[build] Lunatic Tank Moze v2 - M10 TTD able build

Skill build

This is a retake of my Tank moze build.
Now that we have mayhem 2.0, the current status of Iron bear for M10 is so bad I decided to remove any IB related skills and focus on tanking and supporting the new weapon Yellow Cake . With that in mind, I just took some of the buffed skills of moze which greatly improved the experience of the build. Scrappy and Rushin’ offensive works well together and this became the new source of survivability for us, the extra damage together with lifesteal can fill our shield in just a snap with Bloodletter mod. While Force feedback can fill big chunks of shield during combat. An average of 100k shield every critical kill we make will instantly restore 10k worth of shield.

Key equipments

Weapon: Yellow Cake and Sandhawk
These weapon is the GOAT for this patch. These will probably get nerfed later so use it while it’s hot. That x2 dmg on card is probably the best form you can get. The single damage already do some nasty damage but that 38k x 2 is the icing on cake.
P.S. sandhawk for the annoying flyers, yellow cake got no dmg if enemy is not grounded.

Shield: Recharger
This shield here, i trade the hp regen for this new annoint. This new annoint is a killer! I didn’t do some math computation yet but upon testing in jack dummy. I found out that the amp damage scales with the player max shield and not the equipment max capacity.
Here are the numbers i got from testing:
#1 with 67k shield, the 22k dmg will become 127k dmg after shield break
#2 with 39k shield, the 22k dmg > 72k dmg
#3 with 67k shield, 154k dmg > 540k dmg

Artifact: Lunacy
All i can say is, this will double your shield without removing your healthgate vs deathless

Class Mod: Bloodletter
The previous build rocks with Green Monster mod but i decided to take it out and replace it with Bloodletter. We need mo survivability than ever so this mod will keep shield up while sprint. Note that lifesteal from Rushin’ offensive also works for dots. So fire that yellow cake > big dots on enemies > then sprint around and you won’t die

So that’s my take on this new Mayhem 10 TTD.
Enjoy the video and please subscribe, need more hugs from youtube community.
See ya soldiers!!


Have you tried using an Ion Cannon with this setup?

I’ll have to retest this the shield anointment. My first test concluded the shield capacity was simply added to the shot. I found a few more and will isolate and work out the math.

cool let me know the results :+1:

not yet, havent done dlc2 content yet in m10 so i dont thave the m10 ion lel

So I tested it again and it is just being added to the end of the equation. I isolated multiple buffs and I don’t see it double dipping anywhere. I’m curious how your numbers aren’t adding up. If my Capacity is 23054 it just get’s straight added to the shot. If I have Lunacy and Vladof Ingenuity.

23054 * (1 + 1 +.3) = 53023

It just gets added to the shot. It doesn’t get multiplied by anything as far as I can see. See edits and further testing below.

EDIT: Wait, I tested a Cryo Kaos, Kinetic Llyuda, and Ogre and it simply added the damage. I just tested a ION Cannon and it nearly doubled the damage.

EDIT2: I isolated the ION Cannon, I’m not sure how the natural splash of the gun is calculated for the ION Cannon. The Ogre is splash but deals the same damage listed on the card.

You’re probably just dealing with the Ion Cannons charge mechanic. Ion Cannon gets between a 0 and 125% damage boost depending on how long you charge it.

I charged it the entire duration everytime.

32640 * (1+1.25) *(1.75 [fire]) = 128,520.

I was consistently getting 128k on Jack. With the Stop-gap and Lunacy. I had 46108 shield.

23054 * (1+1) = 46108

I would expect to get:

(32640 * (1+1.25) * (1.75)) + 46108 = 174,728

Instead I get 310k. I can plug the Ogre in the same equation and get the expected result (minus the element). Is there just something I’m missing with the ION Cannon?

If the shield amp was being multiplied by the 125% charge mechanic it would come pretty close to that but not quite.

@kabflash @Prismatic

I figured it out. The element was multiplying the amp. I used a fire Rowan’s

3145*(1.75) + (46108 *1.75) = 86193.
as expected I got 86k on the shot. I knew the element was messing with it.

(32540 * (1+1.25) * (1.75) + (46108 * 1.75 * (1+1.25) = 310,070


Seems strange to me that the shot isn’t getting all bonuses, as it should be getting applied on shot.

Though what you’re describing sounds like:

Damage = ( [ Normal Hit x Splash x v1 x v2 x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Misc Modifiers x Amp Damage ] + Anoint Amp ) x Elemental Multiplier

Anoint Amp is also getting buffed by Splash it seems. I tested Scrappy and AI for gun damage. I’ll have to see what gear I have for testing v1 or v2.

What I posted above was:

(Normal Hit * Splash * Element) + (Anoint Amp * Splash * Element)

That sounds reasonable. I think you might find C-C-Combo also buffs it.

What I expect it to be is:

Damage = ( [ Normal Hit x Amp Damage] + Anoint Amp ) x Splash x v1 x v2 x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Misc Modifiers x Elemental Multiplier

C-C-C Combo will be hard. I’d have to break my shield at the same time I damage jack then immediately hit jack.

Then Weapon type or an 25% OGT anoint would suffice as V1 and V2 have always acted the same way.

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Okay, so this is what I found out.

([Entire Regular Gun Damage Formula] + ( [Max shield Capacity] * [v1] * [v2] * [Splash] * [Element] * [Crit] * [GR Gun damage]

It doesn’t get boosted by skill gun damage. I isolated each test. C-C-Combo was easier to test than I thought. That’s what I get for only testing skills the first time around.

what is this C-C-Combo thingy? @Prismatic

Guardian Rank perk.

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i guess this is correct, and i’ve made my point in this build. the more shield you have, the better. Below is another test i’ve made with the shield annoint.
1st test without lunacy
2nd test with lunacy
3rd test lunacy + additional shield

right, the guardian perk lol now i remember