out on some valuable survivability without Inertia.

Just my 2 cents.

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Sometimes I want to get from A to B in a hurry so I use the RR + Breakneck Banshee

Keep a value point in Fleet for the BB+RR combo to work, and put the remaining points into Inertia. You’ll lose a bit of speed when using the Banshe COM. Remember that the BBB works no matter how much % of your shield you have, so any points in Inertia will be a huge help. This plus the added survivability and reload speed will be a lot more valuable than the occasional marathon you’ll be running.

Thanks for the advice I’ll give it a try

I am too assume by “tearing ass” through OP8, you mean as playing the role as a support nurse in multiplayer games?

A few things:

  • I’m assuming this is a nurse build because of the COM choice, I recomend you make that a little more clear
  • I think running a corrosive gun is a bit redundant now, espically if you run a corrosive bone
  • Running a slagga on Maya is highly redundant, if you’re having trouble keeping things slagged, I would move points from Quicken and SS ot get Scorn
  • with the last 2 points in mind I would grab an NE weapon, to deal with armored enemies (remember, it also works well against flesh and sheilds)
  • if this is a nurnsing build, you need to move more points into nursing skills, Elated in particular as you are lacking health boosts, I recomend droping Mind’s eye
  • Take Immolate over Flicker, flicker adds verry little to your build and you cannot heal or res while you are down/dead
  • check out this fancy guide to writing good builds

Thanks for the recommendations but I don’t plan on changing anything except weapons when I feel like changing it up. Just decided to share a build I have fun with.

When I get tired of people shamfleeting their way thru the game and decide to play solo

Cool. Just wondering. If it was solo, why even have a point in Res? That’s why I ask. If it works for you, have fun w/ it. But that point in res only makes sense in multiplayer.

I don’t play either solo or multiplayer I play both and don’t want to respec if I go online. I was shooting for a good in all situations kinda build and I’m satisfied with what I have.


I did rewrite of the OP hope it’s up to everyone’s standards.

Hello! I like the concept of using the Nurse COM to get necessary healing without spending too much points in the Harmony Tree. I do have some suggestions, though.

  1. If you run this on OP8, you can move 1 point from Helios to Immolate. In my opinion, maxed Immolate does more than maxed Helios, and the main use of Helios is quick lifesteal from Life Tap / Moxxi which you don’t have. However, if you’re running this on OP0, Helios wrecks face and it’s fun to see bandits die in one phaselock without even shooting them.

  2. You can also try speccing into Flicker instead of Helios, to increase the chances of slagging with your Slagga. Or you can try using other slagging weapons like a Pimpernel (which has higher slag chance but low fire rate so it’s harder to slag a group without phaselock).

Please take note that these suggestions are purely based on personal preference. You can just ignore this if you’re completely satisfied with the build :slight_smile:

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Funny you should mention that, I have been thinking about doing away with Helios in exchange for 5/5 Immolate and 4/5 Flicker since as you said Helios doesn’t do much on OP8 and that’s mostly what I play. I’ll update the picture and link in a few.

His build certainly worked well when he jumped into my game with it- Krieg and I say thanks BTW…:+1: